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Cirrus | Characters

Cirrus by aerismccain
 Gender: female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Cirrus Rebedon
Age: 20
Weight: 140
Race: Part demon (tiefling)
Hair color: Red
Eye Color: red

*Current Story*
After Cirrus arrived in Void, things didn't go all that smoothly for a while. Not that it was expected. But she has finally found a place to call home. After an encounter with Kale Whitegate, she was offered a room above their gunshop and currently helps with tending to the shop.

Cirrus had spent most of her life moving from place to place, hoping to find a home that she would be more accepted. Her demonic nature had always seemed to get her into trouble no matter where she went, not only that she had issues with her family and sought to get as much distance from them as possible. In her attempt to get away, she came to Void hoping to make a new life for herself.

Cirrus is normally pretty laid back and tries to go with what life gives her. She's never had the best luck. Whenever something seems to be looking up or going her way, something using comes along to smash it down, almost literally. She acts tough, for the most part and usually when shes out on the street and does her best to hide her true emotions. In all honesty, shes lonely and though she would like some sort of companionship, be it a friend or more, shes a bit hesitant to get close to anyone due to her problems with people in the past and because of her demonic nature. She's also not the sort to go looking for a fight, but if provoked she wont turn one down, neither would she turn down a spar if there was something she could get out of it, money, or food mostly.

*Demonic side*
She does have a darker side to her though, its much more uncommon but much more destructive. It can be caused by emotional stress or extreme anger which causes her to lose control of herself and her powers. She'll remain this way till she either wears herself out or someone can restrain her and calm her down enough.

*Powers and abilities*
Demonic Abilities- creating fireballs, manipulating fire, resistant to her own fire attacks, but she can take some damage from other attacks. She can also manipulate shadows to grab and bind people into place and even teleport through them.

Flight-She does have the ability to fly when her wings are extended

Enhanced strength-shes about as strong as two men.

Summon- She can summon objects to aid in her fighting, like a weapon, something she cant usually conceal without a bit of work.

Detecting magic-she has the ability to detect magics, usually infernals like her self or dark magics, holy presences literally make her sick to her stomach when she gets near.

Fighting style-She isn't trained in any particular form of fighting, most of what she learned she learned on the streets.

Weapons-If she does carry a weapon, its usually small and can be concealed, like a dagger. Anything larger she'll usually summon and her weapon of choice is usually a whip.

Intuitively can speak the language of the fiendish race

Holy Magic-It tends to cause lots of pain!

As far as clothing goes, you can change her into other things if you want. Most of what she wears is more of a gothic or lolita style, she almost always wears a bodice of some sort, usually in black or purple

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