Dairyu | Characters

Dairyu | Characters

Dairyu by SnowyMoth
 Gender: None, Femalesque
 Height: 5'8
 Created: July 11th, 2019
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"A mane full of clouds and eyes made of molten gold, the skies ever hunger for more."

A creation kami who has abandoned her title.

--Basic Info--

Species - Creation kami of air, currently using a human form.
Age - Appears mid-20's. As old as time itself.
Weight - Light as a feather.
Occupation - Blademaster. Trains students in the arts of self-defense (and not so self-defense). Takes on “odd jobs” when requested.

Kami stats
Nature - Air
Alignment - War


Very grumpy and very hungry. Friendly and possessive of people she knows, but dismissive of people she doesn't know or care about. Has a generally negative view of authority figures.


+Skilled with all manners of bladed weaponry, specializing in dual-wielding them and assassination techniques. Silent and light-footed.
+Immunity to any form of magic involving air/wind. Air-borne toxins and pollution are immediately purified within her vicinity.
+Immortal. While her physical body can die, it will reform gradually after destruction.


-As her powers have been sealed, she does not have access to the majority of her abilities and has to rely on human capabilities.
-Reckless when attacking, both to her own well-being, and the well-being of property around her. She fatigues easily due to the human form she uses.
-Holy weapons and weapons that are aligned with "good" do more damage to her, and have the potential to prevent her physical body from healing.
-Tsundere. The more she likes someone, the more mean she tends to be. She also jokes with a poker-face, to the point it's hard to tell if she's joking.


+All of her teeth are sharp, like a shark.
+Her blood is actually golden ichor that evaporates when exposed to air. Her eyes are the same color of gold as her blood. The more they glow, the closer to her kami form she is to becoming.
+She can consume however much food that she wants, both her kami and human forms have a void in lieu of innards.

Battles / Story so far

+David Birch
-Rae & Blue : Scar match. Taking an assassination job that didn't feel right to her, Dairyu gains a back scar after Blue attempted to possess her to protect Rae.
+A friend indeed : https://entervoid.com/comic/6804
+Kazue : Dairyu takes a fireball to the face in a burial ground.

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