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GO FOR BROKE! / Still getting nothing done
« on: Jan 18, 2012, 09:11 AM »
Clever title?
It should be. Nearly 2 years and nada is embarassing
Or at least it should be, I'm a bit unrepentant when it comes to these things
Anyways, I have scripts for at least 3 beyond battles and ideas for a couple more
Here's my favorite page so far just to show this place has been on my mind

I don't have any other serious comic projects so I'll focus on this here
Make sure to bug me about it

Help / Re: Questions About Void? Post Your's Here!
« on: Dec 22, 2010, 01:38 PM »
I need to cancel a match, neither of us have the pages we need ready.
I could get the minimum but my opponent can't get their's in so we agreed to cancel it altogether
But I can't figure it out
Plus, I don't think I have an extension privilege thingus

News & Events / Re: The Void Invitational!
« on: Jun 29, 2010, 07:26 PM »
Yeah, I'm making a new sheet for my character, I finished the head shot avi thing though

If that's all right

News & Events / Re: The Void Invitational!
« on: Jun 29, 2010, 08:30 AM »
They should rename this to The Scarf Invitational
Maybe we could start a gang
Scarf Newbies

News & Events / Re: The Void Invitational!
« on: Jun 29, 2010, 08:25 AM »
Ai, I really don't care about the similarity...
Note-Wall of text coming up
I'll try and shorten it later
Bain Carter
Age 16
Primary Source of Power: His left eye. Through his left eye, he can control his scarf and use it like an extra pair of arms. Due to the compressed fabric, the smaller and tighter it gets the harder they hit. The farthest they can reach while attached to him is 100 feet. Once tightened they have the strength to lift 1 ton.
Uses include spring boards, extra pairs of arms, and parachute.
Other than fighting with his scarf his has little experience with hand to hand. Essentially he's a push over without it. His best asset is his speed, however his reflexes are usually impaired during stressful situations.
Alone he's loud and boisterous, enjoying cups of coffee and the occasional day time soap opera. He avidly watches Wendy Williams and generally watched Maury. Around people he's skittish and nervous, almost to the point where he might cry if someone's mad at him. He hates fighting people and prefers to run away or try and talk it out, using any path and method possible. Polite and extremely apologetic, he'll say bless you no matter how many times someone sneezes, and would continue to mutter it under his breath after someone asks him to stop. However, if there's a robot of giant monster its a completely different situation. He loves shows like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider, even to the point of collecting helmets just for the heck of it. Ever since he was ten, he would go out looking for big things to fight, mostly bear cubs and an old rumbly car he found abandoned. Despite his excitement, he still only goes as far as scaring away whatever monster he was fighting or just tries to knock it out.

Resources & Tutorials / Re: Creating a Tridimensional Character
« on: Jan 14, 2007, 10:08 PM »
Jacob Leonard Frost
Jack Frost
Jack the Pumpkin King

1. Sex/Gender
2. Age
3. Height/Weight
7ft 6in 120lbs
4. Color of Hair/Eyes/Skin
Black hair, Large with pupils that shrink and enlarge, Earthy brown tone
5. Posture
Gangly walk, Erect stance, Light step
6. Appearance
Tall(80in exactly), Skinny(120lbs.), Unsettling due to the his height and pumpkin head(which is removable and disposable)
7. Defects
 white pupils, sharp teeth and a round birthmark on her chest
8. Heredity
Parents suspected to be scientists


1. Social Class   
Upper Class(govermental connections)
2. Occupation   
Desires to write poetry and get it published
3. Education 
Privately taught in govermental facility, nanobot enchanced memory allows rapid solutions, photographic memory retains all breifly seen information
4. Home Life 
Orphaned, moral standards obtained from a talking sword(sisterly) and motorcycle(rash)
5. Race
American-African has been considered
6. Religion and/or Nationality
Believes death is not a right it is a privelage, Boredom is considered a sin, Does not go near religous areas due to fear of rejection, does not like cults
7. Place in Community 
Local nightwatch, keeps gangs and theives from going to close to homes
8. Political affiliations. 
Hates the economic system(but is loaded with cash), frequently complains about president when in political discussion, doesn't take it seriously
9. Amusements/Hobbies 
Riding on Edow(motorcylce), writing poetry
10. Time Period/Era
Late '90's early millenium


1. Moral Standards 
Pleasing those with good intentions, punishing those with bad, staying out of situations in life that involve decisions of the heart 
2. Personal Premise/Ambition
Become famous poet, cure himself of his mutation, find the scientist that survived the explosion at the lab of his birth
3. Frustrations
Those that tell him that he is a good person
4. Temperament
Self-loathing attitude
5. Attitude toward Life
Pleasing those around him would get him accepted, fighting someone is veiwed as a game, Will fight until he loses his head(literally)
6. Complexes
He wants to be accepted by good people and do anything to please them
7. Extrovert? Introvert? Ambivert?
8. Abilities (languages, talents)
Bionic enhancements allow him to download information thus giving him range to hundreds of languages and the ability to copy numerous fighting styles
9. Qualities
will care for those that have gone up against him and lost
10. IQ 
Not tested
11. Time Period/Era
Hip-Hop influenced his dress and language skills

Is it reallistic to drive a loner character with a bad rep to become a hero? I mean Jacob(my character) has a problem with his powers and his loneliness is a factor to why he can't control them. A reasonable decision would to not be lonely but he's got a pumpkin looking head and takes the heat from a room just by standing in it. It's a mean thing to do to a guy so would he end up a villain or bad guy? ??? oh, and I haven't been able to post the guy's picture up here yet but he is on deviantart

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