Kazue L. Burns vs. Boek

Kazue L. Burns vs. Boek

Kazue L. Burns vs. Boek

by Energy

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Global Moderator
# 8   Posted: Aug 27 2016, 01:49 PM
ENERGY- The chance encounter with your opponent formula is tried and true, but while tried, its definitely gotten stale. I'd encourage you to try and find new and unique ways to make that connection between characters happen as this comic leaves it feeling artificial and odd. Also, just because a building is in the background doesn't guarantee your reader will know what it is. I had no idea why Kazue was talking about classes and her teachers until I got that the buildings were her school. I thought she was just practicing in front of her house.

CHERUBAS- The deep wells of superhero nerdom was had in this comic, culminating in what I totally agree is the best superhero movie. It's cool to see two kids just geeking out and not turning it into a 'you're a girl, stay outta my treehouse, you cant like comics' deal. A pleasant if not brief little comic encounter.

# 7   Posted: Aug 25 2016, 06:45 PM
@petarvee You are correct, it was not our A-game. I apologize. The truth is I spent the bulk of my time working on a different idea, wherein Boek and Kazue teamed up and fought a super villain named Futaniko Ikari. She's a brilliant Japanese engineer that created a waist-mounted caulking device that could fire dangerously hot caulk, known as the Dynamic Interface Caulk Knuckle. The D.I.C.K. was charged by cocking the shaft like a shotgun and fed off of the ambient energy of nearby superhumans in order to heat up the two canisters of caulk that hung beneath. Futa had two effeminate henchmen, The Trap Twins, known as Nii and San for the sole purpose of a hentai incest joke in the climax of the comic. The villain would eventually be defeated when brilliant famous scientist Peter Dinklage arrived with a device he had created months prior specifically to deal with D.I.C.K. technology, known as the Autonomous Substance Stabilizer which fit on his back like a backpack that he used to completely encase the caulk knuckle, preventing Futa from reaching the cocking mechanism. This resulted in two pages of Futa struggling with Peter as she attempts to make the D.I.C.K. fire while inside of Peter's A.S.S. This was the humor of the whole comic (I won't even explain the part with the Critically Unstable Moleculites). The entire thing amused ME to no end because, as my gallery of comics on this site will attest to, I have the sense of humor of a 13 year-old, but I showed it to a friend who informed me that it was far too offensive (no doubt I've angered some of the more sensitive people on this site just by explaining the idea) so in the 11th hour I scrapped it and went with the much more PG Marvel/DC debate (you're welcome). I'm not using this excuse for better votes (in fact I specifically waited a few days before bringing it up because I want people to vote fairly on the unfinished 3 pages I ended up with) but for the record, that is why I ended up with what I ended up with, for anyone who's truly curious.

@The Man Who Planted Swag I certainly didn't mean for it to be "preachy". I think. To be honest I don't fully know what you mean by that. Boek and Kazue both want to be heroes so it's not a stretch to assume they'd both have at least some interest in superhero things. A lot of people prefer either Marvel or DC so I thought it would be fun to put the two of them on opposite ends of that and banter over it a bit. The comic doesn't push one side or the other as the true champion, so I'm not trying to preach the church of DC or the righteous path of Marvel, just an idea that I mistakenly thought would be fun for a community of comic book makers. Yes, they agree on the Incredibles, and yes, I think that's a great movie, but I'm not demanding that anyone reading this comic accept the light of The Incredibles into their heart, just giving a plot resolution wherein two kids agree they like a movie that targets their age demographic. I assure you this comic was meant to be lighthearted, not preachy, so whatever it is you think I was preaching about I promise I wasn't. I would like to know what you feel that was though, so that I don't come off as preachy in the future. And yes, the red text WAS in a mocking tone. It made me laugh that way. Quite honestly, if you look through my gallery you'll find that ALL of my Void Boek comics were made with the sole goal of amusing myself. If other people laugh too, that's great. If I get scores above average, that's cool. If I win a battle, that's a fantastic pleasant surprise, but in truth every comic beyond maybe the second or third one was written after asking myself "is this idea stupid enough to make me laugh?" The Marvel/DC debate is actually an attempt at an idea that I thought would appeal to a wider audience than myself. Clearly I was very wrong, but we all learn from our mistakes. And for the record, I've always hated when people do knockoff references like "Catman" or something. I put up with it because in a commercial work like a cartoon you don't want to get sued for referencing Batman too heavily, but in a case like this, on a just-for-fun site, in a casual comic, with multiple references to characters from Marvel and DC, it would have driven me entirely insane.

@PyrasTerran Um... I think my response to you would be pretty similar to my response above. Just read that again. I tried to represent both sides, I used the idea BECAUSE it's something people would actually debate over (I guess I could have them debating whether bananas or spoons are more vital to our society as a whole since that's less cliche, but people would probably say I should have chosen something that would make sense for two kids to debate over... Like Marvel vs DC...), and the red text is there because it made me laugh more than a sketchy page by itself (and ultimately my target audience for all of my comics on this site is me).

You guys are totally right though. It is a crappy, unfinished comic with a topic that no one on this site (aside from myself, obviously) has much interest in it seems. I will try harder in the future. Most likely. With more violence. And erection jokes.

# 6   Posted: Aug 24 2016, 10:52 AM
@Both: What happened? It's one thing if Life Happens and ya can't get pages done, but it's another if ya just didn't do it. Like, it's good neither of you defaulted, but c'mon, this can't be your A-Game.

The Man Who Planted Swag
# 5   Posted: Aug 21 2016, 04:42 PM
energy: While there is nothing really wrong with the story, its a bit pointless. The characters meet and leave. I would have liked to see a bit more of a story here, a bit more character interaction, ore even learning a little about how Kazues power works. And something you could do to try and make your comic seem more complete in the future is, instead of doing the shading on the first page, use that time to do line art on the other pages.

Cherubas: I can feel what you are going for in this comic, like a dialogue based character interaction, but the subject matter feels very cliché. You could have gotten a similar effect by changing the names of all the super heros to something else (like manbat or something) people would have still understood what you were talking about, and it would have felt a bit less preachy. And i have to say i HATE the red text on the last page. Not only is it unnecessary and out of place, it feels almost mocking in tone. The art is good, other than the reuse of Kazues drawing on page one. Something as small as changing her expression would have made that better.

All in all, both of you, try and manage your time better. It was three weeks for 3 and 4 pages.

Global Moderator
# 4   Posted: Aug 21 2016, 01:16 PM
hey neither of you guys finished, and this was 3 weeks and short stories :| Be sure to make certain your schedule is clear before accepting a battle and try harder next time

energy: keep focusing on your speed so you can get your comics to come out as good as your intro pages for this character did

cherubas: This feels alittle projecting-y, we get enough about marvel vs dc from our social media sites, I think it was a misstep to use it for the content of this comic. Would have been cooler to come up with new/original superhero movies than rehash this argument. On that note, if you're gonna go with real content, I don't think you needed the red text at the end explaining what they're watching

# 3   Posted: Aug 21 2016, 12:56 PM
everybody loves the incredibles

# 2   Posted: Jul 24 2016, 08:20 AM
look who's back...
back again
Boek's back...

E.W. Schneider
# 1   Posted: Jul 24 2016, 08:06 AM
Very good to see both of you fighting again, hope this one turns out great!

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