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Mooo by Anonymooo
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: August 22nd, 2005
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Back in Void after having to take care of some family business, Mooo has come back to finish repaying his never-ending debt to Mal, owner of Mal's Diner and (in)famous trainer.

-Description: Mooo's a big guy--standing at 6'1", weighing in at 255 pounds of almost all-muscle, he's broad-shouldered, solid, and would be very, very intimidating if not for his long, hippie hair and prescription glasses--or the grin he almost constantly has plastered on his face. Dressed plainly but practically, Mooo has the appearance of the average hired muscle, but his actions mark him as something a bit different.

-Quirks: Mooo is nearsighted--an unusual quality in a pureblooded hand-to-hand fighter. His prescription glasses are not completely necessary--he won't be blind if they're knocked off--but Mooo's vision becomes useless about ten feet away from him, which in a pitched battle can be extremely dangerous. Mooo is also often too kind to his opponents, trying to talk them out of their intentions, or giving them too many chances to give up, leaving him open to vicious counterattacks when his guard is down.

Having been raised by his mother most of his life, Mooo has been instilled with a strong sense of respect--very rarely does he mouth off to people, and he remains humble and reasonably polite to most people, even when they've been rude to him. If he's going to fight seriously, it's almost always for a damn good reason, and almost never just for the hell of it, or for a minor reason like an insult.

Back on the subject of Mooo's "kindness" during combat--he's very aware of his strength, and will often try to "feel out" an opponent he's facing--he tries to match his strength to theirs, not out of pity or wanting a challenge, but because he doesn't want to hurt somebody more than they have to be. Of course, if someone is truly evil and unrepentant, he has in the past shown that he's more than willing to put them in traction.

-Equipment: He carries no weapons or tools--Mooo makes do with his hands and feet, among other body parts, in a fight. When necessary, he has torn off portions of his shirt or pants (or unhooked the suspenders that hang from his pants) to form makeshift tourniquets and bandages. The metal bracers on the knuckles and tops of his gloves, in addition to the tops (and the ribbed soles of) his boots are designed to deflect bladed weapons and provide simple protection.

The metal bracers are not simply blocks of metal--while Mooo's hands are stronger than most, he's still an intelligent fighter who realizes that punching is in fact very damaging to the hands and should be done carefully, despite its tactical advantages over other forms of body-attack. The knuckle-dusters and tophand guards have a quarter-inch of reinforced steel alloy, with a foam rubber backing under them that extends partway into the mesh of the glove, which is a specially-made, ultra-durable material called ironcloth. The soles of his boots are plates of steel alloy, ribbed and linked together with mesh nailed on for traction--use has worn the plates some as well, giving him just as much traction as a good, broken-in tennis shoe.

The plates on the gloves are often reinforced with Mooo's chi during combat, and he's used them to do things like block bullets (okay, only one bullet, and that was pure luck, Mooo will admit to that), and when reinforced in such a way are able to resist surprising amounts of pinpoint force. However, Mooo rarely uses them in combat for more than simple deflection of a bladed weapon--not straight blocking--so he has yet to test their full defensive capabilities.

-Abilities: Mooo is one of twenty-two people in the world trained in the esoteric martial system "Royal Guard." A system, as opposed to a martial art, Royal Guard relies in specializing in using a particular physical trait or "weapon" of the human body, using forethought, tactics, and physiological knowledge to defeat opponents permanently and non-lethally. Royal Guard is designed to take prisoners, and its killing techniques are reserved only for extreme life-and-death purposes--Mooo is not versed in these killing techniques, and is only able to perform a select few of them. He is a Journeyman Royal Guard practitioner, with many years to go before he can even get close to attaining his Master's Mark.

In addition to his Royal Guard skills, Mooo is absurdly strong. I can't stress the term "absurd" enough--Mooo has demonstrated feats of monstrous power, punching a 600-pound furry through the length of a small truck, kicking the front of an industrial dumptruck, causing it to flip into the air (and subsequently land on him), and mysteriously carving a sizable crater into a mountainside in a pitched battle where he blacked out.

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