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News & Events / Re: Pulpo Flies Again!
« on: Oct 02, 2017, 06:34 PM »
Nice, i think i can manage 4 pgs :>

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 24, 2014, 08:25 PM »
im going to fucking print THE WHOLE TOURNEY and put it in my library

speaking of, some comic researcher was interested in void because i mentioned james was here and also void was my catalyst of coMIC MAKING CHANGE
so maybe someday there'll be a research abstract mentioning comix lol

thanks guys, I just got back my pc last night. the hard drive is getting recovered so i ust reinstalled the necessary softwares n fonts to start working again
(I didn't jump off speeding motorbike btw)

so to illustrate and also apologize, here are explanation in COMIX form :










I will read the rest of the comic when I'm back because incidentally today is also my mother's birthday

thnks for the care guys.. see u all soon

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 21, 2014, 04:00 AM »
Ok so guys, i dunno what to tell youbut my mac is in the service center just now.
What hapened was i was riding ojek (motorbike taxi) and a car swerved by. I was using a messenger bag type of thing and was on the way to a client meeting to deliver/revisemy work also (storyboards)

The nightmare was, well, car was fucking stupid, the bike went woozy, we lost balance and went straight to hit the gutter,  i jumped to avoid .... i guess to avoid bike falling on my leg but lost balance anyway then my laptop bag fell down side first and...........
So im double gutted. The laptop didnt look that bad aside from uh intersting uh dent but it wont start at all.

Just to let you know in advance. I guess it is an ironic non honorable end - a default death. Sorry shelde. Sorry everyone. I got punished enough with the imminent bill i guess... but my fault for not being careful.

Edit: triple gutted because my visa info for UK is still unprinted also fuuuuuuuucckckdejcbhjbvjdfbjhbvd

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 10:49 PM »
sorry gonna break the 5 pages limit... I'll go down, but not without A GOD DAMN FIGHT!!!!!!!

edit: black and white tho..

GO FOR BROKE! / Re: AxeLord - Cleaving Art Trauma in the face
« on: Sep 13, 2014, 06:28 PM »
will just comment on comix part...

most people who in comic biz or seemingly have endless energy drawing comics (which requires a lot of stamina to begin with) because they want to tell a story first & foremost.
So i guess you should ask yourself why you wanna draw comics in the first place. yea we all can create character stories whatnot but those are in your mind, how you materialize it is a different story- and some people WANT or even NEED to materialie them somewhat because of many reasons

1st reason usually because they want to validate their imaginations usually pretty much just for self-consume or what not, kinda like jacking off (excuse my choice of words) which is completely fine and dandy.. some of these ppl even make money from it

2nd is simply because they're storytellers really and just fucking love telling stories (by drawing)

so why u want to draw comaxxx1?!

edit: also, no one cares that much on talks about how much effort you put it in, this is a visual stuff, it will show anyway.

Art Jams / Re: Murderfest 2014 JAM
« on: Sep 12, 2014, 05:36 PM »
btw I thought the new galvo was JPOP for some reason in their avatar lol

Ouh!  you in amsterdam??

doing some for some publication but more like about group effort- I am planning to though, IN THE LONG LIST OF THINGS TO DO

Art Jams / Re: Life. What. Life. WHAT
« on: Sep 11, 2014, 04:50 PM »

thanks everyone! Hope u enjoy it.. hope the berlin part 1 comes up tomorrow night (your time)

Rob: ooh cool, I'll post my non-travel stuff there then, thanks :)

Thanks sheldon!
the England one next is a personal trip (though it involves comic scene as well.. and meeting some ppl from up there also), but I plan to continue the travel notes in my personal blog including the more personal entries, since like I wrote the ones up in Goethe blog is comic-event-centric ones ;)

courtesy of Goethe-Institut

Earlier this year, I was sent by goethe institut to Europe and make comics about my journey as an Indonesian comic artist meeting local comic artists there.

Originally I had to draw WHILE travelling but it proved to be a bit harder than I thought, especially since I had my wallet stolen on the 3rd day in Paris :P

The trip covers ANGOULÊME comic festival, then Paris -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Leipzig

The ones up in Goethe blog are pretty much the skinny version since I have to keep it somewhat neutral (for Indonesian Audience) but after I'm done my Germany entries, I plan to go back and write/draw the rest of the journals in my personal tumblr.

you can view the travel notes so far in these links :





Sorry for the promo :) any feedback would be cool. Will continue outside the Goethe after the germany parts ;)

(BERLIN and LEIPZIG coming soon)
Thank you! I hope it's enjoyable enough ;) c u there soon

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 08, 2014, 10:02 AM »
great stuff every1, im spent

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 08, 2014, 12:05 AM »
i dont need to do anything else after uploading right? jus like that? no extra buttons?

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 07, 2014, 11:34 PM »

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 07, 2014, 06:11 PM »

News & Events / Re: Short and Sweet
« on: Sep 07, 2014, 02:07 AM »
sure but fyi, my post was not only directed at you, but also for others so while the whole respect thing is not your point, it bears repeating because lots of people defaults anyway without thinking about their opponent (which pretty much happens all the time since 2002)

the problem that I don't understand is why it needed to be stressed over so hard? I literally don't understand.

IF you worked hard, submitted then get called dumb baby then I can understand how it sucks, heck I will get angry too. but if you defaulted and called dumb baby -PERSONALLY- I won't get offended because hey, shit, I fucked up, whatever.

I guess in the end it's pretty subjective. Like i said, it was all connected- if you put on work everything is fine, if you defaulted then you just have to think about priorities.

I still don't understand how the title change affects people so personally though IF they do fucked up (defaulted).

I still don't understand is why it needed to be stressed over so hard. it's for fun, we sign up to battle for fun (w/ caveat we do commit on finishing)

where the stress came from?

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 07, 2014, 01:14 AM »
one more page left .. wait, there's still like, 20 hrs left righte

News & Events / Re: Short and Sweet
« on: Sep 06, 2014, 10:17 PM »
( fyi i still put everything last minute too, so it's not like I'm blameless lol)

News & Events / Re: Short and Sweet
« on: Sep 06, 2014, 10:14 PM »
I have full time job too, everyone does, and this is a recreational work sure but honestly? 4 weeks is 28 days, 5 pages... I'm just looking at this from general perspective, it's not IMPOSSIBLE to do it.

Recreational, If everything recreational and free means rules be damned, things are never going to be fun anymore. free/recreational or not, when you agreed on something you should honour/fulfill it as possible as you could, it's just a good mindset to cultivate regardless the importance as it's simply being respectful to your opponent or others recreational time.

And this is not treating people like babies, treating people like babies is if there's no jab whatsoever. I have to admit I haven't been to void for years, and I don't know what the current generation is like, but first-

getting upset because a change in title is kinda strange since it really doesn't affect everything else- but I could be wrong, maybe it does annoy you to such extent but I was wondering 'because I don't have a choice' as if the punishment will affect you in such personal level. Take a good hard look on the whole situation- is it really THAT bad? It's just a title, and I personally don't even realize there WAS a title until it was pointed out.

about bullying- really? i guess most of you guys are from united states because these are pretty much nothing compared to real life comic community around here or in europe.. friendly jabs (that doesn't sound like one often) are common, not like I'm condoning it but for me reading "I fear the backlash." is a bit strange to me

why do you fear the backlash so much, especially from a recreational site?
The 'backlash' does not affect you whatsoever (or shouldn't be), if what's real life is more important than the comics you need to make. You default, cant battle? welp, whatever happened was more important, oh well too bad come back after a while maybe they will let you battle again, I dunno.

I can say this because I defaulted too several times in the past (lol) but whatever came up back then was infinitely more important and I didn't think I needed to 'fear' the backlash. I DO feel bad because I felt as if I agreed to a certain responsibility yet unable to fulfill it. That's more like common sense/ettiquette and again, free/recreational or not, when you agreed on something you should honor/fulfill it as possible as you could, it's just a good mindset to cultivate regardless the importance.

I taught comic classes so I know young artists tend to put EVERYTHINg off until last minute then ask for extension cause pressure tend to give better work, but that's not the problem of the site or the teacher, that's your own problem.. and i think the good thing about entervoid is, if you use the platform well you can definitely improve in either a) time management or b) speed or c) both.

Using the 'recreational, supposed to be fun' excuse every time is valid, however it is also as valid for the site to exercise the rules, and also there's never anything bad in trying to honour your commitments, they can only do you good.

News & Events / Re: Short and Sweet
« on: Sep 06, 2014, 06:05 PM »
5 pages in 4 weeks .

5 pages in 4 weeks.


and ppl still defaulted?

holy fucking shit

News & Events / Re: Murderfest 2014
« on: Sep 06, 2014, 06:01 PM »
im keeping it 5 pages cuz fuck longer stories man, the format is long enough as it is..

News & Events / Re: SDT suggestion
« on: Sep 01, 2014, 07:18 AM »
dude... synje.. u forgot to tell me it's up lol

you crazy old fogey!!!!!!!!!!

News & Events / Re: The 2013 EnterVOID Fundraiser!!
« on: Apr 26, 2013, 08:02 AM »
since im in indonesia with shit pay, i cant buy anything but I'm willing to help with commission (3 slot)?

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