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THE INCUBATOR / The Doc is in
« on: Dec 15, 2018, 11:52 pm »

Alright! Finally throwing Hale in the incubator because I’ll be needing some feed back on his office/home and what nots.

About him:
He’s been around long enough to watch the world turn shittier and shittier. It’s cramped, people are poor, and the entitled are able to leave Earth to other colonized worlds. Although regarded as a priority citizen due to his extensive knowledge in the medical field, he has declined going off world numerous time to aid the vast and crowded city of Void.

Well studied in pathology before he was unwillingly turned, he has been able to hone his skill even further by use of vampirism. He is capable of detecting disease by tasting a patient’s blood. Chemical imbalances, blood gases, unstable cell production- all can be diagnosed with just a taste. To decrease contamination, he has altered his fangs with a special anti-septic carbon coating.

All are welcomed to receive treatment in his office/home, so long as they sign a contract that relinquishes their body to him after they have expired. Payment is blood donation.

Hale is reaching close to 200 years of age and as such, has had time to dabble in other fields such as nano tech and cybernetics. To keep the bills paid, he fulfills contracts for both.

Because of the nature of his job and knowledge, he has a powerful security system that includes its own hologram assistant. Hale’s assistant is modeled after his late daughter Isabelle Didreich (Izzy). Her personality and memories have been downloaded into the program. She controls the security systems and medical equipment as well as greets/manages patients. She’s also constantly updated with Hale’s research so he can bounce ideas off of her. Her preferred mode of travel is phasing in/out of rooms. Izzy refers to Hale as “Pops” when patients are not around.

Visor: Hale is not protected from the sun. He developed the visors to produce a protective barrier between his skin and solar rays. His security program is also integrated in the visors as well as a hologram emitter to bring Izzy with him

THE INCUBATOR / Aurora and Remus
« on: May 11, 2013, 09:08 pm »
You guys I am sooo excited to be finally be doing this you have no idea. 83

I used to be the user Forever After a million years ago, so if Aurora sounds/look familiar, that's because she's the same character... except I'm actually doing something with her this time.

Onto stuff!

Name: Aurora
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Whoever is consenting
Race: Satyr

Cape around arm acts as a light shield

-incredibly charming
-will literally sleep with anyone
-accepting wine/listening to her piccolo (or both) will pretty much guarantee sexy time

Age: ??
Sex: Male
Height: 14' 5"
Weight: 13,000 lbs.
Race: Dragon


-chirps, whistles, squawks like a bird
-very expressive
-adores grapes
-super loving
-only responds to Aurora if called "Remmy"

Before Aurora and Remus crossed paths several years ago, Aurora was just as every other Satyr in Arcadia - drunk, violent, loud, dangerous and incredibly lustful. She would often engage in sacrificial rituals, death matches, thievery, and other ludicrous activities. After they met, however, Remus slowly began to morph her beliefs and outlook on life.

They began to travel to nearby villages and Remus convinced Aurora to "help" people rather than "hurt" people. She realized helping people wasn't so horrible after all and her hostility and drunkenness essentially vanished. Though her sexual prowess has yet to see change, she can lull her desires through acts of kindness.

Aurora and Remus have recently left Arcadia and do not intend to return anytime soon.

-they're often hunted by maenads (crazy nymphs)
-Remus will keep Aurora in line by squawking at her/hitting her with his tail
-Aurora never strikes him back
-Remus only goes to sleep if Aurora plays him a lullaby
-Aurora will not take offered shelter if Remus won't fit/isn't invited
-Both their diets consist of bugs/fruits/veggies
-(more to come as I ponder about them!)

Intro Pages:

I know they're pretty rough, but I'd like to see if I could have some feedback on them... I wanted to make sure that panels made the story continue and that there wasn't anything unnecessary or if I needed to add anything to make things clearer.

Page 2 is making me angry, so I might just scrap that one and start all over.

I also had a couple other ideas in mind for intros (leaving Arcadia, "friendly" encounters etc.) but I feel as though this would without a doubt show the bond between them.

Again- I'm super excited for this and I can't wait to finish these intro pages and start battling sooon!! >]

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