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Art Jams / Re: The 2011 Secret Santa Jam!
« on: Dec 28, 2011, 02:01 AM »
I'm very sorry for not having a picture ready in time, funfetus!
My health got the better of me, hence my delay in responding too. I'm glad I managed to contact RoflQu before going down completely, because A.X. did a great job. Thank you for making sure he still got a gift!
I will still attempt to make it as well, no matter how long it takes.

All the pictures submitted are wonderful. Good work, everyone.

...there's really no highlight brighter than this fantastic gift, Theo.
A Cherry playset-- My dreams come true!
It's absolutely marvellous. Thank you very much!!

A late merry Christmas to everyone!

Art Jams / Re: The 2011 Secret Santa Jam!
« on: Nov 01, 2011, 01:00 AM »
Has it already been a year? How time flies.
Let's do this again!

I'd prefer a picture of Cherry, but if my secret santa feels happier drawing Black Cat or K.G. Bochanovskyvich instead then that is great too.

News & Events / Re: SPEED DEATH TOURNEY 2011
« on: Sep 17, 2011, 04:42 AM »
I hate to say this, but I have to drop out too.
I've been trying to do some warm-ups and it's all turning out to be too taxing after all. I guess I was just too excited to be making comics here again to admit my handicap.
I apologize sincerely to everyone who supported me.
Good luck to everyone.

News & Events / Re: SPEED DEATH TOURNEY 2011
« on: Sep 11, 2011, 08:57 AM »
Thanks for the kind words, everyone! ♥

For Cherry and Black Cat I tried to follow guidelines for professional print in dpi, image size, text size, use of language, line width, and so forth, while some bad drawing habits made it even more taxing. So it got me stuck because it requires a lot of energy that I didn't have any more (hence my retirement).
In an attempt to find ways that will streamline things and to break those crippling habits, I am not going to follow those same guidelines for Older Sister's Burning Heart. Instead I will be experimenting with things I have no intention of pursuing professionally.
The posted intro comic is done how I draw casually, for fun, but have never applied to a large project. Making it turned out to be both pleasant and not taxing at all, so I look forward to exploring it further and see what exactly it is that makes it so much more accessible. But, like I said, it's not ready for professional work as it is; I am not interested in making a career out of faux-manga. It's from a culture across the world that I didn't grow up with, so I don't think I will be able to take it much further than a loving homage.

And just so you know, you might have to submit her with an Engrishy sounding name like "Older Sister Burning Heart" because I don't think the system does punctuation.
Thank you for the heads up. How do I change the name of a submission?

Here is the advertisement on it's own, for those interested.

Edit: Since the source comic is no longer available, please do not use this poster anywhere.

News & Events / Re: SPEED DEATH TOURNEY 2011
« on: Sep 11, 2011, 02:51 AM »

GO FOR BROKE! / Reavz's drawings
« on: Mar 30, 2011, 05:05 PM »
Hey guys!
I've been working on this comic, but it strayed from the original concept pretty bad, then I kept switching concepts while drawing, so in the end.. there is no end.
But I figured I'd share the few pages I did finish anyway.

Now that that's out of the way I can seal this off into the archaics and start on something new.

News & Events / Re: VCAST 3.0-a new Void podcast-EPISODE 3 UP
« on: Feb 15, 2011, 01:25 PM »
Hello everyone!
I'm glad I come across as a likeable person. Thank you all for the kind words. :D

Here are the manga I talked about.

Hourou Musoko aka Wandering Son

Otoyomegatari aka Brides Story

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Jan 23, 2011, 06:39 PM »

I just uploaded my comic. This is exciting! :D

News & Events / Re: VCAST 3.0-a new Void podcast
« on: Jan 23, 2011, 05:00 PM »
Okay then, I won't be a spoilsport! I'll need to get Skype and figure out how it works, and we'll need to set up a time that works for our different timezones. Please PM me any details.

News & Events / Re: VCAST 3.0-a new Void podcast
« on: Jan 23, 2011, 02:26 PM »
Haha, oh goodness, guys, I would be honoured but I haven't made that many comics and I'm not exactly the most involved in the community, so I'm not sure if I would make such a great first guest!

News & Events / Re: VCAST 3.0-a new Void podcast
« on: Jan 23, 2011, 01:33 PM »
Actually, why not invite a guest (or two) every episode? Everyone will recognize Redrevolver and Angieness, so the other voice is recognized by process of elimination.

News & Events / Re: VCAST 3.0-a new Void podcast
« on: Jan 22, 2011, 05:47 PM »
You may all bask in my
Male Aura

Thanks for the kind words~  ;)

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Jan 03, 2011, 11:03 PM »
The same goes for me.
Masculinity?? Unattractive people???

But I'm positive it'll be a blast!

Art Jams / Re: The 2010 Secret Santa Jam POSTED
« on: Jan 01, 2011, 03:04 AM »
I just came back from a new years bash to find my present! Holy shit Reavz! I'm not sure if you knew that Wynn is a guy, but cross-dressing Wynn is HOT! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE IT! ='D THANK YOU!!!

Don't worry, I knew. ;)
You're welcome and I'm happy you like it! :D

Art Jams / Re: The 2010 Secret Santa Jam POSTED
« on: Dec 31, 2010, 05:19 PM »
Hahaha, the Shire Horse!  ;D

Thanks Carlito! Good job everyone!

Art Jams / Re: Void Fanart JAM! UPDATE 8/20
« on: Dec 11, 2010, 08:46 AM »
It's a bit early, but...

Art Jams / Re: The Hook Up Jam
« on: Dec 06, 2010, 05:38 AM »

Coming early 2011:
The Ballad of Broken Hearts
a three way of epic proportions

Oh oh, we could put the deadline to February 14th!

Art Jams / Re: The changing room!
« on: Dec 05, 2010, 07:57 AM »
Cherry in Agent Black's outfit (partially)

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Dec 04, 2010, 06:22 PM »

TLO style
Hazardous cos I wreck this

Art Jams / Re: The Hook Up Jam
« on: Dec 04, 2010, 09:14 AM »

Let's get something rolling, Fowlie! :D

Art Jams / Re: The Hook Up Jam
« on: Dec 03, 2010, 07:22 PM »

Art Jams / Re: Childhood Snapshot Jam (NSFW)
« on: Dec 03, 2010, 04:19 PM »

Cherry's first dress.  :)

EDIT: Damn it, I forgot the freckles again and I have no high resolution back up! Just pretend they're there.

Art Jams / Re: The 2010 Secret Santa Jam
« on: Dec 03, 2010, 02:59 PM »
Dear Santa,

I would like a drawing of Cherry.

Cuddles, Reavz.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Challenges Thread
« on: Nov 22, 2010, 04:24 PM »
Hey hey! I just finished drawing Patent Hernandez vs. Cherry which went so well I'd like to keep the ball rolling with another match. :D
So who would like to fight Cherry?

EDIT: Challenge found! But if you want a chance in the future, send me a message.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: The Awesome Battle Thread.
« on: Nov 09, 2010, 10:16 AM »
I just saw this. Thanks! :D I'm honored.

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