Dennis Barstad | Characters

Dennis Barstad | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0"
 Created: October 18th, 2010
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Dennis was born in Canada, his father being from there and his mother being from Norway. He was a very happy person until he hit 30, during that year he was abducted several times and experimented on. These abductions are the cause of horrible depression phases that occur frequently. He's lost any kind of ambition or goal in life and doesn't get emotional about lots of things, but when he does he can really just explode. One thing that will really sway him is his older twin sister's anger towards him. She brought him to Void City to let him live with her and her husband, hoping he'd cheer the fuck up and seek out a life, but he's not interested in living. And since he hasn't been successful at dying so far he's resorted to sitting around with as little grip on reality as possible.
He's attempted several suicides, failing every one. He's realized that his body is almost indestructible. It can regrow limbs, heal wounds, mend broken bones and even regrow certain organs rapidly. The worse the damage, the longer it takes to heal and he's unable to regrow his heart or brain, unless he receives a massive amount of energy. His aging has been halted due to the experiments. He now spends most of his time with his dealer and only actual friend Elias. They usually just sit around Elias' apartment smoking.


Parents - Asta Barstad
Roger Barstad
Sister - Ania Chase
Brother-in-law - Leon Chase
Nephew/niece - ??? (he's not very thrilled that there's going to be a baby in the house. But since when has he been thrilled about anything ever?)

Personality and Details

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 168 lbs.
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Human (mutated)

- depressed, blank, sarcastic, caring, unfriendly, unstable
Likes: music (new age, psychedelic), drugs, alcohol, his sister, Elias
Dislikes: just about everything else

-½ Norwegian, ¼ African, ¼ French
- suffers from severe depression
- very dry sarcastic sense of humour
- you don't really see his sense of humour much
- dead pan voice unless he's drunk, high, or experiencing strong emotion
- he doesn't really experience strong emotion often
- doesn't remember a majority of his life before 30
- suicidal
- aging halted
- his body heals itself rapidly
- gets by on alcohol and any substance he can get his hands on
- somehow never caught by the cops
- loves his sister
- but doesn’t mind bugging her
- is straight but when high will try just about anything

Depending on his injuries his body will take anywhere from several seconds to a few days to heal. He can't regrow his heart or brain without a huge does of energy which he can't provide for himself. He can heal just about any wound and regrow limbs and other organs.

UPDATE: I've been feeling that lately Dennis doesn't seem human enough. He just seems too robotic and that's not really fun to work with. So I'm trying to make him more human. He'll laugh, and cry, and give a shit but he'll still fall into these depressing phases a lot.

(Majorly updated with a lot of stuff that I forgot to add. This shouldn't have effected my recent battle so no worries.)

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