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Mikal | Characters

Mikal by MikalXaiver
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8
 Created: Prior to recording
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Age: 28
Species: Rune Dragon.
Occupation: Demonologist

Known abilities: High level magic user of multiple forms of arcane techniques.
Olympic class marksman
Trained in various swordfighting techniques. Uses an amalgam he calls 'Swordsnipe'
Limited shapeshifting (human form)

Known Weapons:
Gunblade - 'SnipeHeart' Ammo - two chambers. When fired with no shell, the blade vibrates at a high frequency, increasing it's cutting power.
Uses various custom shells.

Background: Mikal is a demonolgist. His past is a bundle of secrets and enigmas but one thing is known for certain. He is looking for a particular demon or creature of magical origin and his target is the main reason for his profession. Why he seeks this creature and what it is exactly he never says but since he doesn't seem all -that- fond of demons, most tend to speculate it's revenge. He's in Void after following a hint and the faint trail of his prey...

Personality: Mikal is a cool character. Not particularly volatile or malevolent, he won't charge into a burning building to save orphans either, unless no one else is going to. Very personable once conversation is made with him, he comes off as an average guy with an above average knowledge of things unnatural. He -usually- won't pick a fight but he'll do his best to end it if dragged into one, kill shot or not.

Notes: He's not a demon hunter. Mikal understands (though not always agrees) with the concept of 'nessessary evil'. One cannot hope to eliminate ALL evil, because it has it's purpose just the same as good does. HOWEVER a demon loose and on a rampage for no reason is a different story and will definetly draw his attention and more than likely piss him off.

Mikals horns are colored that way for a reason. One can't study the darker side of things and not expect it to eventually rub off on you. As the darker side (or conversley lighter side) emerges, his horns tend to change to reflect it.

Mikal is fluent in archaic demon and other abyssal languages

When inquiring about his 'prey', he won't ask/speak/write its name in any normal way. He may utter a phrase or two of seemingly unintelligible words (demonic). Even those that speak it may not understand what he's talking about, but the one he's looking for does and will and probably anyone associated with it...

3-12-05:After meeting with the enigmatic fighter Tag, Mikal is left questioning whether or not he can find the answers he seeks by staying neutral...
-Redemption/Corruption matches. A challenger can specify which extreme they want the battle to swing towards (I of course will draw similarly unless I or the opponent chose to do the opposite). In the battle the opponent could use techniques or situations that would swing his alignment towards the specified end. (FYI when Mikal's alignment switches, the appropriate set of horns grow) I.E. Someone could hit him with a bunch of negative energy and cause Corruption or force him into a situation where he has to act heroic and cause Redemption.

UPDATE 8-29-05: During an encounter with a new fighter named Neosuke Whirlwind Mikal's weapon, SnipeHeart was shattered. Also during the fight he was nearly immolated the pain from which, along with the stress from his previous losses against other fighters, caused him to slip into his Fallen mode. *see Mikal vs Neosuke Whirlwind*

UPDATE 4-15-05: After a prolonged absence it was revealed (obliquely) that Mikal had apparently been trapped in the Abyss by his nemesis. He made it back to Void, disorentedly attacking Kalaw, before escaping to recouperate from the ordeal.

9-9-2011: V'laria appears in the city unannounced, sparking a fight nearly to tragic conclusions. However the two reconcile, for now. Mikal uses a spell to armor himself and upon it's release his normal appearance has changed.

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