Jira | Characters

Jira | Characters

Jira by Drifter Ronin
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 11
 Created: January 6th, 2006
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Jira has resurfaced after 4 years. Very few in Void know why he left, and no-one knows why he has returned....


Fighting style: A very militaristic use of the sword(lots of straight line attacks and overpowering moves, not necessarily fluent or graceful)And a fighting style similar to normal boxing with some disarming throws tossed in the mix.

Distinguishing Marks:Black eyes with brown irises, and a large scar across his face.
Personal Treasure: The dog tags around his neck that belonged to Nina.(One of the few reasons he would fight is to protect it.)
Other: He likes to travel at night, allowing the darkness of the alleys and rooftops to soothe him.He will probably sleep most of the day, seeing as he is in a highly depressed state.

Personality: Very quiet, and he keeps to himself, lost in his own thoughts and sadness.Depressed but will deny it to anyone who asks. Which manifests as a blank stare to the rest of the world.He may manifest his heroic qualities , but rarely.When someone challenges, he has no qualms with forfieghting before even starting the fight. He isnt in void to make a name, jus to figure out what his next move will be.

History: Jira was a street rat. An orphan who made his way stealing. Mostly from grocery stores and McDonalds resturaunts.But one day he started stealing massive amounts of food from the local market. So the police took more of an interest as the store owner kept calling. Howver no matter what the police tried they could never catch him.It wasnt that he was fast,(which he was) or that he was smart(which he was), but his natural ability to conceal himself from his enemies, never allowing them to know where he was, even though he may have been inches away.This sparked the interest of a government official named Major S.Graham. He was forming a group of anti-terrorist thieves. A small group who could get into any stronghold, facility, or base and retrieve an item or person without ever being noticed.
He sent an already recruited member of the group to pose as another homeless person, spend a number of days with him and then propose the idea of joining to him. The person he sent was his daughter Nina Graham.And she was successful she found him, and after a number of days, she convinced him to join. He agreed on a few conditions, one being that he would never have to kill anyone.After flying with Nina to a hidden facility in the appalacian mountains in western Maryland, Jira met Major Graham, and repeated his condition to him.The general told him that he was to get into some very dangerous circumstances, but it was up to Jira to decide the way in which to carry it out.
The teamed deemed themselves NINJA, a name based off the first letters of all the members names.And recieved advanced training, from college level general courses to advanced combat and survival runs. Each team member was well able to perform an entire mission alone. Ans together, they were perfect.
Everything was seemingly great but, one day, as Jira and Nina neared 19 years old. Major Graham had fallen ill. and a few short months later he died. This lead the way for a new leader of the group. And he had a very different view. He never meet with the group or spoke to them in person, he simply gave orders through documents and other military members.And his view shifted from counter terrorism theft, to assassination. Nina and Jira refused and for a year the new leader had allowed them to continue with their normal type of assignments. But the missions given to the other members, changed them. They went from open and funloving, to dark ,bgloomy, and having a lust for killing. Nina became frightened and asked Jira to run with her to somewhere they would never be found, somewhere so clouded with illegal activity that even the NINJA branch couldnt find them , Void city. Jira agreed and they formulated a plan. A plan that somehow got wind to the higher ups.So one night they stripped of their ninja uniforms, and donned plain, seemingly unidentifiable clothes. And they ran. Right outside to a waiting trap, where Nina was shot.Taking her last wish he left and continued on his escape. It lead him to a cargo truck bound for his destination. The city of Void.

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