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Luis | Characters

Luis by Dechado
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5ft 5in
 Created: November 9th, 2019
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Blue magical Sparkledog that is very angry, who also especializes in healing magic.
Monomythica helps him often.

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Birthname: Vlunxiyra (Bloon-See-Rah)
Pack name: River
Name: Luis Ríos

Born with a seemingly rare fur color for a wolf, he was constantly subject of rejection due to the blue-ish coat he possesed. Didn’t help that it would sometimes glow depending on his current mood.

Ran away from the pack at a very young age, and after days of being lost and on the brink of death, he was found by some nuns and monks. The group adopted him as their own, and baptising him as Luis.

Under the tutoring of his new family, they eventually discovered Luis had a noticeable affinity towards restoration magic.
Luis’ family, being followers of Monomythica, used their powers in her name, and helped those in need, no matter their background or reputation.

-Able to call Monomythica for help; resulting in the summoning of a spirit book and pencil, or a significant increase in his magic input.
-Depending on his state of mind, Luis may emanate an aura, gradually healing those nearby him. Anyone is affected by this, be it friend or foe. His aura is strongest when feeling unreasonable anger, great anguish, or extreme happines.

-Other than his restoring aura, his own magic doesn’t work on him.
-Self-esteem issues. Short-fused when confronted verbally. Don't call him sparkledog.

-The Nuns and Monks that took him in are all herbivore animals. Luis doesn’t eat red or white meat, however does love fish.
-Being the only carnivore in the village, Luis has never experienced romantic attraction in any way.

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