Harappa | Characters

Harappa | Characters

Harappa by Steffox
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'5
 Created: October 9th, 2005
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Age: 17.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Yellow (she’s colourblind).
Weapon: Switchblade/can-opener and fists.
Abilities: Pretty good at pissing people off.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Distinguishing Features: Red bandanna tied around left arm, piercing in left eyebrow, four piercings in each ear, tattoo around neck that reads “Neutralized”.

Fur: Black/Grey with lighter markings.
Eyes: Yellow (still colourblind, like all dogs).
Weapon: Teeth and disarming cuteness.
Abilities: Telepathic communication.
Weight: 30 lbs.
Distinguishing Features: Piercings as mentioned above, scars on left front leg.

Harappa was a perfectly normal and happy little girl, with little toy cars and a dollhouse and colouring books and all that normal happy kid stuff. And it stayed that way for 12 years, until the day she was unsatisfied with the size of her leaf pile.
It was autumn, and the best part of autumn was playing in big piles of raked leaves with her dad. But her dad was on a business trip, so she had had to make her own giant leaf pile to play in. Even though there were many trees on the 5-acre plot of land where she lived, it was too early in the season for a really nice pile. So she decided to venture into the neighboring forest to collect more. Armed with a plastic bag, she entered the woods.
Well, as happens so often in these stories about children and forests, she had so much fun exploring that she didn’t notice the encroaching darkness, and before she knew it, it was sunset. Heading back home, it dawned on Harappa that the woods were probably dangerous at night, for any number of scary reasons.
One of the scary reasons was a werewolf.
And anyone can imagine what happened next.
After a year or two, Harappa’s parents, believing that the country life was starting to get to their daughter --she’s so moody nowadays, they said, she never tells us anything anymore-- decided to move to the city, so they did.
Harappa, now a werewolf, wreaked unholy havoc on the citizens of the city for quite some time. She learned to control herself by using her belt as a collar and her wallet chain as a leash (it would’ve been suspicious to have a collar and leash when living in a “no pets” apartment). But she got loose once in a while, and one night she was caught by a group of scientists who took her to their lab.
They were researching ways to neutralize werewolves and vampires, who, as far as they could see, were carriers of a blood disease, and not monsters at all. Harappa was a success. Wiping her memory and branding her with a mark of their patent-pending process, they dropped her off in Void City, because, like most scientists, they have trouble distinguishing a creature’s habitat from another similar habitats... essentially, Void City was as good as any city.
And Harappa, once a werewolf as ferocious as any other, now turns into a puppy every full moon, and can no longer turn anyone else into a werewolf.
Harappa seeks revenge on those men that ruined her powers, even though all she has to go on is their green van and the tattoo she loathes. Until she finds them, she\'s building up her strength, so that when she confronts them, they\'ll never forget it.

Harappa’s personality is pretty sporadic, depending on the moon cycle. Nearer to the full moon, she starts acting more childish and silly, like a puppy. After a full moon she is irritable and angry. Being a monster used to be her outlet for anger, but once that was taken away, all she could do was store it up inside. Although she doesn’t look like much of a threat, there’re lots of mixed up emotions inside of her that lend her the strength to fight.

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