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Stein | Characters

Stein by RanZombie
 Gender: Skele Dad
 Height: 6'8
 Created: June 2nd, 2019
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Stein is a veteran bounty hunter who carries a curse that some would consider a blessing.

The curse is twofold. Even though all of his flesh has fallen off after his death, a self-regenerating mass of muscle remains attached to his arms. These beefy guns come in handy as they bolster impressive strength and supernatural resilience by always being able to regenerate after taking a beating. However, this type of regeneration lacks the speed factor, being more of a slowly but surely type. Still, it's much faster than that of a mortal being.
The second part of his curse come in the form of actual guns. These magical firearms are materialized by Stein's will alone, and turn to ash if removed from his hands. Additionally, rather than using ammunition, the guns feed on Stein's anger in order to fire rounds that are physical in nature but magical in essence. This has its own setbacks though. A lack of anger in his attacks and the guns will jam. Alternatively, losing control of his anger would result in explosive misfires.

To top it all off, he has the reflexes of any respectable gunslinger, allowing him to keep track of even the slipperiest of targets. Unfortunately, while he's able to see them, he might lack the speed to keep up with them. This is especially true when it comes to dodging attacks, preferring to just use his arms as a shield if possible.

Now, with his main method of attacking revolving around being in a bad mood, one would figure he’s "always angry". But contrary to his overall appearance, he's a rather calm fellow most of the times. Save for a few pet peeves that might land you on his bad side, he'll always be more than happy to share a few tales and drinks with random strangers. After all, it's those little joys that keep him from becoming truly bitter.

-Telling stories of things he's heard or done.
-Watching fights unfold.
-Dark Country music.
-Collecting that sweet bounty money.

-Anyone grabbing his hat.
-Duster coat repair costs.
-Seeing someone misuse their firearm.
-Being interrupted.
-Sketchy merchants.
-When a contract fails to disclose vital information about his target.

With all that in mind, hopefully everyone will have a good idea of how to approach him. Whatever their intentions might be.

+Extra Details:
-He was a bounty hunter before his death and remembers this.
-He's a proficient grappler in hand-to-hand combat.
-His hate for sketchy merchants is tied to the reason he became cursed in the first place.
-The curse is both the reason he was killed, and also the thing that made him undead.
-Drinking or smoking doesn't really do anything to him since he has no lungs and anything he drinks dissolves after entering his mouth. He enjoys the actions nonetheless. Bad habits die hard after all.

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