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Boek thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 4'5&quot
 Created: July 15, 2010
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Name: Boek Aestrin

Title: Undisputed Featherweight Champion of Void City

Age: 10

Teleportation: Can teleport himself, with or without objects up to a port-o-potty in size at will as long as he maintains contact. Leaves blue particles that quickly dissapate where he was standing, and he materializes out of similar particles that appear at his destination. Each jump is about as exhausting as a jumping jack, so doing several in a row wears him out more than porting once every minute or so. Makes a "Tenk" sound effect.

Boosted Strength: Boek has strength greater than that of a regular adult male, but less than that of a superhero like Mr. Awesome.

Martial Arts: Boek has a strong interest in martial arts so he knows a little of several, but he's been trained in Ba Gua Zhang. He favors open-palm attacks because his punches tend to hurt his knuckles.

Good Nature: Boek never smokes, drinks, or cusses. While normally this wouldn't be too impressive, in Void City it's damn near a super-power.

History: When Boek's mother told Boek's grandfather that she was pregnant, the man instantly gagged to death on his ham and swiss sandwich. Boek is named after the last noise that said grandfather made, as a reminder to the boy of the destruction he brings to everything he touches. Boek was a troublesome child who bullied others and took an interest in martial arts so that he could bully even those larger than himself. When his dad left he was distraught, but made his first real friend in the form of a peer named Percy. Percy taught Boek that life is much more bearable when you look for reasons to smile, and you make many more friends when you look for the good in people. Though Percy disappeared while they were both still young, Boek continues to wear the wristband that his first friend gave him as a reminder to always find reason to smile. His interest in the martial arts continued, though now for different reasons such as exercise and the ability to protect the ones he cares about. He became a big fan of Mr. Awesome, a local superhero. He made new friends such as Hana Quincener and Ivan Reinhardt and Sammy Bertchwood (though Boek harbors ill feelings toward an older boy named Bat for getting him expelled).

Personality: Boek is a generally upbeat, somewhat naive kid. He seeks to impress others in everything he does and never backs down from a challenge. He's very comfortable around strangers and will strike up conversation with virtually anyone. He likes a good joke and tends to assume people are only joking when they try to get rid of him, which often leads to him overstaying his welcome and, in more extreme cases, combat. He's largely unaware that his mother considers him to be her greatest regret.

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