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spit spat, time to chat / D&D Co-op Royale
« on: Jan 05, 2019, 08:48 AM »
Hey guys, Sugha/Decha here!

Was wondering if anyone else had interest in holding a small Royale based on D&D (Or any other rpg-esque scenario really. I am not going to stop you).

- - - - -

But elge, why don’t you host a Game Night instead?
Well, first of all, who’s this elge you speak of, they sound like an asshole.
And second, and most important, Game Night is a Pyras’ and Julz’s thing. And I don’t want to drive a train I didn’t even help put on them rails, yanno?
So I will be handling this as a separate thing. Should that change, we shall see.

The prompt/premise of this “Royale” is to handle it like an actual D&D tabletop group, but since this is a comic site, we’d be drawing the story of a campaign where our characters would star as the adventurers.

As for rules, I’d like to keep it as lenient as possible:
-State your character’s class. Official or Homebrew.
-I don’t… Think races really matter? As they’d appear as they are originally in VOID-verse. Otherwise, if you wish your character to be a half-orc, let us know and provide a small ref.
-The comic must feature a fantasy setting. (That’s where the D&D aspect comes into play I guess) aka, an AU (Unless you want to keep your comic canon)

- - - - -

Despite this being a D&D focused Royale, if you prefer that the adventurers were challenged to an eating cake contest, you can do that. The theme can be whatever, unless a consensus is reached.

And if you want to go meta, and draw your Comic as how Game Night required it, go ahead.

Right now I am just posting this to gather interest, if any. So just reply below, and then I’ll bother staff to set stuff up for us when we’ve come to an agreement, and are ready to go.

I suppose that’s it. I’ve never hosted anything in here, let alone a Co-op Royale. I’m more than open to being yelled at. :'D

Art Jams / Star Wars Jam
« on: May 10, 2018, 10:36 PM »
Didn't see a Star Wars one, so I hope I am not doing a double thread now.

So uh, never hosted a Jam but... Draw your character as how they'd look as a Jedi/Sith, Imperial Agent/Republic Trooper, Smuggler/Bounty Hunter.

Have Sith Apprentice Paavo.

THE INCUBATOR / Elge's Character Thread II
« on: Nov 25, 2012, 11:25 PM »

Shiro and Turkey now travel together to find answers about each of their parents and Shiro’s sister. Lucy’s father disappeared shortly after her and her sister excelled in their magic training, leaving no trace behind.
As for Turkey, his father was last seen in a battle, where he “sacrificed” himself so the others could escape. Turkey does not accept his father has died and is stubborn on finding him.

Turkey is very submissive in almost all aspects, Lucy is the complete opposite. She tends to boast around in an attempt to intimidate her opponents. Sure, she might be a great magician and all, but her own pride almost always makes her fall down and get beaten easily.

Lucy will try to end battles quickly by using powerful magic attacks. This usually tires her quickly and makes her vulnerable. Not to mention she’s quite easy to knock down by few hits. She has a dagger hidden on her belt.
The boy prefers to avoid battle and will attempt to talk things out. However, if Shiro’s in danger, he won’t think it twice and jump in.
Turkey’s battle style is defensive. And usually stays close to Shiro, trying to protect her.
Never threaten Lucy in front of Turkey, or he’ll get enraged quickly.

When battling by himself: He’ll enjoy long combats where warriors battle to their limit. His body allows him to take several hits before being defeated.
Whenever damaged, he’ll bleed black instead of the usual red.

Turkey has a dark secret that only Shiro and a few friends know. His true form is hidden behind the human he appears to be, deep inside he is a creature known as a Shadow Demon. He’s able to go back to his original form at will, and he even feels more comfortable that way, but prefers not to for fear of intimidating allies.
He can also be made to go back to his demon form if forced by emotional pressure or when they use Dark Magic on him.
Without her knowing, Shiro emanates a special magic that allows Turkey to stay longer on his human form.
If he were to be near a dark creature, he’ll have trouble staying on his human form.

Whenever he is on his Shadow form, 4 extra limbs appear on his back. These are extremely flexible and can stretch short distances. His arms and legs also grow in a not proportionate manner.
He becomes more powerful and faster on this form. He may look intimidating, but he is still a coward.
His clothes usually are ripped off, because of the muscle and height growth. Being shy, he’ll feel embarrassed of this.

The Swordman is in love with Shiro, and he has told her, but she seems to ignore him whenever he tries anything romantic. She’ll never admit it, but she also has her heart set on him.
Lucy dyed her hair Lavender. People tend to confuse her for a boy, since she’s not very feminine in her way of acting and/or talking.


He's a boy who uses two swords, and can transform into a dark creature
She's a powerful mage who helps the boy stay on his human form.
He's in love with her, she's also in love, but will never tell him.


Something to keep me busy in between battles. I don't think I am getting them up anytime soon, but I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback before I start doing the Intro comic.

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