Edgar Grimsette | Characters

Edgar Grimsette | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'9
 Created: August 12th, 2009
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-Powers- Psychic. Telekinesis (ability to move objects w/ the mind)/Pyrokinesis (ability to set objects on fire w/ mind)/Psychometry (the ability psychically obtain information about an individual through physical contact with an object they owned)/Bilocation (ability to appear in two places at the same time).
Bilocation is flawed. Double has a limp version of right arm growing out of the mouth. Doppelganger is generally harmless and used as a distraction or to scare people.
-Note on Pyrokinesis- In terms of fighting will only use it when he feels that it's a life or death situation or when the situation is really dire (since it's such a dangerous power that can often end up in the burning death of another). Usually if he's in a conflict, he will do his best to make sure neither party ends up dead.

-Somewhat out of shape
-Chronic lower back pain
-Poor close/melee combat skills
-Pretty cowardly when it comes to close, hand-to-hand/melee combat

-Bio- Edgar grew up in a small town. He was a bright child and starting showing powers at age nine. When Edgar was 16, a friend tricked him into burning down the house of said friend's rival, by telling him it was recently abandoned (the family who lived there was actually on vacation). Also was done by Edgar to show off. Since there was no evidence of who or what started the fire, he wasn't convicted. Everyone pretty much knew who did it, and rumors started to fly. Edgar then left town as soon as he could, went to college, and went on to Void City to start a new life.

-Personality- He is a sarcastic, cynical, passive-aggressive ass. He generally hates the company of most everyone. Part of this comes from a strange sense of arrogance and insecurity that he has. He has a sense of self-loathing and knows that he's somewhat of a loser. Yet, he also feels that everyone else is just as much of a loser, but is generally too self-deluded in their own ill-deserved confidence to notice. Since he feels he is, at least, acknowledges his flaws, that gives him somewhat of a superiority over everyone else.
He suffers from mysophobia,the fear of germs, which is part of the reason for his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Rather greedy when it comes to money and is just your average cheap-ass when it comes to spending money on anything. Some of that understandable comes from the fact that he's dirt poor.
He's a highly intelligent individual and fiercely loyal to his (very tiny number of) friends and his family. Loses temper at any insult towards his family. He also dotes endlessly on his cat Corinth.

-Other odds and ends-
-Devoutly Catholic. Around age 13, tried to acquire psychic power of mediumship (communication with the dead). Using a ouija board he accidentally channeled an evil spirit which possessed one of his two sisters. Catholic priest was called in to perform the Rites of Exorcism. Witnessing this left an impression on Edgar, which caused him to remain Catholic throughout life.
-Also is now terrified of ouija boards.
-He enjoys opera, classical music and baking.
-Prone to acid reflux.
-Works in an antique store currently. Hopes to save enough money to eventually open his own bakery.
-Hates children. He just finds them loud and obnoxious. They also tend to be dirty, which conflicts with his neurotic nature towards germs.
-Rarely drinks alcohol, since he can't hold his liquor at all. If, on the rare occasion, he does drink, he'll usually go for wine. Loves coffee and tea.
-Favorite type of food is seafood.
-Has frequent nightmares, most of them revolving around his sister's demonic possession or burning down the house for his friend.

He's quit his job at the antique store. Is currently out of work and looking for employment.

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