Hobbes Maxwell | Characters

Hobbes Maxwell | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\' 9\'\'
 Created: October 31st, 2005
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Hobbes is a common north american red fox. male, about five nine, green eyes. both his and his sisters\' hands and feet are white due to their father being an arctic fox and thier mother a red.

Hobbes was traveling with his sister and their \"guide\" kitsume when there was a great disaster and the three of them were seperated. Hobbes now searches void city looking for them and the one responsible for their seperation.

As far as fighters go, Hobbes is not the best, the strongest, the fastest, or the most skilled. But he fights with his heart. there is no one with more raw, stupid, determination. in order to win, you\'ll have to compleatly incapacitate, knock unconcious, or kill him. No giving up.

Hobbes\'s advantages are his speed. Tends to act quickly and favor fast strikes. Does a lot of flashy moves to try and go for that critical hit. Fighting style is junk kung-fu and street fighting, gleaned from watching too much kung-fu and reading comic books. Unpredictable. Favors kicks, may use a staff if one is a avalible, but has no formal training, just thinks it looks cool.

Disadvantages are his lungs. Being mildly asmatic puts a limit on how long he can go for. If he fights sustained battles, his lungs will start to burn and he won\'t get enough oxygen. He can (and will) push himself and overburn his condition to prolong the fight or fight harder, but my begin to cough up blood. gross and mellodramatic, but it\'s a crutch that he\'s learned to deal with.

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