Jack | Characters

Jack | Characters

Jack by odd13
 Gender: Male
 Height: 3.2ft
 Created: April 13th, 2008
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Hey thar, I'll let ja' folks know a bit about me.
Like every other folks you have met, I also have a name,
although its not really as unique as Franque or Damion.
It Jack...haha yeah and I'm no jack rabbit.

Anywho, I came to this city in search for more entertainment.
My previous home was just honestly dull, even more dull than watching paint dry. I
was about to loose my sanity...haha
So I packed my bags and hitched a ride to any close city that was worth some
good entertainment. Ya' know, an archade and perhaps a bar or two. Grin

Oh you want to know about my abilities, well their not as fancy as meat vision...
Ya' see these arms o' mine, they can do some relatively amazing things. I can stretch either arm a few yards long to snatch
your soda off that table your sitting at. In addition with this arm stretching, they get a bit bulky with muscle. My arms can also form into some wings either batty or feather like; either way they both remain the same lovely color as my onyx colored fur. Oh...you wish to know about how come I got these abilities, I suppose it was natural, or it may of been that cake in the back of the fridge I ate in during college

Age: 24
Height: 3.2ft
Overall color: black with a gray shine
Eye color: white
Unlisted Ability: maximized adorabalities.
Current Home in Void: Void Apartments

Long Term: "I'm planning upon staying in this city, have some enjoyment and hopefully stay here for a long while...perhaps permanently"
Short Term: job hunting

Self-perception: "Hey I'm think I'm pretty much the top bunneh here. I'm quite adorable and chicks dig that. But I really wish I can be a bit taller ya' know."

Drives and motives: mischief, curiosity
Communication: He's quite a social fella, but not necessarily always in a friendly manner. He's bright but not always wise upon picking his choices.
Extremely unskilled at: lying, gambling, flying well

Good characteristics: bright, social
Mannerisms: sometimes ill-tempered
Peculiarities: likes to play with paper (normally after reading it)

New Position: "I'm currently hanging with Eighty-Eight as her body guard, there seems to be some nasty folks after her...but I don't think its only because of her earlier fortunate event at the casino. "

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