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Ichika | Characters

Ichika by geminope
 Gender: Non-binary
 Height: 5'0"
 Created: May 28th, 2019
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Age: 17
Birthday: March 15, 2002
Pronouns: they/them, he/him
Wingspan: 11 ft
Personality: naive, stubborn, curious, wild
Likes: seeds, caretakers (Reo and Himei), flying, traveling, biting, attention
Dislikes: shirts, being told what to do, hoses, brooms, anything long and thin, snakes, clowns, police, circus

Summary: Meet Ichika, a literal personification of a budgerian. Born in an indicriminate circus in Japan, this budgie boi is loud, proud, and gets into places they are not allowed. They are known to fly into places and bite into things they shouldn't be. They love to be around people and other birds and sometimes communicates with parrots in the shops. Although they are around their caretakers Reo or Himei for assistance, when alone they trek the city, looking for new pet stores and shelters to frequent. When threatened, they will bite or kick. Their intelliegence is questionable; their response to anything dangerous or hard is flare your feathers and strike.

Abilities: Ichika has three notable abilities. One obvious one is flight, and they can reach up to 40 mph and a downward speed of 80 mph. Another is Mimic, which allows them to copy voices devently if they hear 100 unique words from the target and perfectly once they hear 500. And the third is pain tolerance/recovery; they are able to not feel pain and can quickly recover from a small cut in seconds (scarred and healed). However, they can easily be mortally wounded and would not be able to reciprocate any significant injuries until the last moment.

Backstory: Ichika was born as part of an experiment to make circus attractions without putting any of themselves in danger. Ichika was miserable in these conditions, but to stay alive they entertained thousands for a near decade. The circus was raided and its creatures were liberated, including them. They were extremely reserved and stressed to the point of plucking. Ichika was paired with Reo and Himei, who were bird heads kinda like them as a cockatiel and cockatoo respectively. They bonded immediately and slowly gained trust, becoming more outward and sociable. Now, they live with Reo and Himei in a 3-bed apartment in a dinky part of Tokyo.

Relations: They are on very good terms with their caretakers Reo and Himei (to be uploaded), on decent terms with the Dream Team (a set of triplets I also will soon upload), and dislikes Xavier, a half bird/human similar to them. They have no trust in authority or clowns.

Extra Notes:
-they canny use their wings as hands, so they have caretakers for this reason
-"circus" is considered a trigger word for them and will start to panic and cry if it is mentioned enough

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