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Sho | Characters

Sho by Guru
 Gender: ALPHAMALE (bitches!)
 Height: 5' 11
 Created: Prior to recording
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Two monk cults had a long and brutal feud that existed in the remote areas of hawaii. Their numbers were large, but their secret elite practices made them almost unknown to those outside the fighters world.
However the Izuma clans refusal to embrace an illegal drug introduced to the island by the Yakuza was quicky causing them to lose the feud. Sho's father seing the strength in his son refused to lose him to a feud that he really had no passion to fight anymore.
Sho"s father evoked the long sealed spirit lord their cult worshipped. Sealed away for the power it could give, only the most elite knew the words to reanimate the spirit lord. In exchange for his own life he asked for Sho to be granted a technique long lost to the world of fighting. Little is known about the power it grants its user. Seemingly a light based energy as well as a speed that seems to be unmeasurable combined and infused with the body.
After coming of age, Sho feeling that the rival cult robbed him of his father traveled the world looking to eliminate its key members. Locating them proves difficult as they seem to have melded into Yakuza crime syndicate families, however he did locate himself. He found in himself a cockiness and lust for fighting that the technique seemed to foster. His mind now always looking to the fight for any reason, hes easily set off. But his temper never seems to change, always cocky, always calm. But the blood in him boiling for battle. (YEAH, im tired of writing this dribble)

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