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Help / Re: Questions About Void? Post Your's Here!
« on: Sep 22, 2012, 07:58 PM »
Hey guys,

Uhhh I had a character in the VOID invitational and because I'm a can't-time-manage butt pants I had to drop out because of RL things :/
I decided to make an intro comic and such and move on from my failed invitational endeavours, buuuuuut it forever says my character has no intro story, though I have the pages uploaded... do I have to submit her anew?
Actually a clean slate would probably be nice but I don't know what the go is on that >3>

I originally wanted to enter with a transdimensional cartographer and an alpaca. Unfortunately, time restraints on my end rendered me incapable of finishing on time. have this other character instead! (unfortunately sans-alpaca)

Lore "Lorie" Jooss (pronounced “yoss”) is a limited pyrokineticist with a spunky jacket and a career consisting of blowing things up.
While she lacks the energy to create a substantial quantity of fire, she is a master of manipulating external sources of the stuff.
Kindhearted yet avaricious, her hobbies include crafting explosives, scaling buildings, pickpocketry, and scarf collecting.

EDIT: Forgot proof of artistic ability:
Note that Lore was previously in an OCT on DA, which is to be counted as non-canon.

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