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For goodness' sake, somebody get me out!

Where's your curly mustache at!

I am DaVinx, and I wish to sign up for this tournament with my void-borne shapeshifter Vii!

" Vii is a shapeshifting being born from the deepest part of the cosmic Void. This feat alone is pretty impressive, alas this creature's life was... well pretty damn boring. Being all alone in the cosmic Void with only invisible particles as your friends can get redundant and frustrating after awhile. Eventually, Vii decided that enough was enough and went wandering across the universe/multiverse/whateverse in search of an actual purpose, or just to get rid of this UNBEARABLE boredom once and for all. Going from star to star, planet to planet, altering its appearence to adapt itself to any environment, no matter how extreme they are, Vii travels and seek out other living creatures to interact and mess with, with its shifting powers and meta humour. "

I am looking forward to a great first experience into the Void.

Sincerely yours,

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