Chica Chicana | Characters

Chica Chicana | Characters

Chica Chicana by Radji
 Gender: Good Girl
 Height: 90cm
 Created: September 5th, 2019
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Not all toons are good. Not all doggos are good boys.
And Chica Chicana sure tried to be a Good Girl.

Once a very famous and fan-favorite character from a Spanish speaking children cartoon, her Studio’s shutdown landed her in the streets, where she lost her innocence and optimistic view on life.
Taken in by the most violent Chicano gang in the Docks, la Mara Buntaz, Chica became their Numero Uno killer. Her toon abilities coming in handy to effectively eliminate nuisances and wiping out rivals.

Chica particularly adores obeying orders from her boss, Jowee, and feels indebted to La Mara. When Kurt took over the docks and became her Boss’s boyfriend, she became his favorite “problem solver” immediately.
Chica will obey ANY order from her chiefs, and use ANY means to achieve them. She is eager to please, and grow anxious at the mere idea of failing her new “family”. She is a good girl, right? She deserves lots of petting.

Years later, Chica completely integrated herself in her new environment. But she still remembers her days as a happy-go-lucky cartoon character, as well as her horrible homeless years, and her traumatic... “induction” in the gang. She uses various drugs to forget and use ultra-violent methods of execution as a catharsis to her past sufferings.

Despite the years, her old cartoon adventures are still very popular with those who grew up watching them, especially Spanish speakers. It leads to many awkward situations.

Abilities: Hammerspace, bottomless pockets, toon physics, pointy teeth and mean bite, no hesitation to use ultra-violence.

Weakness: easily frustrated when things don’t go according to plan, overachiever, still somewhat naive and can be outsmarted.

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