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Howdy folks, I'm here to enter Invitationals along with my guy, Trip!

Trip is a drawing new to VOID city. He's partnered up with Paper, the guy that drew him. The two of them heard about the VOID city invitationals and made their way. So how does this pair of fighters work? Well, since Trip is a drawing, he's the one who does all the fighting. But Paper is able to make up to 3 drawings per battle that can be anything to help Trip win, anywhere from a sword to a staircase to a dinosaur. The challenge here being that it requires great communication, because if there's a misunderstanding and a drawing ends up being useless to the situation, then that's one slot gone for the rest of the match. The quality of the drawing also determines the power and outright usefulness of the drawing. If it's something that Paper struggles with drawing, then it's not going to be as good of an item, but if it's something he excells at, then it'll be pretty handy in combat. The two are a lighthearted pair, often cracking jokes and talking casually between one another, even during some more tense moments of a match. But their communication skills aren't always perfect, which can lead to arguments mid-battle which may leave Trip open for an attack. If there's one major weakness in these battles, it's Paper's own pride, as well as his shining sense of optimism, which can annoy Trip when it comes down to who is the one doing the actual fighting. But Trip himself is an optimist and generally looks on the brighter side of things. And though both enjoy fighting, they're also down to just hang out with people, and like making new friends, or helping others out when someone is struggling. Since they're both new to the city, neither one really has any yet. The friendship angle is also important, as it leads to a yet unawakened power within Trip & Paper. Whenever the two form a bond with another drawing, they (with permission from the artist they've bonded with) can draw energy from this bond, and awaken a new form within Trip, which he will then have access to powers similar to that of the drawing he bonded with. This power is called "Homage", and he can collect homages via helping people with their own personal journeys, through friendly rivals in battle, or even just from talking and hanging out with a particular drawing a lot. Paper appears to Trip via a flat screen like what's shown on the character sheet, as the two aren't from the same plane of existence. They can talk to one another and are almost always found together, but Paper's screen can be swept away or shut off if need be, or if Paper isn't around which can happen. (usually when Paper is sleeping) The ultimate goal of the pair is to grow as drawing and as artist, and become the strongest fighting duo that VOID city has ever seen.

I'm so ready for this, I can't wait to see who all joins and see that sweet, sweet tourney bracket! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

« on: May 06, 2019, 12:39 PM »
Hey all, name's Richard! Made an account a couple of days ago, I'd never heard of this site but a friend of mine was over and we were talking about art, and she brought this up. I love comics, and I'm a sucker for battle shonen. And I've gotta say, enterVOID is the most battle shonen sounding setup for something I've ever heard. A place you can go to fight other artists and improve all around?! I'm beyond excited to craft a character and get in on this! I really want to improve as an artist and this honestly just sounded like a really really fun way to push myself to do so while school's out for the summer.

I've been checking out the battle formats, characters (especially in the incubator), and seen a few different comics so far just to get a sense of things and I'm stoked, honestly.

THE INCUBATOR / Re: 8ball/specimen 8/unit 8
« on: May 05, 2019, 11:52 PM »
Yeah, I've got to agree I like the design you've got going here! The mask is fun, especially with the way you've curved the mouth to make a really distinct smile and the diamonds for eyes. And the 8's on the shoulders are a fun placement for the numbers on the design, you really get the sense of an 8ball having them placed there. I like your style too, from what I can see here, killer shading!

Sounds like a tough opponent to take down, and they're not all bad either, which makes for some interesting interactions that could occur. All in all I'm excited to see 8ball in some comics! These are gonna be some crazy fights!

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Pizza's Incubator
« on: May 05, 2019, 11:06 AM »
I'm a big fan of the background of the character literally revolving around the natural behaviors and actions taken by praying mantis. Mantises?? So I wanted to pop in and say that's really fun, and just, in general, this is a really fun vampire character.

You mentioned not knowing if you wanted to keep the sword? You could always tie slicing weapons into his backstory and give him some insane fear of decapitation, and even go as far as to still let him keep a sword, but have it be wooden. I think that would fit in with the fisticuff style too since at that point the sword isn't delivering slashing damage but blunt damage instead. Just a suggestion though. I really enjoy what you've got so far!

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