Space Person | Characters

Space Person | Characters

Space Person by Hiemie
 Gender: Male (and alien)
 Height: 4' 8
 Created: Prior to recording
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Space Person, is yet another escaped expiriment from We're Not Evil Labs,... well not really, they stole him and claimed he was thier expiriment. Sent into space at the tender age of 10 during the space race against Russia. Minutes after getting into space his ship vanished mysteriously. He had hit some form of mobile wormhole. During this time he moved from planet to planet by assorted incidents involving alien species and warpholes. Also during this time he was infested by many many many many alien species, probably in the thousands. He had so many that he simply didn't die because of them, they basically formed a new body structure for him. He learned how to control this for methods of attack and defence.

A few of the parasites are very self preservant, so damage done to him is repaired with ease, of course his mind can be knocked out. His body parts and limbs can function seperately from him and re attach themselves, also he can regrow tissue at an alarming rate, allowing him to do things like blow up his own head. Because his body is made of parasites and diseases; poisons, toxins, parasites, viruses, and other contagions and causers of ill don't really effect him... but they might move in as permanent residents in his growing inner community. He's shrugged off some nasty stuff, including Viridius' Zombification spores.

Also in space he has been married many times and has had tons of children. Likely the count is in the THOUSANDS (Most of that is being married to bug aliens though). Then one day he returned around present time. He was immediately found by WNE labs and captured and studied, because they're thief bastards.

He just wants to live a normal life again and is trying to keep his powers on the down low. He escaped and joined his buddy Centipete on the outside and now live in a thrown together Shack in an alley called the Slanty Shanty. Often they are seen hanging out in random places around town. Update: The Slanty Shanty has gotten better thanks to... donations... from the police station.

He tries to keep Centipete from showing off his powers, and is generally a nice guy, although he is pissed off when people think he's a little boy. Occasionally, he can lose control of his powers and go apeshit crazy and try to kill and eat things, although this doesn't happen very often, and Centipete tries his hardest to keep it from happening. Space Person seems to get pushed around alot, and puts up with it, because he's gone through alot worse.

He collects mammies and sunflower things. He doesn't really like Hiemie either.

Also, he was dating Squid Woman fora short while, but it seems she has dumped him.

Although he's infested with diseases and parasites, he is the tidy and hard working one. He loves to read and listen to music when not working. His age is also indeterminate due to his warpholes and time portals. He acts like he's in his mid to late 20s but is probably much MUCH older. (Really 175 years old. Going through time portals and warp holes allowed him to go back in time at certain points and often he spent years in these eras and planets.)

Update: Space Person was recently selected to be head of void's new Bureau of Space Immigration due to his massive experience with the cosmos. But after that he accidentally fell into the job of Television Host for a Single Father themed talk show.

Post Hiemie Meteor: Turns out WNE wasn't a real lab and helping the Extra-dimentional being Hiemie complete the task of resetting the void. Afterwards he had a falling out with Centipete for some years and lives with his Daughter, Venus. In the time since he's gotten much... well looser is a better word. He enjoys parties and getting around. This happens every few decades with him. He likely has some extra children around town now.

Recently he's buried the hatchet and is friends with Centipete, and they've both apparently come into the possession of something called "The Mantle."

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