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Gwen Alanso | Characters

Gwen Alanso by PDevil
 Gender: Woman
 Height: 5'11"
 Created: November 6th, 2019
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Brief Bio:
Gwen is a 30 year old ex masked-wrestler, taking the underwhelming occupation as a handy-woman in her cut of the city. Void City became her refuge after moving away from her home island at the age of 19. Her home island was a small coastal property in the Gulf of Mexico; an old community with culture revolved around the curse of the island. A curse that inflicts on certain families of its choosing. Long story short, Gwen unfortunately was born into this affliction. Making her childhood complicated and family relationships strained on the weird responsibilities she carried as one-of-the-cursed-kids. The curse is triggered when she is in a deep state of abjection, her body taking physicalities of monstrosities and causing episodes of animalistic outbursts. In time though, this became much easier to repress and control--but the sensation of feeling like a ticking bomb never left when she stayed on that island.

When she became of age, like so many others before her, she wanted to leave her paranormal background and set sail to America. She left her family, her first lover Johaira, and her odd heritage behind her and as the years went on in her new life she became a tv personality. Temporarily, that is. At the start of her life in America, she worked as a dishwasher, working late nights into the AM, until she came across an ad. A sign for try outs for a cheesy wrestler-type show looking for a cast of women. Confident and at the same time putting muscle on her thin frame, she auditioned. It was, to her surprise, a success! Two years later from there she became the poster child for the pay-per-view spanish fusion masked wrestling show:LLMS (lucha-ladies-mania-smackdown). Seen on TV feigning blows and working up the crowd under her character ‘La Bestia’.

At this point she had total reigns on her curse, she felt normal for this big chunk of her life. Things seemed to be going her way in her life as a semi-famous person in small circles. Life was good. But, good things don’t last forever. It was the debut of the 500th episode when the accident had happened, she had broken her left femur bone. It left her having to go out of commission for half a year. Essentially, she spiraled. Her lack of work and her restlessness from it got the best of her. An episode commenced and her curse ripped itself from her after such a long period of dormancy. A night she can barely remember, only the sensation of breaking a window and cold skidding her exposed skin. Car lights swerving pass and the screams of their tires following suit. It was a hazy dream of a night, which lead her to waking up in the morning to the loud and wild Void City. Her curse had brought her here on her own two feet, to this chaotic metropolis. And for what reason? She still has no clue. Bouncing back and adjusting to her new life she’s grown to kind of hate--she took up her own business as a handywoman for the block she lives on. Business isn’t booming and life isn’t as thrilling’ as it once was, but hey, at least she’s able to live another day to drink another beer.

TLDR: She is cursed from her home island. An ex wrestler to a show (LLMS) that probably has a very small committed cult following. She is a handy-woman now in the area she lives in. She likes beer.

Personality: +Optimistically Determind | +Straightforward | +Big-hearted | =Adrenaline Junkie | -Egotistical | -Impatient | -Possessive

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