Matilda White | Characters

Matilda White | Characters

Matilda White by Hellis
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7
 Created: June 15th, 2017
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Bright, clever and driven. Despite the overwhelming sorrow of losing basically her very existence, Matilda stay the course. She helps people, it is what she is does. Altruistic and kindhearted, she seeks to help as many as she can. Having spent most of her youth training for a war she is a person of discipline. The general chaos and cold nature of Void Citys many fighters and their wake of destruction disturbs her on a personal level. The lack of actual organized relief offends her on a professional level.

She hates fighting and can get overwhelmed by the violent nature of others. But she is not to be underestimated.

Brief backstory

Matilda White is a medic in the 109'th Thumaturgic Corps, A military unit that uses magic. She comes from a reality where humanity discovered and utilized magic on a industrial scale, creating a sort of Utopia while always on the hunt for more magic. They unlocked dimensional travel, finding new pockets of magic and founded colonies in fantastical realms. One day, Humanity came upon the source of all their worlds magic, a terrible thing that only referred to itself as GOD. Apparently, GOD saw mankind as nothing less but a blight, and set out to destroy it.

To fight GOD, soldiers were outfitted with Harmony Engines. Magical machines that soak the ambient magic up from around them, and letting them perform "miracles". Said miracles vary from creating materials, heat or cold out of nothing, defying all laws of physics. Mankinds fight with GOD seemed pointless however, for each victory, there was ten losses. City after City, World after World. Dead rose, Trees came alive, beings of light and darkness swam in the air.

Matilda White was about to die when she wished she would be anywhere but in the trenches. And so, her Harmony Engine brought her to Void City, where seemingly all magic, timelines, dimensional pathways and other energies stop for a piss break.

How she works, kinda.

Matildas Miracle Engine does not shield her from others magic or absorb it. It merely passively charges itself with the latent energies of the world around her. In a place like Void, it is basically working overtime due to the city being riddled with magicians of all sorts. As she is a medic, her specialty lies in healing miracles, such as mending flesh and bone without pain, turning sick flesh healthy or otherwise deal with injuries and sickness. She knows how to do the basic offensive spells, like lightning from her finger or a stream of fire.

Theoretically, the Engine could grant her any wish, if she can properly charge it and envision what she wants. But to do anything beyond her training demands massive resources and a very sharp and focused mind. Neither which she posses.

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