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The White Dwarf | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'10
 Created: June 7th, 2006
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His name is the White Dwarf. He is an artificial life form created by a private foundation called Tri-X Labs using controlled bursts of Solar and Gamma Radiation. (ie the reason he was named after a star.)and genetic cloning. He is about 5\'10\" in his natural form and he has hairless stark white skin, large eyes and mouth, and slits for his nose and ears. His skin is the normal texture of human skin, just completely davoid of any pigmentation. He was created for the purpose of defence and protection. After being sucsessfully tested in the feild he could be sold to the Defence Department as a soldier or used by large corporations or very rich individuales looking for the very best security agent or body guard. White Dwarf biologicaly is alive. He has muscles, internal organs, and a skeletal structure the same as you and I. The only difference being that he is engineered for combat, therefore he is hundreds of times tougher, stronger, and more agile than any human. Though he is physically a lifeform, he does not have feelings, emotions or spontaniouse responce. He thinks and acts very much like an advanced machine programmed with actions that resemble spontaniouse human responce. However he is a thinking machine, he can learn and adapt to new situations. He can speak and write (hundreds of languages) and is capable of learning new skills.(engineered photographic memory)

He has the following powers:
Supernatural strength ( can lift several hundred tons proportionate to his size)
Heightened sences and reflexes, heightend stamina and physical prowess,
Shapeshifting, and the ability to change his height and body mass from 4 inches or so, and as tall as 20 feet.

This White Dwarf unit is called Simon and was entered into the SDT as the first of a series of feild tests. Obviously this unit is being tested to measure his combat ability, combat strategy, and control of his power set in battle. Other units are being tested across the world to measure other aspects of their programming. Simon\'s project manager is Dr. Smith, charged with overseeing his progress in the tournament and recording all important data. He is also the programmer for this unit and therefore any \"personality\" traits that Simon displays are unique to Dr. Smith\'s design.

UPDATE-Dr. Smith inlisted the assistance of a combat soldier and member of the Marine Corp.-Sargeant Zack Perry. As they were completeing the last phase of the White Dwarfs memory and emotion programming they were attacked by an Eco-terrorist. Using suprhuman powers the terrorist electricuted Smith and Perry to death and destroyed the lab. In an unforseen freak occurace, the high voltage caused an actual conciousness transfer of both Smith and Perry into the White Dwarfs brain center. Now both minds share the same body in a sence, there former bodies destroyed and they will be trapped like that untill science can find a way to duplicate the process that caused the transfer. The White Dwarf essentially has two completely different personalities and will appear to argue with oneself much like a skitsofrinac as the two minds are constantly at odds with one another.

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