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Navy | Characters

Navy by rittzler
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'10"
 Created: June 12th, 2016
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Age: 20
Occupation: Waitress
Powers: Fast-ish healing(others and self), passive mild physical enhancements(can activate to get selectively extreme), energy blasts(no projectiles)

-Headset, to help focus her powers
-Telescopic Combat Staff, tough but still very breakable
-A poppin' booty

Navy is often times the only person in a room who thinks she's cool, but she's pretty ok with that. She will often try to turn doing mundane things into something of a spectacle, getting mixed results, yet she won't take spectacular things very seriously(unless she thinks it's cool.)
She values actions over words as far as a judge of character goes, but is in general still quite chatty.
She is very comfortable in her sexuality and enjoys teasing people, but mostly in a playful sense and isn't trying to get anything out of it.

Navy values a good fight and is very competitive in general, and will try to style on her opponents whenever possible, especially when its a bad idea.

She has trouble genuinely empathizing with others and is fairly self centered. She isn't necessarily one to gloat but she has a hard time taking other people's problems seriously. She finds people who tend towards passivity and inaction, as well as people who excessively seek external validation, sad and pitiable. Will probably be kinda rude to them.

In a general sense though, she's pretty social, and nice enough.

Her powers enhance her physical ability, but she still has to put the work in, so she's become something of a health nut.

She lives by herself in a small, cozy apartment in downtown void.

Navy was a normal girl with a penchant for getting herself into trouble she couldn't really get herself out of, until just a few years ago. She got fed up with feeling so helpless and looked into acquiring some sort of meta abilities.
Much to her and a shady magic shop keepers surprise, she got her wish when her powers awakened from a discount magic potion. Originally thought to be only useful for healing, which was very disappointing for her, until she figured out how to re-purpose them to enhance her body and give her various abilities in combat. She's been enjoying her newfound independence/strength and now only occasionally gets in over her head.

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