Clement's Lament | Characters

Clement's Lament | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2
 Created: November 25th, 2019
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Clement is a dream goddess, who's primary function was helping separate dreams from the waking world. Having upset one of her immortal coworkers however, she has been sent to the mortal plane, with the curse of the unwaking nightmare.

This curse, somewhat intertwined with her prior job, has caused her to have an aura of distortion, and an aura of corruption. As a result of this, the world around her distorts into a nightmarish state and so do people nearby her, corruption filling them to the cruelest potentials they possess.

As the curse is unwaking, and her nature was initially immortal in the first place, even death cannot get her out of the horrendous world that awaits her, as she respawns even upon death. Since she is dream related, sometimes the functions she possesses and the world will shift around her, though one constant dreamlike ability she possesses is floating.

(warning all comics with her will probably be horror, and horror romance if i can find a way to spin it that way)

Anyway now onto the personality.

Clement carries herself with a seriousness and authority, the shift in her life has not been one she's been particularly pleased with. She tends to view herself above situations, but the stress can at times get to her. She gets caught off guard extremely easily.

However she's somewhat stoic, she will seldom understand humor of any sort. She's relatively weak but she expects herself to be strong, and she considers herself better than others, so she creates some self hatred within herself when she acquaints herself with her newfound inability.

She hates smiling, and tries to keep a stony disposition, albeit this doesnt always succeed.

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