Cecilia Demeas | Characters

Cecilia Demeas | Characters

Cecilia Demeas by Wubble
 Gender: Female
 Height: 160cm (5ft 3)
 Created: July 23rd, 2012
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Cecilia Demeas is a sword wielding young woman with a potty mouth. She can be arrogant and rash, but is known to show some level of non-sarcastic compassion towards others.

She is known to use at least fire and earth elemental abilities, and shows great affinity and skill in pyromancy. Using these abilities drains her stamina at a high rate and unlike physical strain, it is hard to judge where the line goes. She faints from over-doing it quite often. (Yes it affects her life span).

Cecilia is has military training on firearms, bladed weapons and close-combat. Her blade of choice is a sword made of extendable material, allowing the blade to contract and expand at Cecilia's will.

She is also (by force) undergone neural and muscular rebuilding/surgeries and has is at least five times stronger than your every-day Joe.

Because stuff didn't go as planned with the neural implants, Cecilia suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder). The second identity can be seen as a protector or a psychopathic murderer.

Because some other stuff did go as planned, Cecilia can heal her wounds at a greater super-human rate. This does take stamina, but it also means that the enemy should rely on strong poisons or crushing bones. Wearing Cecilia out by forced regeneration is also a valid tactic.

Other stuff:
- She loves beer
- She loves robots
- She is left handed, but is ambidextrous with weapons and blades
- The sword is called Arcane
- The decor hanging from Arcane likes to change constantly, reflecting Cecilia's mood or the situation at hand.
- Affiliated with Serenity and Marked Guard

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