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Epsilon by duncan
 Gender: Unknown
 Height: Unknown
 Created: Prior to recording
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Raliel is a fallen angel of the night. Now a wandering demon, she has broken free from Hell into the material world, looking to further herself into some kind of sinful enlightenment. She wove her own shadow into an explicit outfit, the better to corrupt her opponents with impure thoughts. Entering the Void Tournament seems to play some part of her path to damnation, but it isn’t fully apparent how such a seemingly recreational thing could help her reach her inverted nirvana. She stalks the night, and hides in the day, stalking for her next victim, whether for a challenge or a meal…

Hair: Deep Red
Eyes: Red (glows when in shadow)
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 140 lbs.
Build: Wiry
Garb: She wears her own shadow as a tube top that wraps down her back to a thong, which wraps again around as a miniskirt then ties at the back into a very long, winding scarf she uses like a grappling hook, whip, noose, etc. Also, are fingerless and toeless shadows on her hands, that which fade as they go past her elbow/knee.
(Note: The shadows, after they are weaved, are still shadows, but they are still physical, so they can be ripped, torn and removed. They won’t disappear under anything else but sunlight, so don’t think you can make her nekkid if you shine a flashlight at her ;-)

-Strengths & Powers-
-An ability carried on from her time as an angel of the night, Raliel can manipulate a shadow like it was actual material. She has developed it towards creating clothing and makeshift tools; nicknaming it “Spider Weaving” it is the base of all of her abilities.
-She possesses Inhuman Strength and Speed, which she exploits using a Twisted Martial Arts she calls the “Demon Form”. As it is a style of her own creation, and as she develops new abilities they are integrated into it.
NEW! Recently, she has been experimenting with different sorts of shadows. The shadows of the living she finds can be worn, and in doing so she becomes an inverted double, possessing all the powers of the original owner. Strange, but it seems if the shadow is damaged badly enough by the owner trying to get it back, the injury is reflected on his own person upon his retrieval of his shadow.

-Quirks & Weaknesses-
-Breaking out of Hell is not a discreet thing to do, especially with Him watching. Though it’s rare for any divine being to make an appearance in the material world, sometimes a pure-hearted (or something close enough) champion is “chosen” to notice her as something not right. Most Void Challenges towards her would most likely begin this way.
-To fuel her existence in the world, Raliel must feed from a human’s soul. Though she never really physically “eats” humans, the process kills them. She absorbs their heat, happiness and hope as glowing fuchsia foam that can only be breathed in when a victim is dying.
NEW! Upon failing to escape the first watches of Heaven, she is a beacon of the unholy. Her shadow clothing writes about on her, and her eyes glow unsettlingly, even her spiritual aura is tainted with her sin and it is nearly impossible to walk the earth without everything that dwells upon it know just how wrong her existence is.

As Raliel wins fights, she gains insight into her dark ways and develops a new power of darkness. Every time she loses a fight she becomes hesitant, and falters a bit back into the light, manifested as a weakness to help the light pull her back towards it. When her tenth tale is told, the victories and losses will be weighed and her final story will be told in a 10-page epilogue, and then she will be permanently retired.

Raliel used to be an angel of the night. She once believed that she would one day surpass her Archangel superiors and become Seraphim, leaving the hollow existence keeping track of the world when His Light could not see it. But it would not be so. She began to think that she would remain Cherubim for eternity. It seemed there is no promotions for soulless creatures as angels are.
Yet, though an Angel cannot rise, there have been many who have fallen. Perhaps, she thought, there was enlightenment in darkness after all. She meditated over it, and her beliefs began to change. Such disturbed her fellow Cherubs, and eventually it reached the Archangels. Up the ranks her selfish sin arose, to higher places she had never reached, past the ranks she believed she could not attain, straight to the Seraphim she idolized.
She was brought to trial before the Voice of God. She was charged with original sin and banished to a prison of darkness. Far worse than the eternally nighttime realm she was created to maintain it was her own personal Hell. A two dimensional oubliette created by the other Angels of the Night. It was pure black, she had no form and no time past… but she could think. And brood. And her dark beliefs began to make sense and something happened.
She broke free…

Story path:
First: Exile (versus Calypso Sting)
Result: Loss… The light is quick to punish Raliel for escaping her shadowy prison. She is quickly spotted and branded for her sin.

Next: Destruction (versus Latem)
Result: Victory… Raliel revels in the chaos of the tournament. She makes her first stand in her evil ways and establishes her fighting style. She now can begin experimenting with the nature of the darkness at her control.

Third: Bleak (versus Res)
Result: Unknown… Raliel may either succeed in her experimentation with the darkness or may actually begin to doubt her path.

Coming Soon
Four: Lost (versus Talion)
Result: Unkown… Raliel will either gain a secure grasp over her powers of darkness or be constantly plagued with the knowledge that she is not on the proper path.

Half: Horrid (versus Mista Jonz)
Result: Unknown… Raliel could earn herself a true Demon form, or earn the humiliation of once last chance to escape her damnation… through death.

Six: Stagnant (versus Fenix)
Result: Unknown… Raliel could either furthur her strength over demonic forces to be able to summon the fires of Hell to her fist or have them taste her flesh and relish them, causing fire and light to be a severe weakness to her.

Seventh: Cursed (versus CrazyBee)
Result: Unknown… Raliel fights to ensure she is either protected forever from the light in fortified Armour of Evil or have her body reduced to a state of plague and leprosy. Either way it is a sign that her final judgment is at hand.

Predicted Timeline
Eight: Ignorant
Ninth: Fool
Last: Abyss

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