Kindervampen | Characters

Kindervampen | Characters

Kindervampen by Desichan
 Gender: Varied
 Height: Toddler sized or 5'0
 Created: December 12th, 2018
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A class of kindergarteners and their teacher, but the catch is the kindergarteners are vampires. Kindervampen is my completely not used in actual story context, title for them.

This is the Midnight Meadow Kiddie Care class.

Now let's get onto these little scamps!

MEL (Age 996)

Mel is your very typical broody vampire, who wants little to do with the other vampire children. She's also the most intimidating of the bunch, so she usually can threaten the others to submission if needed. She has some interest in weapons, not because she needs them, but because she finds torture to be a rather entertaining activity to partake in. She isnt much for conversation, and tends to litter her speech with assorted death threats.

Aliv (Age 1103)

Aliv IS THE PEAK of sophistication, a class butler, he basically tries to act like he's sixty five. He constantly apologizes for the others and gains people's trust because its much easier to bite them that way, and he also cares very much about being sophisticated. He specializes in making grandiose meals, and using words way lengthier than they need to be, and very seldomly actually paying attention to the definition of the word. He tends to get bored of the 'children' (Nir, Dir, Syncs... Kourtney) quite frequently, Mel being the only one he feels he's on a intellectual equal standing with. (Despite her hating him) He tends to try saying overly smart analogy, and NEVER do they make sense, its a tad pathetic.

Syncs (Age 1302)

Ya boi Syncs is just a fairy kei bubble of joy, he loves floating around like a bubble, and always is looking to put a smile on people's faces. A super entertainer, and cuddly, but he might nibble a bit. He's very nice and will always try to help others, especially old people across streets, and he seems really dumb, but upon closer inspection he's actually a lot smarter than the others. He specializes in all stuff artistic, and does a bit of gymnastics and flying gymnastics as well. He's also enrolled in several other classes outside of kindergarten, such as ballet, theatre, and magic.

Nir (Age 606)

Nir is genderfluid, and goes by all pronouns, no preference. They are the most sneaky fun loving of the group, and tend to try toying with victims, aka their poor teacher, and (insert void character here) Tries to make Dir act like they do, but this ends up failing because Dir doesn't want to and starts crying, which tends to cause Nir to scream at them, and even tries tricking the others to mistreat Dir.

Dir (Age 606)

Dir is genderfluid, and goes by all pronouns, no preference. They are the most weak willed of the group, they cry very easily, but tend to go along with whatever the others say. They kind of feel bad to bite people and are usually pressured and forced into doing so. Literally anything makes them cry and the others tend to bully them quite a bit.

Kourtney (Age 19)

Kourtney is the class's teacher, she is a panicky individual who is deathly afraid of being bitten by the class, and constantly runs away and has mental breakdowns. She hates her job and wants to die, but she signed some contract and didn't read the fine print. Outside of class she's still a very awkward human being, and is regularly dating, trying to find anyone who'd sweep her off her feet. She tends to read Boy's Love stories a lot.

After an encounter with Bruhma Dahiri, she was rather gruesomely bitten and scarred, and as a result of this, she has been suffering from a lot of trauma, after all it wasnt as bad as a baby vampire bite. As a result of this she at times seems more closed off, and as if she's losing touch with things, and occasionally has a tendency to just suddenly start tearing something apart if she thinks back to it too much. The solemn state this can put her in, even causes the toddlers to leave her alone quite often. She has a rather large fear/disliking of werewolves, wolves, and occasionally dogs as a result of this.

These kids all attend Midnight Meadow Kiddie Care, a cute bat shaped kindergarten smack dab near the middle of Void City.

These kids are also orphans, so when they go home in the morning they head over to Gloomy Groves Orphanage, and orphanage that exists within the void city graveyard. While at times it may be light over the rest of the graveyard, Gloomy Groves Orphanage never lights up. Gloomy Groves Orphanage is known to heavily advertise having 100% human orphans, but entering the rundown building tells a different story, primarily they house monsters, but especially the immortal types who were stuck as children their whole life... Kids tend to come back here quite frequently as their families tend to die quite often before them.

The vampires have a few powers, of course they bite, however unlike normal vampires this moreso is just really adorable yet painful, and they dont aim for the neck. Alongside this, they are not able to go out in the sun for long, or else they'll grow deathly ill, and experience a lot of pain unless hurriedly rescued... But this has at many times lead to long drawn out painful deaths.

They also can turn into bats... Albeit at their current age they cannot regulate their size when transforming that well so they really just turn into cute bats the same size as they are normally.

And finally they have heightened speed to ordinary humans, and can fly with or without being transformed.

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