call the battle something cool / Clown Princess vs. Pixel Princess

call the battle something cool — Clown Princess vs. Pixel Princess

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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# 10   Posted: Nov 2 2015, 04:30 PM
these are just... so cute i could just... oh my god my shipper heart i cant take all these feels
Halloween is the best time of year because i get to see more Clowny and Pixel and its just the best!
Also I think its funny you both did a story about Pixel's parents, but they're so different in both your stories!

Atomicbritt oh my gosh, like in a way its a pretty standard story but it never felt boring or cliche while i was reading it because of the way you utilized the characters and their personalities and abilities. I really liked seeing Clowny work with her brother, and i got a big kick out of Pixel's nicknames for him XD At first i was confused by how the backgrounds were painted and then i remembered they're in pixel kingdom so its actually pretty clever, but i agree with GLo that it would have been a bit better if the dragon had some pixelation too. This was a fun little adventure story with a sweet ending and I loved it a lot! Im always so happy to see you battle!

Hobbit, haha first thanks for the mini-cameo, I see those barrettes! XD as always your art style is GORGEOUS and Im in awe of how you colour, I just love the beautiful pastels in this comic, it really sets a romantic tone! The characters are so expressive and you're great at giving everyone their own unique feeling. Unfortunately theres not much of a story, it seems like it starts to set up, well actually SEVERAL stories but none of them really go anywhere so its a bit of a let down there.

Great comics, you guys! thanks for all these emotions I now have to deal with XD

# 9   Posted: Oct 31 2015, 01:46 PM

# 8   Posted: Oct 31 2015, 01:26 PM
You both win

these are beautiful~

# 7   Posted: Oct 31 2015, 08:47 AM

Now let's see if I remember how to critique :|

This was a really cute quest story, with all sorts of stakes! You've got treaties being negotiated (I LOOOOVVVEEE the incomplete dlc you've got going on) and a princess to save! Especially since the princess who needs saving is one who is used to doing all the saving herself!

I have some gripes with inconsistencies of the Pixel Kingdom. You make a point to pixelate the King, various scenery, the FIRE (which I really liked the pixel effect here. I do think you could have looked at some real fire to make it a little less one dimensional) but the dragon doesn't get any pixelation aside from it's fire and pixel's dress has absolutely no pixelation. I think you upped the pixelation on so many other aspects, I was a little disappointed when I didn't see any on these characters.

I also think the intro to the dragon would have been much more impactful if when they spotted the Pixel in the tower, instead of just a wide flat shot of the dragon that may or may not indicate it's actually a tiny thing, you could have used a harsh upward angle. It would have looked much more menacing, the tower could have looked a jillion times taller and the dragon bigger, and then cut to your awesome dlc joke.

 Dude. How do color. Like seriously this thing is friggin GORGEOUS. From the title page of full on color to your... I don't even know what that would be called... Limited.. cotton candy swirly colors?? I don't know but its gorgeous. I love how you choose a palette for each location, and it appears to sort of match the current moods!

As gorgeous as it is though, I thought this had a LOT of potential but fell a little flat. You had an opportunity to make some major stakes. Pixel is introducing Clowny to her PARENTS, which we are given information that they are both a teeny bit apprehensive about. Why? There's no build up. Are we afraid that Pixel's parents are going to be disapproving of their relationship? Pixel doesn't give any indication as to WHY she's apprehensive which I think would have been a great thing to communicate. The only apprehension we're given info about is Clowny's- which came off as wow this is a huge kingdom, I'm a little intimidated.

I also feel that the Tower painting was a little bit too exposition-y. I'm not sure if you intended to have your comic be a bit longer, but I felt like you were going to add in a lot more into the story after that scene but the story just ended. Like, I get that we get a little tid bit of why Pixel is the way she is but I felt like that info was just thrown at me, something like "Did you KNOW, that blah blah". I'm sorry I can't words and I'm not sure what that's called XD Unless you were trying to say that Clowny was the princess to save her from the metaphorical tower, but even still all Void has seen is the interaction of these two in last year's Month of the Dead. Again, not much build up.

I can dig lovey dovey if you give me a reason to. "They're super cute" isn't tooo much of big reason, even though I ship the hell out of these ladies.

BOTH OF YOU. Keep kicking butt!!!

# 6   Posted: Oct 30 2015, 07:07 PM
Please excuse all of the lovey dovey.

# 5   Posted: Oct 14 2015, 04:09 PM
I did us all a favor and extended it :x

The Bent One
# 4   Posted: Oct 12 2015, 08:51 AM
I'm a big fan of the comic title on this one.

Also I eagerly await the comics!

# 3   Posted: Oct 10 2015, 01:48 PM

# 2   Posted: Oct 10 2015, 01:25 PM
DANGER: this is a shipping zone

# 1   Posted: Oct 10 2015, 10:20 AM
OH WHAT?! ooooooo

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