Fox Hunt / The Fox vs. Buck Xander

Fox Hunt / The Fox vs. Buck Xander

Fox Hunt — The Fox vs. Buck Xander

by Hellis

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Community Manager
# 10   Posted: Nov 7 2019, 08:23 PM
Hellis: First off i wanna say i love how you show how crazy his minions on this, doing whatever they're ordered to and just dieing with no regard for their own life, this sold me on the idea that they are drugged up addicts and this is a great example of show don't tell. I agree with the crit that some of your proportions in this are a little too inconsistent in this comic but that just comes better with practice. But beyond that this was a great story and look forward to seeing more of Fox.

Deji: If you're having severe arthritis pain don't make an apology page, just make a small comment, we know life happens and you should rest than go through the extra pain to make an apology page. Since this isn't finished i don't have much to crit on but even unfinished your stuff is still so clean and nice.

# 9   Posted: Nov 7 2019, 07:41 AM
Deji - can I just say that I admire your art so much! It's so nice and clean and these two boys are so handsome. <3 So much love. I am so sorry that you weren't able to finish but don't beat yourself up for it. Just get better your health comes first and there will always be a time to make  more comics.  

Hellis - My gosh, this is such a fun read.  The font in this comic is so much better than the last one and I love the limited palette you used here. The reds are so perfect. I saw a typo here and there so just double check your script next time. Also I am not sure if this is a style choice but check your proportions in some of the panels. Sometimes the head looks a bit too big for the body. Overall you did an excellent job and I really hope that Buck's canon will have him wearing the deer mask from now on. I cannot wait to see where this goes!

Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Nov 6 2019, 05:24 PM
Hellis: All the extra comic work you do is paying off especially with your action sequences, they're getting better and easier to read and that's always a great push for entertainment points. I really wanna see you do a deep dive into figure drawing and practicing both variance and consistency of faces

Deji: The render quality even unfinished is nice, we've discussed this in DMs already but dynamic posing is really gonna shoot your quality and entertainment scores up so the posing and action catches up with your linework and rendering

Keep it up both of you!

# 7   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 12:26 PM
Well done to you both! Good to see both sides put in a lot of effort and I say it's paid off. A heads-up I'm not going to comment on the plot of these comics because i think it'd be unfair since these stories are obviously influenced by previous content I haven't caught up with.

Deji - Voicing the same as others, I'm sorry to hear about your condition acting up at the end of the deadline and I saw that this got to a lot on the discord server - things like this happen and can't always be helped, I hope you're resting up.

You got a real nice style with your linework, but I struggle to work out where exactly the characters are due to lack of backgrounds, are they on a roof top? or a balcony? I can work out its definitely near some office like buildings. You're definitely most comfortable with characters shots (Guilty of this too) but have a go mixing it up a bit during your conversation segments - I really do like the black silhouette shots you have through the comic though, they work a treat. Your dialogue is very good, and you get a nice taste of the characters personalities (which is good for someone like me, who isn't as familiar with who we're dealing with).

I don't know if it's my computer but the resolution on some panels seems to be quite lower in quality than others, in particular page 2 - the lines are a bit jaggedy in places? If this isn't because of resizing lineart or whatever, maybe its how you're saving the files - I had a similar problem and found the "saving to web" option helped with the quality setting on 'bucubic smoother'.

Hellis - Hellis my dude you put a lot of effort into this and it shows, congrats! Continue to watch your lineweight definitions as foreground and background fall flat against each other. I'd like to see you use a wider guttering in between panels, and possibly a heavier lineweight for your boarders - personally the panels are just too close together with little space between them. My only real gripe with this comic is I think Buck talks to himself way too much at the beginning of the comic - like nearly having a full blown conversation with himself. People do think out loud, but I think you could cut back a bit.

# 6   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 09:58 AM
Hellis- maaan theres something really kinetic about your style that I love. Page 3-5 had a particularly good flow and showed off some your strongest art. Page 8 was interesting, I saw what your were going for with the smoke wall, adding more plumes and swirls would've pushed it a bit further. Particularly on the last panel, it looked kinda flat. Your proportions were a bit wonky at times, the heads, in particular, seem to grow and shrink, that could be worth keeping an eye on in the future.
I seriouslly enjoyed this comic though, dispite the odd art related gripe- I look forward to seeing more of Fox!

Deji-  You clearly have a really solid grasp on anatomy and drawing people consistently fantastic work there. The dialogue was also fun and well written imo.
 It's a little tricky criting your art and the comic overal since it isn't finished- But I do have a few thoughts.
- pg 4- the last two panels How Buck is pointing a gun at fox but they are both facing in the same direction?
- in a lot of cases here the expressions were a bit too subtle for me. It made the impact of what was going on unbelievable at times. This was a cool comic overall! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished :D

# 5   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 02:53 AM

agree 100 percent with everything said about the inconsistency. Its nothing else but me not referring to his reference enough and then realizing "oh shit, his eyebrow" literally the last day. So its a lesson I'll take to heart. As well as just, in general get more reliant with my stylization and shapes.

 Happy to see my action came out well enough! It was actually a huge stickler for me, as my last fight people rightfully noted it was stiff and unatural.

# 4   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 02:30 AM
Hellis - Ohh man I’m really interested to see what goes from here. The deer mask reveal has my interest Piqued (cool design too). Most of the action looks really good and feels dynamic, I especially like the 2nd and 3rd panels on page 9. Great lighting on pages 5 and 6 as well!

I think you need to watch your consistency though - Buck’s head size and facial features change enough to be distracting for me in this comic, for example on pages 1 and 4. He also lacks his scar, and the little break in his eyebrow you used to hint it keeps disappearing and reappearing.

Deji - I’m so sorry about your arthritis :( I don’t think it’s fair to crit the artwork due to the circumstances, although I gotta say what you managed so far looked brilliant as usual, so don’t beat yourself up over it! The way you draw hands and the fox masks (on henchmen and Fox alike) in particular is just so pleasing.

Story-wise, I feel like the panels flowed really well on the first two pages but then come page 3 I was thrown for a loop. If there were pages in between you hadn’t finished I think a quick note would have been helpful at the points where stuff was cut, rather than just at the end, but that’s just me.

# 3   Posted: Nov 1 2019, 12:12 AM
AUGH I TOTALLY DID NOT FINISH THIS AT ALL - My rheumatoid arthritis decided to kick in and swell up my fingers to the point where holding a pen was more than excruciating pain so I had to stop and cut things out. Although, I WILL have this done as a BB before the end of the year. As far as crits go I mean, go ham but chances are I'm already ashamed of whatever it is LMFAO. Anyways thanks for fighting me Hellis!!! I can't wait to read what you got and I hope we can continue w/ these two!!!

# 2   Posted: Oct 23 2019, 03:51 AM
Extended, I did not foresee so much schoolwork. Phew

# 1   Posted: Oct 11 2019, 12:37 AM
It's murder time

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