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Quinton by MelSireno
 Gender: Male
 Height: 176cm
 Created: May 29th, 2019
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Quinton comes off as an overly friendly and chatty buffoon, with little regard for personal space or good humor. He loves the attention of being the class clown and will do whatever he can to for the entertainment of himself. He can mean well in many cases, but quiet often won't get the hint to shut up and go away. Most of his actions are selfishly driven, desperately trying to imprint himself in other peoples memories. He'll charge right into situations and conversations if he can have a say or make himself known, but will just as quickly turn tail and run is anything goes south.

However, as soon as his mask is removed he becomes a social wreck. He suffers a great fear of people looking at his bare face, and will do what he can to shield it. Without it, he becomes withdrawn and avoids doing anything social.

He is creative in nature, highly skilled in wood craft and sewing, and creates things like puppets and dolls to use in shows. He's rather meticulous about the detailing, and cares very deeply for his creations well being.


Quinton Erskine was born in a highly restrictive and cult-like town out in the Irish country side. While he was quick to show interest in his parents professions of wood and textile work, he had a total disinterest in the towns following, the founding concept that the village lived for, and as he aged he grew more vocal about it and refused to join in. When some other young children realised from him that they could choose a path other than that of the village, he was made an example of. He was publicly ridiculed and shamed, and the lingering effect caused him to withdraw and shy away from people.

He locked himself away, working on his wood carving, making countless puppets based on things he had read and heard about. His parents worried for him, and made the suggestion that he sell his work to get away from the town. He likes the idea, but finds he can’t bare people looking at him. To protect himself, he creates a mask and the mentality that no one can see him personally if he wears it. He travels with his parents to sell their wares. His masked self slowly became a whole new him, more ambitious and outgoing at the very least. He found himself wanting to be known again, and to be remembered for something.

With the money they earned, Quinton was able to move to the city to attend school, but still had to wear the mask due to suddenly being around more people. He quickly became addicted to the technology of the bright new world, growing attached to the web and the VR world EC.HO. His lack of proper socialisation led his to become something of an internet troll, finding he could carelessly get away with saying anything on the web so long as he was anonymous.

He finds in easy enough to make his classmates laugh by playing the 'weirdo who always wears a mask', but things get more serious as a few others drag him into their investigations of Identity Theft, where peoples flesh and blood bodies are being hijacked and stolen while using EC.HO.


Quinton enters VOID city in his EC.HO avatar form, the unstable nature of the digital world having already sent peoples consciousnesses awol. It accurately depicts his age, gender and physical details, but leaves him 'in costume', including his eye mask which can emote in place of his own face. It also means when injured, his body simply disintegrates into a data-like substance. Injuries still do hurt however.

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