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Xia | Characters

Xia by Cracking Skulls
 Title: Armageddon 2014 Winner
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5' 5''
 Created: June 3rd, 2009
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Her name is Cielo Medina, but calls herself Xia
Age: 23
Height: 5' 5''
Race: Incanis

A guitarist who is now the leader of the underground world called Lithium, her dream is to become legend through her talents in music. Xia's mostly in a silly, fun, blissful or moronic state of nature, close to the behavior of a kid, but has a tenancy to become brash, hotheaded and absurd if what she feels as the status-quo goes disturbed.

As new leader of Lithium, she focuses on ensuring freedom and nondiscrimination between metas and non-metas in her territory while rebelling against any figure opposing her and her beliefs. Ever since the city has 'restarted' thanks to Hiemie the Fishboy, Lithium has become a hotspot for Space Crystals (Hiemium) holding raw energy that can enhance the users abilities, or be used as a power source for machinery and technology.

WHY SHE LOOKS WEIRD (i.e. her fox ears and tail):
Cielo Medina is of a species known as an Incanis. Incanis are creatures that resemble various canine species in true form, but human in subform. They possess elemental powers, and are drawn to the human invention of performing arts. An Incanis is capable of performing feats beyond human capabilities and in very rare occasions, can perform what others consider miracles, or curses.

In Cielo's case, she exhibits physical and magical traits that are not natural to Incani. While her Incanis instincts are in tact in regards to her elemental power and musical abilities, there are odd characteristics in Cielo that shouldn't be there...

Being just average in strength, she depends more on her blue flames, improvisation, and speed to deliver harder hits and win a fight at hand. Experiencing adrenaline can increase the heat of her flames. Though her flames are more of a danger to face, using her ability for far too long can give Xia exhaustion. Her guitar, named 'Armageddon', gives her a great boost in combat. How she executes this with her guitar will soon be shown...

-She's good at singing and will sing along when playing her guitar.
-Her jewelry contains fragments of Space Crystals.
-She lives in a penthouse with Johnny Sweet and Pip. Greece is crashing on her couch.
-She can speak Spanish; She's Hispanic
-She doesn't smoke. Ever.

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