2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 1 / GIGARA and Somadis vs. Lady Vanity and Edge

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 1 / GIGARA and Somadis vs. Lady Vanity and Edge

2017 Tag Team Tournament, Round 1 — GIGARA and Somadis vs. Lady Vanity and Edge

by PyrasTerran and Red

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Critiques & Comments
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# 18   Posted: Mar 22 2017, 08:23 PM
Pyras and Red: This definitely felt like a solid continuation of Park's narrative, which I'm getting the feeling is really gonna be the crux of future battles. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but Somadis feels less like a character and more like a plot point, an abstract threat. I know, big monster, I don't know what else I should be expecting, so I'm withholding my full thoughts on Somadis' place in the story for future battles. Edge pushing Park to go out and fight was a nice bit, and it really felt like he had a purpose there. Vanity, however, did not, and even though I REALLY liked the parts where she did stuff, in the end she really didn't have much of a presence. Art wise, I really dug the colors, being a sucker for neons, and you all got some super powerful shots with the establishing panel on page two and Vanity District's fall to the ground. There were a few places anatomy and angle felt off, but never anywhere in which that was the focus. For dialogue, what was included was nice, but there were a few typos and formatting issues inside the bubbles that made it so the balloons never quite meshed with the art, but the boxes did.

Jay and Thesher: You know it's incomplete, so I'll avoid talking about that, but it is gonna make my critique shorter. As previously stated, I fucking love bright neons and this was no exception as soon as Somadis came onto the scene. However, the more text-and-action heavy sections did feel jumbled, making it hard to pin down just what was going on, and the neons with the dots did not help in this regard. Narratively, I understand this is an AU, which makes it difficult for me to judge it in that regard, but I liked the feel of it, kinda like an A-Team ragtag group coming together and beating face. A solid effort for what was provided.

Jetty Jay
# 17   Posted: Mar 20 2017, 10:49 AM
PyrasTerran and Red: Guys I love this comic. Really love what you did with Lady V and the buildup worked so well. Thanks for a really good comic to go against (and quite rightfully knock us out by the looks of things haha)

Thanks to everyone for the feedback (and yeah to clarify again - this is an AU not a flashback). I think Thresher would agree with me to say that we will definitely be working with all of it and hoping to bring something much more finished to the GRUDGE MATCH against Sabu and TDK.

Best of luck to Pyras and Red!!!

# 16   Posted: Mar 19 2017, 12:50 PM
Pyred: the sequence you created where Gigara and Somadis face off gives me the shivers. The colours are marvellously handled. The linework where heavy blacks have been dropped feels more confident and the weightier lined scenes are more magnetic, and it would be great to see even more of that.

ThreshJet: very exiciting and vibrant work from you two. There were a lot of characters flying about in this- it would be good if next time the story was winnowed out a bit more, so you can focus on fewer pages and give them all the full treatment which works so well on 1-6 :)

# 15   Posted: Mar 19 2017, 11:58 AM
Pyred: This feels so climactic! I feel like I should have read a whole story before getting to this point, and that it should be peppered with "As seen in Void Annual #2" boxes. I'm still pumped, though! Interesting that this TTT we're getting a few "teams" that aren't teams in their opening comics. I've been double checking the teams this whole time. I wonder if these two will team up further down the Tournament, if it smiles on them.

Miss Thresher Fukken 4;&#65038: Interesting! Was that unfinished page, or an intentional transition from super rad colors into a black and white comic? Too bad it's not complete, because it would have been interesting to see something thematic to go along with it.

# 14   Posted: Mar 17 2017, 02:20 PM
PyrasRed- Ahhhh I really like this comic!! The magical girl vs  giant kaiju worked very well in your favor here, and it reads like an honest to goodness high-intensity ACTION STORY! Also, the kind of 'you're the only one to defeat Somadis' makes a lot of sense here, because of the lore with the Sun and Moon monsters. The ONLY qualm is that the ending reminds me a bit too much of the Fibrin Heavyweight ending? The "I led to this" -shot of monsters-
Besides that, very, very well done, and the shots of the monsters are fuckin rad!

JetsThresh- Unfortunately, the comic was kind of, hard to parse through. The pacing is very, very fast--BREAKNECK fast-- and so it took a few times for me to understand what was going on ; u ; I like the idea to have it be backstory, and I also love the extreme colors, but the coherence of this comic is what was the biggest hurdle for me.

Global Moderator
# 13   Posted: Mar 17 2017, 12:05 AM
REDPY- This is what I joined TTT for. Big story, plot development and intrigue and this comic has it in spades! I clocked Reds distinctive colors right off that bat, and they go super well with your inks. Your backgrounds are seriously a feat from the big skyscrapers and cityscape to the mundane establishing shots showing off the richness of what other voiders have contributed to what we all think void city looks like. I just really super dig that nod to the old docks on page 1. Understandably, so many folks zeroed in on just their team and the other team, but you guys definitely spun this on its head bringing a buncha voiders and hell, the kitchen sink into this, haha! Not only is this a great (if not taxing) idea, but it really fills your concept of void in a real way and makes Somadis and Gigara a real threat to those living here.
Speaking of these monstro's, page 4 is definitely your standout.You can definitely tell this was the weighty page you wanted to make an impact with and I think you succeeded. Just seeing the sheer scale of what Park is up against is ridiculous. The sequence with Lady Vanity protecting her district just, to me establishes that while you'r a two monster team, void city itself is totally your third' character' and you make great use of it.

JETS & THRESH- Your trademark crazy colors and deets set the stage, but once you get into the comic, I wonder if there's too much set dressing. I wasn't really sure where to look and found no real focal point page to page. Still though, y'all went big-which you kinda have to dealing with literal monstros. Also it was rad you took this out of this world and into a cool futuristic moon colony. I'll totally echo GEEPs color advice though because that is freakin' clever and something I wanna emulate if my team moves forward. If you run outta time, make it a 'make it work' moment, and turn those white pages to your advantage.

# 12   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 04:56 PM
Pyras and Red: The progression in this is fantastic, The colour pallet is great, where character cannon I'm unfamiliar with comes in to play I didn't feel to lost (I've also read all of Gigara's archive though) I did feel like the final page could have been more dynamic, it felt like a toy ad, ensuring you could see each Kaiju perfectly clearly which I just don't feel is necessary. regardless I'm pumped to see this team up go farther.

Jet and Thresh: Very exciting story. I'm not super familiar with either of your characters but it didn't take long for me to understand them. It's sad to see the fantastic colours disappear in the last few pages. But that being said, the lettering on this makes me jelly. so so jelly! like really fantastic work all around.

Approval Committee
# 11   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 02:47 PM
wah! good stuff!!

pyras and red: you guys are meshing really nicely together. it looks really coherent! the colors are gorgeous. I think if I had to pick at something it would be the inks, which are mostly good but a little rough in some areas. basically I was looking forward to this one and was not disappointed and am looking forward to the next!

jet and thresh: aah so close ; ; you guys pulled off a lot though, so be proud of that. I also like your colors for the most part, though in some places it gets kind of muddy, mixed with SUPER BRIGHT. with having such a large spectrum of colors plus colored outlines, things get a little hard to read. I'm also not sold on the large dot texture, and I would advise either a font or more careful handwriting. THAT SAID, I still think this is a really great comic you guys managed to pull off!

# 10   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 11:06 AM

Pyras and Red: Fucking Big ass Monster fights. Honestly, overall great work, which I almost feel like I'm saying too often in this tournament but its cause everybody's rocking it. But anyway, y'all have done a good job, and I fucking LOVE the colors. Somadis holds such a strong presence throughout, and the colors work well, so it almost feels like it's just a natural gradient in the image. I dig the idea of a "Return to her prime" idea for Lady Vanity, and I'll own up, I'm curious about the side effects. It could be a throw away line, but hey, there's a lot of set up happening here, and I dig that you're characters are explicitly at odds with each other. It'll make a fun dynamic throughout the tourney and for any future comics really. My only gripe is GIGARA on the last big shot, because her monster doesn't have a very striking silhouette. Somadis has such a strong silhouette in comparison, but a lot of GIGARA's body kinda gets lost visually in itself. The buildup panels to that page tho are stellar.

Jetty and Thresher: Hey, good digs you two! I was admittedly a little thrown with the AU or past setting thing going on here? Like, I know the tourneys, tag team especially, do entail a lot of setup, but it felt like a lot crammed into just a little bit. The colros are fun, and the panelling is nice, but some bits are a little hard to read the flow of. Vanity and Park's exchange in particular had me kinda lost at first and took a second pass to kinda piece together.  It's a shame y'all didn't quite finish up, cause I'll own up, if y'all had done the color fade out, and come back with full color on the last page, that would have been an AWESOME effect, and was honestly what I thought y'all were going for till I hit that page and saw they weren't. Y'all made a good comic regardless tho, and I enjoyed it! Good show

Jetty Jay
# 9   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 08:17 AM
This AU was mostly Thresher's idea! Love you guys' work as well though!!! Will put up some proper crit for you and everyone later :) Thanks for a good match

Global Moderator
# 8   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 08:06 AM
Jay I always love these AU stories of yours~ EDIT: that are actually Thresher's idea, your writing is always awesome too thresher

Jetty Jay
# 7   Posted: Mar 16 2017, 01:54 AM
Oh right. We have credits on our front page but HERE IN THE TEXT:

Cover: Jet
Layouts & Inks: Thresher
Pencils & Colours: Jet

And in case people get confused, yes this is a complete AU for character canons and Void City canons and what have you so if you are thinking 'this wasn't mentioned previously' ...that's the reason.

We didn't quite finish all the colours as life meant inks were late and I ended up injuring my shoulder a bit from reaching for that finish line but we tried our best and really enjoyed it.

Global Moderator
# 6   Posted: Mar 15 2017, 10:25 PM
We are all uploaded!


Cover: Red
Story: Pyras
Story Edits: Red
Layout & Lines: Pyras
Colors, line enhancement & sound effects: Red
Color edits, VFX, lettering: Pyras

Good luck as well!

Jetty Jay
# 5   Posted: Mar 15 2017, 03:33 PM
Uploaded what we've got! Good luck!

Global Moderator
# 4   Posted: Mar 2 2017, 08:11 AM
And Pyras is there!

Jetty Jay
# 3   Posted: Mar 2 2017, 08:00 AM
(Entervoid why don't you like my cute emoji shit)

Time to get Kiss Kiss Bang Bang STOMP up in here.

# 2   Posted: Mar 1 2017, 10:29 AM
It's not the size that counts...

# 1   Posted: Mar 1 2017, 10:18 AM
we gun step on ya

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