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Rtv! by Rtv!
 Gender: Male
 Height: 183 cm (6'1ft)
 Created: Prior to recording
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In the corrupt and ever changing Void City, a young man by the call sign of Rtv03
devises an intricate and complicated plot to bring destruction upon the city in order to rebuild it himself.
This is done by a combination of befriending enemies, time travel, cheating death and pre-calculated manipulations of events to suit his future needs.

The stories are told in a fragmental and non-chronological order as it jumps back and forth through timelines and even genders.
Some stories require a second reading, while others just leave unsolved mysteries that solve themselves in an unexpected manner.

Rtv03 (male)

"Enemy to those that make him an enemy. Friend to those that have no friends."

Usually laid back, extremely confident. Charismatic, he can be an asshole and a nice guy at the same time.
Fairly impatient. He prefers to avoid physical confrontation UNLESS he actually needs something from the opponent, therefor his brain is his most powerful weapon.
Over the years he has discovered the missing link that generates "attraction" between the male and female gender. This knowledge is used to seduce women.
Cardinal sins: "Lust & Revenge"
Archetype: "Trickster, Catalyst & Tragic Hero"

Wit and wordplay are his default way of communicating.
In order to prevent miscommunication words are rarely cut short when it comes to conversing.
Example: "I can't see this." becomes "My visual perception is inadequate." This off course causes the very thing he attempts to avoid.
Since Rtv03 is a copy of it's original, his choice of words come from computerprograms and intergrated dictionaries. Rtv has three brain hemispheres, rumors and suspicion made the possibility of his brother P2 being the fourth hemisphere a fact.
*Rtv is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. (just Google that shit)

Physical abillities:
Rtv's cloning process was disrupted right before completion. Proof of this can be found by the holes in his hands and the fact that he only has four fingers on each hand.
Being incomplete grants him the gift of instant regeneration of wounds. If there is too much blood loss the wound will heal but also leave a scar.
Rtv can also sample other people's DNA and intergrate them as his own allowing him to use the powers linked to their DNA. (this excludes powers gained by magic or cybernetic assistance)
He can only use four slots for each DNA sample, these slots are the holes in his upper body. These powers can't be used at the same time.

***Fighting styles***

1 --Muay-thai a.k.a. the Science of Eight Limbs, where the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins are used to devastate opponents.

2 --Capoeira:
This style is used when facing multiple opponents. Sweet breakdance moves!

0 -- Black Hood.
This hood is merged with whatever clothing is worn. Preferably black. It allows the user to travel through shadows or merge with it's darkness to minimize visiblity.

1 --E.X. Kalibres. (also known as excaliburs)
A set of celestial and divine twin fire arms that can only be operated by Rtv! himself.
Every bullet or clip fits as the gun adapts to it. Firing the guns however, costs Rtv! lots of energy.
Little is known about these arms, even by Rtv! himself.

2 --Arachnid-armour.
A vest that serves as protection against psychic, moleculair, pyro, gun, knife and energy attacks. They have eight plugs that fit the holes in Rtv's torso. These holes also allow an established link with the rest of the energy holes. The web patterned organic material on the side to back of the vest protect the vital organs. The web can glow in limited illuminated environments.

3 --Brimstone/GUM
Gum symbiot, consists of lava, magma, metal and brimstone. When Gum's soul merged with Rtv's body, Rtv gained the ability to transform his fallen comrade into any weapon. The weapon increases in size and power when it strikes a certain ammount of living creatures.

Additional info:
******Events, encounters, enlisted crimes******
FIRST TIMELINE: Ends at Rtv! vs Jamie Chase

1983 Born.

2001 Died of unknown causes.

2003 Cloned. Enters Void through an interdimensional vortex. Lands in Void Forrest.

2004 Encounters P2 and captures him to train him as his soldier. Meets defeat by his eternal arch-nemesis vencil Le Martees.
Saved from death by Dalarminus and Daelearian. Trained in the arts of energi/ki by Dalarminus. Rejects Seel and Gum as students. Joined Dalarminus betrayal against Void.

2005 Accepts Gum as his student. Hooks up P2 and Daelearian with a date. Rtv and P2 capture the Traveler.
Absorbs the Travaler's power and takes his saftey wristwatch. Captures Vencil Le' Martees and locks him up in a box. Gets attacked by Mr Impossible. Loses his eye by the hands of Vencil.
Rtv develops a malignant brain tumor. He has 7 years left to live.

2006 Daelearian Ewlyara gets pregnant by Rtv. His son Ramses is born.

2010 Rtv gets arrested for various past crimes. Gets locked up in an assylum. Rtv's brain tumor makes him obsess about Estrella and who this woman is.

2012 Rtv escapes the assylum and uses the Traveler's power and his watch to travel back in time to 2003 before he ever entered Void but fails because he cannot travel back any further then the year he aquired the watch.
SECOND TIMELINE: Starts at Hieme the Fishboy vs Rtv!

2005 Ends up stuck in this timeline.
Attempts to prevent the loss of his eye. Rtv accepts Seel as his student. Jamie Chase takes Rtv's eye with a knife. Jamie Chase uses Rtv as a shield against incoming bullets. Struck in the eye through the head.
The part of the brain that carried the tumor was struck.
At the brink of death and meets Estrella d'Muerte.

2006 Decides to allign with Estrella d'Muerte along with Gum.
Rtv dies at the hand of Vencil Le' Martees and his army.

2007 Seel gives birth. Rtv's son Style is born. Starts to question Estrella's motives and starts to leave his missions unfinished.Revived by Gum's soul provided by Estrella. Shrapnel Girl is sent by Estrella to retrieve Rtv for his betrayal and ties with the furries.
Recruits Shrapnel Girl and develops a small crush. Manhunt on Rtv begins. Estrella frames him for crimes against the furries. Becomes public enemy to entire Void.

2008 Retreats to bamboo forrest (Void Forrests) and establishes an army to raid against Estrella and Void itsself while running and hiding at the same time. Spent two years in prison building an army.

2010 Rtv escapes prison, fakes his own death. Recaptured by agent Scarlett.
Rtv escapes yet again.

2011 Estrella's troops and the VCPD invade Rtv's forrest.


2005 a mysterious white haired girl with no memory appears naked in Void City under the name of Rtv04.

Connection interrupted....
-Read next fukking battle to unlock more info.

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