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Jobs / Spinzoa Art Commission
« on: May 03, 2013, 01:21 AM »
Hey guys, I know I have been away from EV since the start of the century, but I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out by commissioning me for art.

Here's what I am currently offering at this time.

  • Sketch $15
  • Inks $20
  • Color: Cel Shade $25, Digital Paint $50

  • Sketch $25 
  • Inks $35
  • Color: Cel Shade $45 Digital Paint $90

More digitally painted figure examples: Hana Kyou / Pumpking

If you want me to draw in specific style, please let me know also (styles that are mine, not imitation of other artists/cartoon series/etc.). For example, "Fishbones" style, "GORGE" style, and so on.

  • Backgrounds will be transparent or single solid color.
  • I will not draw porn.
  • No full figure commissions are offered at this time.
  • These prices are for single figure/character.
  • They will all be digitally drawn. No copies or print will be mailed to you.
Contact me by email: spinzoa(at)

Please don't contact me by Twitter,Tumblr, or PM on this forum regarding my commission, as they can get unreliable at times. It's better that I get emails. Thank you.

Art Jams / Re: Humans as Furries and Furries as Humans Jam
« on: Dec 01, 2009, 08:01 PM »
Sergio Pancrazio as cockroach.

And still stylin'.

Art Jams / Re: Stylize me, Cap'n! JAM
« on: Aug 28, 2008, 09:52 PM »
I really really love these, Bitter. I honestly fell in love with how you did Eliza with that paranoid face. I wish you'd do more!

Art Jams / Stylize me, Cap'n! JAM
« on: Aug 28, 2008, 06:58 PM »
Draw VOID characters in different style of other artists. For example, I drew Sergio in Tove Janssen, Tezuka Osamu, Barbucci's style.

Sort of.


Tezuka Osamu is my J-pop idol

He's mentally imploding from waiting too long to blow the birthday candles.
You can see it in his eyes.

Now please go whip up some Jam sammiches. Daddy needs Jam sammiches?

Resources & Tutorials / Sergio Pancrazio
« on: Feb 26, 2007, 03:14 PM »
Sergio (Campanella) Pancrazio

1. Sex/Gender: REAL MAN
2. Age: Uhh... I can never decide on his exact age, but for now, 21.
3. Height/Weight: 5'4, 95lbs
4. Color of Hair/Eyes/Skin: Black hair, black eyes, Mr. Clean White skin
5. Posture: Gracefully straight, more elegant than a ballerina princess. He fucking radiates snobbiness. Curls into Mr. Burns hunch when on full creepy mode.(Press: BB+A, then down twice rapidly for combo-creepiness)
6. Appearance: He likes to stay at least clean and neat, fashionable, but he's never attractive; because of his radioactive creepiness, he gives other the impression that he is ugly to the maximus. He also looks way too young to even be 21. He is often mistaken as starving Korean girl of age 14.
7. Defects: May have OCD, huge loads of perverted creepiness, ugliness, near-sighted, underweight, Asian, asthma, and weak to motion sickness.
8. Heredity: Physically, his lean and tiny figure comes mostly from his great grandmother, and his pale complextion from his grandmother. He also gets much of his personality traits from his grandmother also.


1. Social Class: Comfortably in middle, but has been gaining quite an attractive sum of money from his current occupation.
2. Occupation: He is currently a student and an assistant of Mr. Lampton's tailor, though he has aquired enough commissions and clients to be called a tailor. Having Lampton as his master, he usually works under him, keeping their tiny shop clean and organized as possible, keeping their customers comfortable in their enviroment by setting up few refreshments, along with small chit chats, keeping records of their clients, commissions, and finance, etc. etc. It is only recent that Mr. Lampton has abled him to work on making custom uniforms for few students of an academy close by, developing personal contacts with his own clients, and designing new outfits for future seasons.
   He ususally works from Monday through Saturday, with Sundays off. His hours are pretty early, from 5am~4pm with few breaks in between.

3. Education:Sergio has went up to college, gradumatated, and was already working with Mr. Lampton's brother (also Mr. Lampton) for about few years before he moved into VOID to work for his current Master Lampton. He rarely took his education to heart as his passion was aimed mostly toward his personal pleasures in actual business in fashion with the Lamptons. He was never great in anything relating to physical education, though ironically his body movement (hah) satisfies him when he most needs them while chasing, or being chased. He mostly felt comfort and love in fine art, mostly art history.
4. Home Life: He currently lives alone in the attic of Lampton Tailor, which is basically a tiny apartment.

When back in Japan, either to visit or when he was living there, he shared an apartment house with his parents, younger brother, an aunt, two uncles, with both his grand parents and one great garndmother, with a dog and several cats. Typical huge, happy Asian family.

5. Race: Japanese..OH! You mean..okay. He's human.
6. Religion and/or Nationality: Christian. JAPANESE.
7. Place in Community: Simple little asian just trying to make a living as tailor.
8. Political affiliations: Love child of Glenn Beck and Stephen Colbert.
9. Amusements/Hobbies: He loves to stalk/collect those who he finds attractive. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to be "beautiful" in some stereotypical standards. They can be fat, pimply, and ugly, but he'd still find them sexy if there's something about them. He also likes to get drunk often, visiting few clubs and cat houses. MMHMM.
10. Time Period/Era:Well... I guess being in an era where various sexuality is explored and more widely accepted (not literally, but it's certainly a lot more tolerated in some areas), he feels freedom in exploring various humans of different sexual orientation. Also, fashion trend is changing daily, giving him more excuse to feel flaming hot curiosity and continuing goal to design the hottest suit in town.


1. Moral Standards: He likes to be a hard core Christian whenever he can or wants to be, much like those in America who everyone seems to hate. He finds the practice of homosexuality wrong in religious view, but personally he admits to finding that rather curious and inviting. IN MANLIEST WAY POSSIBLE, OBVIOUSLY.
2. Personal Premise/Ambition: The obvious is to be able to succeed Lampton's tailor, and to have his designs recognized and loved while at the same time, getting ungodly amount of cash for a piece of handkerchief he cut out from a piece of tissue. The other goal is something he's not quite sure of. He loves to make collection of his own beauties as a way to gain power and dominance over those he feels physically intimidated, which is also a way to collect their power, charisma, and beauty, devouring them until he has their quality to himself.
3. Frustrations: His ugliness. Low self-esteem, sexual frustrations and fear. Stupid people making him angry easily. His sensitivity to bad smells.
4. Temperament: Cynical, sarcastic, yet somehow optimistic. Not a cheerful type, and can get moody and easily pissed. Quick to judge, yet still accepting and open to new ideas and personalities of others.
5. Attitude toward Life: Life is but a dreeaaaammmmm<3
6. Complexes: He likes to obsess deeply about one or more indivuduals who he desires in so many ways, which is unhealthy for both parties. Morally, he knows it's wrong to hurt his victims, but in some strange way, he feels that it is perfectly okay. To him, it is justified revenge against those who makes him and maybe others feel inferior. Also, because he truly does feel as if he is inferior compared to anyone, he is scarred with low self-esteem, leaving him sexually fearful and anxious about anything..sexual? Alllso, he's paranoid about everything and everyone.
   But weirdly, that is all normal.

7. Extrovert? Introvert? Ambivert? Ambivert
8. Abilities (languages, talents): Bilingual. Kung-fu action of a circus monkey. Over active perverted creepiness overload. Able to look down on others as if he is god. Good at finding bargens and sales, saving tons of money on groceries. Also ironically, he is a figure who people often find very easy to open up to, since he can be charming and gives off a strangely comforting vibe to those he finds interesting to befriend.
9. Qualities (imagination, judgement, taste, poise) Too imaginative, often drifting off into some lame day dreaming as he mentally mocks whom ever he is pissed or feel inferior to. His judgements are logical, but often harsh and cruel, focusing mostly on what's wrong with something or someone. His taste, he likes to consider, far too superior to be matched when it comes to anything, often favoring the classical, suave looks when it comes to fashion, but likes to also explore something more childish, stupid, and playful. His taste though often changes, but rarely dramatic.
10. IQ: Average, his own way, he knows how to use his stupidness in a clever way.
11. Time Period/Era: Horrible mutation of modern and traditional way of looking at life itself. He is open and always curious and open, but often times looks down of a lot of views and ideas as waste of time, or religiously stupid and wrong.

Reviews / Re: So what comics are you reading?
« on: Jan 22, 2007, 04:15 PM »
[in love with blacksad]

If only I had a copy, even if I won't be able to understand a word but, "croissants".

I haven't been reading much comics lately, but I'm only familiar with manga...

I love tons of Osamu Tezuka comics, and also by Hagi Moto.

but recently I've gotten myself into "Glass no Kamen" and "Cromatie High School", and also, "Pyuu to Fuku! Jagaa".

The only other comics out there that I own, which is not Japanese, is those by Jhonen Vasquez. ...god, I'm pathetic.

VOID Characters and Comics / Challenging Spinzoa.
« on: Jan 22, 2007, 10:50 AM »
Sergio Pancrazio.:
Accepting: normal battles only (for now?)
Time limit: long. as. possible. I have school to worry about first, so i'd like tons of time in advance to work on both comic and homeworks.
AIM: Godzilla Battery

You can most likely get fastest reply through email, or void PM. I rarely use any instant message..device.

My current list of fighters/artists I've promised to battle:
Marcus (on progress, hopefully, even though our comp is busted and I lost all data)
Kotori Ky
The Streaker
And maybe some few that I forgot...

- These are not in particular order, because I might later decide that it might be more convenient to fight one character before the other, even if the artist have asked me in advance before the others.

However, currently, our computer is broken and there is no other computers that I can have enough time or materials that I can work on with to make a comic. Until I can get my hands on private computer that actually works again, I might not be able to participate in any battles.

** I ask anyone who is willing to challenge me to ask me first through PMs or email, rather than sending me challenges right away. I never can accept challenges that way, because of other inconvinience, and I'd like to first discuss and ask or answer any questions we might have for each other. That would make things so much easier for me, and maybe easier for you, to start planning things out. When we are then ready to draw, then we can go ahead and send each other challenge invitation.

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