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spit spat, time to chat / Re: Defaults
« on: May 16, 2017, 12:32 PM »
each artists put a lot of work into this site because i think each one of us knows that is a great tool for personal growth, not just artistically, but to grow as persons, as a community and to share ideas and network in a meaningful way. The concept of defaulting is built into the mechanics of this site, as a no-show is an automatic F.

Ideally the goal of battling isn't to not default, but to make a good story and improve your techniques and to get feedback. So when i read that people submit their comics to void out of fear of a default rather than to show improvement I feel like i have to add something.

So when we default, it feels extra bad because its like we've allowed that part of us we don't want to see expressed into the world to appear. So depression is obviously an natural reaction to defaulting because it hurts our self-image. We want to show the world that we do have the potential to grow and to become better. Some of us are more sensitive to this than others. And that is fine.
As Monday has stated, you do not owe void the site or the community anything nor do we demand anything from you.

That said, is simply a vehicle, a tool- and there are more that one way to use or abuse a tool. If you're a repeat defaulter, be open and honest about it and ask yourself and others how you can manage your time better, or work with a system of matchups that is beneficial to your current situation, or even if battling is the best way to engage within the community at the time. Its easy to get caught up when an interesting character is issuing a challenge and you decide to battle on impulse.

There are many avenues, many routes you can take on this site that isn't needlessly stressful and still be a contributing member of the community.
A large part of growth is being honest with yourself and others- and being able to see yourself is the first steps to self-improvement through the site- because then you can work out a method that works for you personally.

Talk to other repeat defaulters and as a group work out a method. start collaborating instead of battling. Set a generous deadline for yourself and really focus on planning and organizing your time. Start a sub-group. Work together to make shit happen. Open communication. Take power. Make culture.
Theres no limits.

Art Jams / Re: Tag Team Tournament 2017 HYPE JAM
« on: Mar 24, 2017, 05:47 PM »

News & Events / Re: 2017 TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT
« on: Feb 19, 2017, 11:56 AM »
You are all now ded. Goodnight.

Art Jams / Re: Species of Void
« on: Nov 19, 2016, 01:19 PM »
Space Desperado

Description: There are no known living adults of the Space Desperados. The multiverse traversing nymphs of the Space Desperados are what is left of the species. They are very similar to young human adolescents, barring physiological exception in the form of miniature horns growing from their skull and the composition of their skeletons being composed of a super-dense metallic crystal lattice. Other notes are an exceptional resilience to bodily harm, profound adaptability to hostile planetary conditions and a tendency to resurrect themselves spontaneously. Most knowledge on the Space Desperados come from battlefields across the multiverse. Their life cycles, mating rituals, and other physiological data is unknown even to the nymphs.

Origin: Unknown
Population Count: Less than a million.
Natural Habitats: the known Multiverse.

-The only members left of the Space Desperado species are the genetically weaponized nymph-forms following the Generational Purge carried out by the nymphs. The Generational Purge was a genocide that eliminated the entirety of the previous generation including all history of this species, even the original name of their race has been eliminated, earning them the moniker "Space Desperado" for their lawlessness and abilities to cross through into different dimensions.
Culture: All that is left of their heritage is a myth that the Space Desperados were chosen to become stewards to maintain peace and order throughout the multiverse, but they rebelled against this appointment. The Space Desperados possess their own set of beliefs and laws (or the absence thereof), however they are quick to adopt superficial customs, language and customs of other species. Nothing much remains of original Space Desperado art, language or technology.
Politics: Radical Individualism, Social Darwinism
-The Nymphs believe in Radical Individualism, a doctrine carried over from the Generational Purge. They accept no rulers above them, and each individual Nymph has taken to giving themselves royal titles or titles relating to the highest of political offices. This self-appointed kingship is the only defining cultural bridge between individuals of the Space Desperado race- to be a king means to become the central influence in shaping one's own destiny, including acknowledging equality among other Space Desperados or others who are defined by a regal nature.
-The Nymphs ambiguously define Social Darwinism as the "Law of Nature", the only Law that they acknowledge. Only those strong enough to claim kingship or disown it has the right to be recognized as such.

Psychology: The baseline mental state of Space Desperados would be considered as pathological if isn't for the fact that this is how they are as a culture. They can be described as being afflicted by "delusions of grandeur" and "mania". Disturbing levels of violence and traumatic events don't seem to have a permanent psychological impact on Space Desperados, making them perfect warriors who can sustain extended time on a battlefield without suffering from battle fatigue. Furthermore, their hardy physiology makes them perfect infantry to deploy on many types of terrain within the multiverse. Concepts such as honor and loyalty are disregarded for the sake of the "Law of Nature" and though Space Desperados relish the challenge of  battle, they are often the first to flee if they calculate a lost cause.
-Desperados understand the concept of empathy, patience and kindness, however, their perception and political identity colors their emotional responses, refusing to give much to what they would term "morally inferior" (in the context of Law of Nature) beings any leeway, doing so would be a waste of time and emotional energy. Desperados aren't social among themselves, they go out of their way to leave one another alone.

Special Abilities: Space Desperados possess the ability to traverse the multiverse by sensing and exploiting dimensional cracks, areas in a given space where the veil between universe is weak enough to cross over with enough effort. If a dimensional crack is too weak, a Space Desperado can fall through on accident. Typically these cracks are found in sacred or cursed sites.

Im going to have to tap out of this one. I wish I could do it, but webcomics take a priority.

eh. why not. get mortido in on this.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Challenges Thread
« on: Oct 01, 2016, 01:48 AM »
Ya'll Cowards don't even smoke Crack.
Muh dead boy, Mortido 1 week Annihiliation Match 10 page Max.

My choices here are based on impact in my formative years for creating my style in my adolescence and early college days.

startling, dark, and bizarre. One of my favorite painters. His art informed me of the aesthetics of brutality with his occultly violent subject matter.

This man's paint strokes are literally crackling with life force. If you ever get a chance to see one of his paintings in person, you will notice that his paintings are shimmering with hypnotic tension. Gogh paintings taught me that the artist touch carries enormous gravity. He is probably the sole reason why i ink everything traditionally and paint the way i paint with acrylics.

I started crosshatching because i wanted to emulate this dude.

I like Steadman for much the same reason i like Goya. His drawings are obscene, humorous and misanthropic. Furthermore they're bristling with energy. Looking at his art is like downing Redbulls.

I was a huge fan of his in high school. I did a lot of mastercopies of his art, trying to learn dynamic perspective and overlap- my layouts and action scenes are rooted in my obsession with this man's art.

I got into Araki in my college years. He is my prototype for how i use crosshatching now with the ink nib. I took a page on dramatic closeups.

READ. AKIRA. He's a master of architecture and perspective. READ AKIRA. READ AKIRA. READ AKIRA.

I got into Harren recently. Definitely has that artist touch effect. I love how free he is with inks.

The master. No more needs to be said.

people should be able to do whatever they like within reason, but don't forget the point of void is making comics. Even though characters are a huge part of void, they aren't technically necessary for developing your art in the medium. If anything I would promote shipping activity to happen in a sincere comic format, even if it were to be restricted in just the forums.

im in again. Round 2 mofuggas

News & Events / Re: Ragnarock 2016 (Annihilation Royale)
« on: Mar 28, 2016, 12:18 PM »
*weeps godly tears*

iwanttojoin (butt can't)

News & Events / Re: Ragnarock 2016 (Annihilation Royale)
« on: Mar 20, 2016, 04:48 PM »
I know what you're thinking Harry, and I'm going to say yes.  But this isn't a res tournament so even if you win, you'll just stay dead.
i know reviving the dead is just false advertisement, but it would be interesting to see some dead characters in this.

News & Events / Re: Ragnarock 2016 (Annihilation Royale)
« on: Mar 20, 2016, 09:59 AM »
annihiliation eh? does that mean dead characters can join up?

just a suggestion but maybe we can do two 2-week rounds per month; one round for new material and comments and critiques, and the 2nd round for implementation for critiques from last round.

Art Jams / Re: SQUAD JAM
« on: Feb 05, 2016, 08:51 PM »
howabout we also practice some compositional theories?

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Where my wee little ideas may hatch.
« on: Jan 10, 2016, 10:43 AM »
if you feel like you have trouble with speed, void is the perfect place to work on that!
Also, Welcome!

« on: Jan 03, 2016, 04:47 PM »

with mortido.

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Nov 13, 2015, 07:29 AM »
its gonna be oooooooooooooon.

bury your new loot in the dirt of some corner fauna sitting around, used to spruce up the apartment complex. Best save it for later.

and you also use your burn powers to give the flooring a nice smokey flavor.

I vote for anthro Jock, for those who came to JOCK.

News & Events / Re: New Battle Type: Annihilation!
« on: Oct 10, 2015, 07:15 PM »
gonna issue an annihilation match near the end of october!

Art Jams / Re: The changing room!
« on: Oct 10, 2015, 03:31 PM »
hey i like those paaants

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