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Thrones & Paulo | Characters

 Gender: Female & Male
 Height: 5'10 and 5'1
 Created: June 1st, 2011
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Name: V. Wormwood Thrones (no one knows what the ‘V’ stands for, maybe not even her)
Aliases: V.W, Thrones, The Calamity Kid, Wormwood
Sex: Yes please! (She’s female, no matter how many cigars she smokes)
Age: appears to be in her mid twenties, actually somewhere in her mid 100’s.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180 lbs. She’s got a stocky, solid build with pretty dense bones.
Race: Where to?

Personality: People born into polite society might say Thrones is “a real character”. Thrones would probably reply that simpering fucks should stop mincing words and just say what the hell they mean. Thrones, or alternately V.W, is a loud mouthed, cocky, insouciant, son of a bitch type broad. With a strong Texan accent and more ‘aints’ and ‘yalls’ in a sentence than are holy, Thrones tends to yammer on about anything and everything, though she’s not often saying anything important (but she’ll say it loud and swear like a sailor). Thrones is one hundred percent western outlaw, down to the modified Colt Peacemakers and Stetson cowboy hat. And while living in a modern age means she doesn’t own a horse, the horse power in the old ’69 mustang she drives is a good alternative.

Strengths: Thrones’ greatest strength is, simply enough, strength. Her physical strength is damn near unstoppable- able to lift up to ten thousand pounds (though that would most likely knock her on her ass afterward) her physical strength grants her the ability to shatter concrete and snap steel. Human bones are a bit of a non-issue. To go with that strength, Thrones has enhanced endurance, as well as the ability to heal from pretty much any wound- limbs grow back in under half an hour, head wounds heal up in minutes, major organs take a bit longer. While both the endurance and healing factor can be run down to a crawl through major damage, they can never be completely stopped. You’d pretty much have to vaporize every cell in her body to kill her for good, though you can put her out of action for a couple of months. Thrones also has heightened reflexes (though they’re not anything special, just what a talented athlete would possess) and hyper dense bones that keep her from snapping her arms every time she throws a punch or takes a fall.

Weaknesses: Her strength is her weakness- despite its enhancements, Thrones’ body just can’t keep up with her strength. When used sparingly the damage isn’t terrible- knuckles ripped to shreds, minor fractures in her arms and torn muscles. The damage is usually repaired as quickly as it’s done. However when used in increasing increments the impairment becomes much more severe- crushed bones, muscles ripped to shreds, ligaments torn to bits. Continuing to use these levels of strength without respite will eventually run her into the ground, destroying her body faster than she can repair it, making her easy prey. Thrones also experiences pain just like anyone else, and, while she’s good at dealing with it, she’s also no Zen master.
Thrones is also no master of hand to hand combat by any stretch of the imagination- she’s a brawler, pure and simple, any moves she’s picked up are from years of street fights. She has an extremely poor defense and also lacks flexibility, meaning most kicks are going to be aimed at the shins. Despite a lack of training she’s still damn good in a fight, having picked up plenty over the years that makes up for a lack of formal education. In her own words though “Don’t go expecting none of that Kung-fu shit.”
Her six shooters are also a bit of an issue- on rare occasions she can display great feats of accuracy but for the most part, Thrones’ tactics are very simple; bash it, crush it, fill it with lead- if it’s still standing, repeat till it’s not.
Her intellect also isn’t anything to be proud of- she’s not exactly stupid, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she’s far more brawn than brain. Thrones’ rarely thinks things through and seems nearly incapable of retaining any book knowledge. Anything more complicated than a car engine is referred to as a ‘doo hicky’, including cell phones and modern handguns.
Lastly, Thrones would do just about anything to keep Paulo safe. While she often abuses her young companion, she’s also extremely protective of him and places his well fair far above her own.

History: Not much is known about V.W’s history- she’s been a wanderer and an outlaw for a long time now. Where she gets her abilities, how long she’s been alive and even what her actual name is are all a mystery to anyone but her.

Name: Paulo Blackfoot-Cruise
Aliases: Lobo, Lobito, Wolf Boy, Skin Walker, Injun, Kido
Sex: Boy
Age: 14
Height: 5'1
Weight: 110 lbs. He’s very scrawny.
Race: American Indian, Latino

Personality: If it weren’t for the whole ‘turning into animals’ thing, Paulo would be pretty normal. He’s a smart, compassionate young man whose been dragged into his outlaw life by Thrones. While Paulo has had to grow up fast, lending him a lot of maturity for his age, he’s still on that precipice between childhood and teendom, and it often shows. Exposed to a lot of violence while traveling with Thrones, he doesn’t yet have her nonchalant attitude towards blood and guts- if anything gore makes him sick to his stomach. A caring person, Paulo often feels great empathy for the people V.W fights. Usually a practical person with a sharp wit, Paulo still retains some idealism, which often leads to intense bickering with his partner. Paulo is resourceful, but he tends to freeze up and become very anxious when confronted with violence or a situation he can’t handle.

Strengths: Paulo’s greatest asset is his gift as a Skin Walker. An ancient Native Indian legend, Skin Walkers are Shaman who can take on the form of animals. Paulo’s not quite sure how he happened to come into possession of this talent, but as soon as it was discovered he was apprenticed to the nearest Skin Walker for training. Theoretically Paulo could become any animal he wanted but so far he’s only truly comfortable with his ‘go to’ shift- a mangy canine that looks like some sort of dog or coyote. The other issue is that any form he shifts to is relative to his own age, and therefore a juvenile. Paulo also tends to loose articles of clothing after a change- most often he’ll find he’s left his shirt and shoes behind but, depending on how stressed he is at the time, he could end up in nothing but his boxers.
Paulo is also the brains most of the time- he’s the one to tell V.W she can’t recklessly run into a fight, or remind her that they need to pick up food.
Paulo’s last ditch defense is a bowie knife Thrones gave him, but he has almost no combat training and can’t make up for it with impossible strength.

Weaknesses: Paulo is young- still a kid, no matter how brave and resourceful he is, and a fight’s no place for a kid. He knows he’s no good in combat- other than changing into a dog he’s got nothing going for him. He’s smart- considerably more thoughtful than his partner and will often use the environment to his advantage, but for the most part his intention in a fight is to get the hell out of there.

History: Paulo was raised by his grandmother in a Nevada border town near the local Indian reservation. A good kid, he excelled at school and wanted to be a doctor. After discovering his talent as a Skin Walker, Paulo was apprenticed to the local Shaman. Though he wasn’t exactly happy about having his life derailed by changing into a dog at the drop of a hat, he buckled down and learned all he could, even if his grades suffered a bit. Paulo was just finding an equilibrium between his interest in scholastics and his penchant for chasing squirrels when the unthinkable happened- drug dealers from across the border began stirring up trouble in town and, during a territory squabble, killed his grandmother. Paulo would have most likely been killed in the cross fire as well, if Thrones hadn’t been there by chance. Uninterested in ending up as a ward of the local tribe or a foster child, Paulo convinced Thrones to let him travel with her in hopes of one day getting revenge on the gang members who killed his grandma. As traveling buddies their relationship is something like a mother and son, best friends or brother and sister.

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