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Art Jams / Re: Mistletoe/Mistlefoe Jam
« on: Dec 28, 2019, 01:35 AM »

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Character Voices
« on: Nov 01, 2019, 11:48 AM »
Agent Black [Post Life]

And for that matter, all phantoms he talks to.

« on: May 03, 2019, 08:26 PM »

>Panic set to 3Million%
>FightMode set to 3Millionand1%

« on: Apr 29, 2019, 09:18 AM »

; w;)/ I- I won't mind if I don't get picked. B-But I would regret it if I didn't sign up, either !

[Like rt: I would only be able to use 3 weeks of the 5 weeks given to work on this. ]

News & Events / Re: BOOTCAMP ROUND ROBIN EVENT Signup Thread
« on: Apr 20, 2019, 04:52 PM »
If there ends up being more people, can I sign up as a Coach :v

Art Jams / First OC Jam
« on: Dec 20, 2018, 02:06 PM »
Take an old OC you did from a billion years ago and redraw them today with your current power level !
What would you change? What would you improve ? What would you keep to tell your childhood self that they weren't crazy ?

 Plus points for comparison images but it's not needed.

> They don't have to be your first OC since not everyone wants to redraw sonic recolors. No one would have to know :3

(Now you do tho...)

Name: Monday
Race: Daemon
Creation: 2014
Digaea, and Dark Stalkers was a huge part of why I made this character. There's a bunch of callout from different videogames and anime too ! In old comics he foughtt with a range of powers that stemmed from being a daemon, like dark energy spewing from his arm that would shape into various weapons. He also "ate" powers and blasted them back. As a result he'd eat a crap ton of stuff everyday, like the insides of a vending machine.

=Monochrome Style=
This method of working allows one to execute an imagine in a single draft, however that doesnt mean to say that it will spare you from adjustments and redraws. Just so, it will only spare you from one less and helps with those who have a hard time getting into a piece to decide if a composition or an idea works or not. I use this quite often just to doodle and get into the mood for drawing and ts great to practice stroke fluidity and lighting, using the least strokes possible.

In this approach, the image is executed in a single layer, starting from a foundational silhouette that outlines the intent of the image.

Then, we start painting with white in smaller strokes and blob them in areas with obvious lighting starting from larger ones and then switching to black to shape them smaller or to create intermingling shadows. We also draft out some basic lines on the face since the eye will gravitate on that 100000000x more than the rest of the image.

As we get the broad strokes of the image chiselled away and our surfaces established , we start to actually draw the details in. Using white* and Black*

*Author's note Never in the past 3 years have I actually used Black and White. Instead I would draw on an off yellow bright "paper" while drawing with dark red or dark navy blue.

Then , feeling good about our progress and the piece, we flip the image to check for mistakes. There will always be mistakes.

The image turned out to be imbalanced, to fix it, we add a new element to the image to balance out the left side  as well as using the transform tool to fix the model's posture.

And just like that we went from Thumb silhouette to Final in less than 40 minutes.

However nothing is stopping me from working on this piece for even longer and with even more iterations to this draft ! I just wanted to share a fun way to ink.

Enjoy !

In our next chapter, we'll cover a one layer digital inking method that helps with brush stroke skills.

I wish I had a fancy gif recorder like the cool kids do :(

This guide will offer a rather streamlined method of straight on drawing, using the least steps, and least complications - and the ability to still go back and correct mistakes as late as the final step of the image. However to make full use of this it's assumed that one is:

> Able to reliably draw characters and scenery from life rather quickly.
> Capable to draw with line confidence. This is a crucial factor as each stroke should not be wasted. This method of working favors those who intuitively renders images and finds a lot of trouble transitioning them for final drafts.
> And lastly, the ability to do all this on a graphics tablet with an art program. Before we begin , know that I am using ClipStudio Paint and a simple Wacom. However, these conditions are completely applicable to Photoshop and other art programs that utilize a tablet. Throughout the entire excercise I will only use one tool; A G-pen "brush" [and what was accidentally a  gauss brush woops]. Pressure sensitivity is a factor and the brush size ranges from 5 pixels to 30.

Added Note: Hotkeys also aide in this excercise, with I being the eye dropper, P (or B) being my Pen/Brush tool, the [ ] brackets for brush sizes and numbers 1 through 9 , ending with 0 , as my opacity controls. Being able to have these buttons handy with your offhand as you draw is extremely important in speed and flow.

Right away we are able to generate expressive sketches of our characters and what we want them to do. Without the need to ever erase, simply stroke out their gestural lines and build from there. The sketchphase is loose and confident. A good way to condition yourself for this level of drawing is to simply do gesture practices at Posemaniacs or consistently draw in public.  If you are not happy with a pose or you find yourself noodling TOO long with one sketch then just DESTROY IT and start over. Don't get in a rut, and each new attempt gets you to what you really want faster.

Step 2: Inking / Smooth Draft

Either way, we now have what seems to be a rather energetic pose but its still very raw. So we'll start a new layer , set this one to fade into background at around 25% transperancy and just ink with bolder tints and more confident strokes.

In this step,  its better to zoom rather closely to the image so that each individual stroke is easy to perform And stroking in general becomes a braindead task of retreading the same energy as the last. However what you must never do is try to copy the under-drawing exactly. You are performing the same drawing- but better, smoother, more detailed. Small details like the bootstraps and the coat are explored more and embellishments can be added to the scene. It's also important to note that details NOT drawn are just as important.

  In this step, using the eyedropper to paint with "white" becomes a necessary component in smoothing out your lines as well as accentuating negative spaces.

The effect it produces allows absolute control of what is black and what is white. You can also use the opacities to create midtones. In the image we're working on i'm using 70% opacity on the greys and scraping it out with local colors.

Step 3: Colouring
In the interest of marrying the inked layer to color we will overlay a "Darken" layer on top of what we have and put down foundation colours. Unlike Multiply, Darken will preserve the inktones and won't darken when the eyedropper tool is continuously used. Coloring images in this way is very reliant on your ability to produce a good color pallete. (As a silver bullet method, I tend to keep my colors relative, moving only the hue slider or moving my monochromes along a curve.) 

The benefits to this step is that the shadows produced in previous steps will blend with this current layer. Dont spend too long colouring finer details until you start a normal layer on top and proceed to go ham on the rest of the image.

Once you enter the Normal Paint Phase, there is no longer any need to revisit the old layers because you can do all your adjustments on the normal layer, even inks. Personally I'm the type of monster who repaints whole parts of the image on the paint layer when something goes wrong.

Step 4:
When you are done , crush the image into one layer. Listen to the agonizing souls of the damned when you do. And then hit CTRL+L to crush the levels and get rid of those unused ranges so your image looks 12% better than it did 2 sentences ago.


And just like that, the image is done in under an hour.

Daily Drawing Challenges / Re: Muscle May
« on: May 14, 2018, 02:41 AM »
These are fucking amazing ???

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Apr 05, 2018, 08:02 AM »
Upholding the Law.

- Usagi Shin

- Dresden Sawyer

= Kid's Meal =

Not Giving a Fuck !

= Agent Black =

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Apr 04, 2018, 10:17 AM »
: ) But he would be the perfect piece to play on the board. No one would fight him Not Unless THEY REALLY NEEDED TO FIGHT HIM. And he wouldnt be brought out , not unless SOMEONE REALLY NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT : D

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Apr 04, 2018, 02:07 AM »
Question: Can a dead character join if all they do is Annihilation Matches

Art Jams / Re: Blind Date Jam
« on: Feb 22, 2018, 06:56 PM »
Can I sign up for a thing too ? :v
- Usagi
- Dresden

edit: I was a bad crow :<

Usagi is an unranked meta in possession of the "Fixed Point" , a blade said to cut through anything. As a result Usagi rarely draws it from its scabbard. It is in fact, more sought after than the wielder themselves.

Though he possesses a samurai spirit, Usagi has resigned themselves to a life of high profile thievery.

« on: Oct 09, 2017, 05:20 PM »
Ghostwriter Royale or Clash of the Chitin.... I can't decide...

News & Events / Re: Pulpo Flies Again!
« on: Oct 02, 2017, 06:22 PM »
Yes. Ok.
Will try this.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:09 PM »
I would be interested to hear what a serial defaulter thinks would be a proper exit to such a situation.

My thoughts on this however hover back to a certain design decision in WoW where players who were playing for too long started getting exp penalties. After much disdain from players, they decided to flip the formula; they gave people who slept RESTED Xp which took the edge off from not playing and caught them up fairly evenly if not reward them better for it later on.

This didn't stop insomniac players and there was really no way around it, but it did reward a majority of players into taking breaks once in a while.

How could that apply here ? You can give a [post battle] bonus to people who fought a defaulter and give them a trophy for bringing them back to writing content again, like "Redemption Architect" or " Get in the Party Van, loser " Alternatively, someone who cleans a default record should probably be recognized for it, "ほかいり!" 

Don't reward getting stood up however. Just let that sit until it resolves.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 18, 2017, 02:26 PM »
It sounds like a soft formality, An unwritten rule at best.

" Please research /communicate with your opponnent to ensure that their work is what you would like to battle" Can be easily stressed when accepting/ giving challenges.

  Low quality comics tend to also be susceptible to the subjective eye by sheer merit of these scores being weighted at all.

" If 100% of incomplete comics are low scoring "
then the reverse /should/ be true
" Not all low scoring completes are incomplete "
some either fall under being drawn in an unfavorable style or is graded lower by association of their opponnent's comic [this is bad practice to a certain extent actually]

Finding the score that 100% of incomplete comics make where 0% of other types of comics exist in would make this a fair statement. It may end up that there are "worse" types of comics than an incomplete comic. An offensive but competent one perhaps ?

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:05 PM »
I'm in agreement with Red here. With the rules in place, the current structure stresses

Simpliciity, Safety, and Sense.

Simplicity because these rulings are very straight forward to determine and a concept as highly radioactive as defaults are, that is what you need. There is no room for bleeding through the creases, and judgement on the part of the ruling bodies is easily determined. That we are arguing this issue right now with proper poise is a good sign of it.

Safety. The rules easily outline in the favor of character exposure and interaction because that is what is guaranteed in a battle. And that is what is assured for everyone who participates.  If this is favored even in the face of a good comic devoid of said interaction? It would send a clear sign never to do it or attempt it. As well, if something can be understood in clinical terms, it then becomes possible to carry out without emotional involvement on both parties. Currying  the favor for a new cusp just shifts the goal post and creates another cusp which creates unfounded new issues to then discuss, which then drains energy on both parties, which then leads to less actual things being done.

Sense. At the end of the day, everyone can agree that defaults are bad. And character absences are just as bad in the eyes of the opponnent and not because the community said so. These rules ultimately support and favor the participants and the people who volunteer these works because battles /trump/ everything else in this site and the community naturally forms around it. How the ruling body dictates what is good for that community can happen anywhere else except for what is IN the battles themselves which need to be defined in concrete terms so as not to impede with the rest of the "art".  For the community to define what a "comic" is WROUGHT with pitfalls with no one to hold accountable but the artist themselves. Adding that weight on them even indirectly is unnecessary and irresponsible. That kind of talk is what you reserve for in votes and not in hard-coded policy.

Again, hardline stuff like this falls in the jurisdiction of the mods who has to deal this stuff out and take the consequences too. The compassion you seek in supporting artists should actually fall on you, /a fellow artist/.

After reading all the points here, I can conclude that in comparison to a decade ago, that has actually improved. And it wants to improve, but I can say that this is as good as it gets when it comes to policy but the rest is on the /community/ itself to improve on an individual level. Void can continue to get new people but I would rather get a second Pyras, or a less stressed out Red.

 Battles can stand to be high powered affairs in fewer pages and that's actually harder to pull off than making 10 unedited pages. Or they can be comfy as fuck. That's possible to do now ! No one has to die anymore !

The rest of this post is just an opinion, really.
If there is one thing this place can improve on it's that losing can be fun, and that battling itself is fun. Fun and madness is the companion to Stress and Fear.  Records and win loss ratios are PRETTY DARN GREAT CONSTRUCTS TO WHAT IS ULTIMATELY A MAGIC CIRCLE but I think the undercurrent of losing can be just as exciting if the canonical next comic follows through inside the character's story. As a construct of COMPETITIVEGOODTIMES Void can be looked at as a game. A multiplayer game with goals, challenges, and social interaction mixed with a balance of high energy content and healthy levels of commitment. And like any game, there's hard frustrating segments but it all goes towards building your stats up as an artist. Something this personal deserves to be fair and balanced even if devoid of humans.  At least, that is the compartmentalization I've been running off of.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:56 AM »
I believe there is no need to change the ruling on a default. Because a default is a default is a default.

We should be judging comics for their merits as well as their effectiveness in the context of battle. When a comic is in its roughs and doesn't "look" complete or in it's intended form, then the points will express this but even if its fated for a loss (or is it) it is still a comic. What some people should also note is that shortform comics with a lot of thought and minimal drawing time, is completely possible even in a generation where manga chapters are in vogue.   

I would look up
Hot Chick vs Dolly
Sweet itch vs Bad Apple
Meowfia in 6 Pages
GVSR vs Clobberfist
Basil vs Ji Kei
Galvo2304 vs Charlie

To see what worked , What was too ambitious, what felt complete, and what was favorable even though some works here were completely different but felt even or obvious in the time given.  All is fair under the sun and while no one is expecting a transcedental comic , or a good comic, at least rail down and make /a/ comic.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:47 PM »
CW: Extreme Misanthropy

Elge in regards to your statement, you are free to take my words at face value as I did yours and consider the possibility that I have suppressed emotion to inhumane levels and I do not wish it on anyone. But I do owe you what I believe is the honest truth.

Whatever aspects of what I said that you thought was unreasonable or untenable, are actually things people can change away from and are not permanently bogged down by. You can do better than define yourself by those mistakes, and you can do no worse than tying yourself /to them/ as it sinks to a bottomless sea.

That black miasma will always be there and it demands much and more out of us that  if we DO do work,  our work would have to be these selfish creations that puts us at risk e v e n m o r e.  And that brings me to my final point, if you're someone that's going through problems, I can put forth the best effort I can to try to help you up but I learned from experience that it will invite my own problems into it and we /both/ /eat/ /shit/. Sometimes it is simply better to divorce your feelings and associations entirely than to deal with me. 

I am also admitting that /yes/ I do not want to go back there, because I can help others without endangering myself. I can serve other roles in this community without investing my emotions, and I can definitely draw fun pictures of merit even though I think shit sucks. I learned to keep my distance because people say the kind of shit you just said. And I have cut Guilt Out of My System BECAUSE IT IS USELESS EXCEPT AS A MOTIVATION TO DRAW.

Going forward I'd like you to take these things into consideration.
- 1. Defaults do not matter. I am only taking into account the behaviors and decisions behind them. It's not worth stigmatizing for and frankly the recent battle displayed SOME VERY GOOD BEHAVIOR I HAVE SEEN IN A WHILE without derailing into a hate fest over someone defaulting which honestly is the worst outcome of a default.  ( If that battle was chiefly the reason this thread is happening then it boggles me why default/guilt trips are still an issue. )

- 2. People who are disappointed of a default are ALLOWED to be disappointed of a default because it also means that even the dfing artist was worth their piteous emotional investment. But they don't ACTUALLY get to have any claim over your mental landscape, and if you can't make it up to your opponent then Okay it's fine. Nothing here is worth a human life, and that person walked away with a win. They'll live.  The Mods already put it on your record. You're a nasty crime boy with straight Cs and now you need to take steps to not let stuff like that happen again. Accept it. Learn from it. Move on.

Move on.

-3. Defaults are ultimately a statistic,, and usually a result of something more important than void, A free comic site, That people eventually grow out of or go back to for whatever zen they want.  Feel free to use this site for selfish reasons, but the moment those reasons turn into hurting someone else habitually, then you forgo your own protections and invite sanctions from the ruling body. This is a fair and necessary measure to ensure that this site's values aren't compromised.

4. Do not ever claim my own circumstances as yours to understand and I will not expect the same of you. Furthermore I would advise against internalizing other people's problems from this point forth as your own. You do not own them either.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 16, 2017, 09:39 AM »

Absolutely not.

It is on the artist to come to this site and keep those problems in check for themselves.

What effort you yourself volunteer, you do so because you believe it helps the ideal of this site and not because it is expected of you. This makes people like Pyras' actions more worthy because they seem to set a gold standard for people to aspire to.

Me personally ?

I would disassociate with serial defaulters. Not because they aren't ready but because they are relying too much on the site's resources to carry them through. If I did something like that, I would be honorbound to change from it, me, With Depressive Episodes Who Only Talk About it With maybe 2 or 3 people Ever.

You could draw an absolutely shitty 2 page comic and it would still be better than a default. There only exists EXTREME reasons to default and it should never become habitual of anyone.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 16, 2017, 09:07 AM »
Technically you do not owe anything to the community, since this is work we're not getting paid for and only doing for our volition. All's fun and we're trying to get ourselves informally trained for the world of grueling unfun comics.  Now if this WAS a paid gig, this would be as simple as simply not compensating you while you have your sick day. But I don't have the authority to speak on that level.



And This Is Ultimately Between You and Them before it becomes an issue between you , them, and their circle of friends.

If you want to resolve a default.

You Resolve It With The Person You Stood Up.

You Do Not Owe Us Anything.

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