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Ghost Revolver thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 9&amp
 Created: September 5, 2008
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Short Bio:
Ghost Revolver believes himself to be a servant of the Indian God of destruction, Kali. He has made it his mission to rid the world of evil one bullet at a time. Ghost believes this is his second chance at life to atone for past sins and uses his regret to fuel him. His guns are bronze with changing Indian motifs on them.On his belt buckle is a image of Kali. He receives cell phone messages from Kali on his motorola sidekick helping him pick targets and to decide whether or not the target is evil.

Ghost Revolver isn't Murdertron 5000. He can only kill evil people so if your character isn't evil he probably won't fight them. Well, maybe a bar fight or a really spirited game of pinochle. But if you character is... say a poisonous assassin or a man-eating shark, you're ass is grass.

*The image on the belt buckle is a simplified version on the image provided except in steel and without color. The guns are bronze. I looked up henna tattoos and put those designs on the guns. There is a close up of the guns in the first couple pages so I didn't put one on the design sheet.

Long Bio:
Ghost was born the son of a rich aristocratic russian family. Due to rising ethnic tensions he was sent to Texas for about ten years of his childhood where he lived on a farm. He was deported for an unknown reason and sent back to Russia to find his family home burned to the ground and his family missing

He then was impressed into the local army to fight back a group who was bent on killing his particular tribe of people. Then at around 15, with fighting being most of his life he joined the Russian mafia. At about age 20, when the Soviet Union fell, the government allowed former crime syndicates to join the military in exchange for amnesty. This was largely due the of civil unrest and various captains, generals, tribal chiefs, all trampling each other in their search for power.

During the ten years he spent in Russian Special Forces he married once and had a child, but they were killed by a former mafia rival. After leaving special forces he took a long journey and ended up in India, where he believes he was tapped by Kali, the god of destruction, to become an instrument of good.

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