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Tammy & Sammy by Corny
 Gender: Girls
 Height: 5'5'' 4'9''
 Created: May 22nd, 2007
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Tammy is in Badstar. Sammy is in Girl Power!.
Tammy is 15, Sammy is 11.
Bad, Good.
Stop messing this up, people -_-

Tammy and Sammy are Voidites, born and raised. It was therefore inevitable for them to be endowed with some kind of superpower. They grew up together in a nice suburb with their parents, went to school together, and pretty much lived normal lives but with superpowers. They never really experienced the nitty gritty deathtrap that is Void, until they started watching the Inner City news for a class assignment. They were shocked by the sheer amount of violence and crime going on within the city that they decided they needed to do something about it. Together they saved up some money and had their first costumes made for them. Their parents didn’t really approve of it, but felt that since they had considerably strong powers they would be okay if they went into the city on weekends to kick butt. It wasn’t until after they met Hugo that they decided a team would get the job done even better.
This is when Girl Power! was first formed. The girls registered with a mysterious group of investors who provided them with a house and funding so long as they fought the bad guys, which they sure did. Katka Katarina was their first member, and they immediately handed off the sort-of leader position to her. She handles recruiting and such, but that’s pretty much it. There hasn’t been a true instance that called for leader-y action as of yet.
Danielle made the new costumes for the girls. They are powered by Venus, which could either be the goddess or the planet. Danielle never really told them, and they never cared. The transformation is activated by saying the words “Venusian Conversion”. Shouting, murmuring, anything works, as long as the intent is there. Their broaches must be within hearing range to work, so they don’t necessarily need to be holding on to them. Danielle is working on making costumes for the others currently.
Zoyfion, the smallest and most harmless of the Lost Dozen monsters, has been adopted as the Girl Power! pet. Renamed Sophie and adorned with a yellow bow around his neck, hes' become just as important a member as ever. Sammy has taken a liking to him and has him as a sort of sidekick when she goes out.

Tammy is no longer the friendly energetic superhero she once was. Upon the unlocking of the devil-faced choker, she became a more dastardly form of herself. All she wants is to rule Void, and is constantly forming plans to do so. She's not quite evil, but she is by no means good. She's become manipulative, conniving, and cunning, traits she did not have before. However, she is still competitive, confident, protective, and prone to jealousy. Tammy is still just a girl, and always prone to weakness. She still has feelings. She won't pass up an opportunity to show off, and will step up to any challenge. She'll do most anything if it will get her what she wants. Though she would never admit it, and may not be fully aware of it, she still cares deeply about Sammy. She could still never hurt her, even if doing so would guarantee her place as Queen.
Tammy joined Badstar because they shared her goal. Conquering a city is much easier if you aren't doing it alone. She's taken up residence in an old abandoned opera house.
Tammy's powers have significantly increased in potency. It has split into two forms- fire and whip-like. Her fire cannot actually cause physical burns. She cannot set a building aflame with it. Fire is merely what this energy looks like (when she isn't focusing it into a specific shape). It can be used to form shapes or extensions of her arms, and can act as a solid or pass through things. When it comes into contact with electrical devices, it can completely fry them. When it comes in contact with a human/furry/animal/you-get-the-point, it can have a number of effects. The fire's main function is the manipulation of sensation and emotion. It can make one feel on top of the world, filled with passion, completely enraged, incredibly relaxed or tired, etc. She can make you feel whatever she needs you to. It can also make one feel imagined pain or touch. If fully engulfed in the flame, the victim will be completely unable to move. Once again, the energy cannot cause any physical damage.
The whip-like form of her energy is its truest sense, energy. It will tear apart any non-living material it comes into contact with. Yes, this counts clothes. Tammy's careful enough not to let that happen. When the energy comes into contact with living things (humans, animals, plants) they'll be unharmed by its destructive effects. HOWEVER, the energy will act similar to a solid. It can squeeze, slice, whatever. It just won't obliterate the target.
It's unknown if Tammy is able to teleport through smoke as seen in her evil-debut. It was most likely a one time thing.

Sammy is the younger sister at eleven. She’s the more intellectual and calculating of the two. She has many of the same classes as Tammy, although she is forced to spend the special classes (art, music, etc) with her grade level. She can sometimes be melodramatic and whiny if she doesn’t get her way. She’s not afraid to lie for what she wants, either. She can be manipulative and conniving, all while keeping up the “good little girl” image. She can be selfish and cruel in her own way, but she’s really not that bad. Sammy has started to try and be more take-charge since her experience with TITAN (see TITAN battle) and has been doing things on her own a lot more. She’s somewhat insecure and tends to not appreciate those around her. Sammy is very afraid of the furry district and gets very very nervous around cat furries that look anything at all like Suit. She gets sad if she’s around furries for prolonged periods of time. Love does not really interest her (it’s gross!). She’s sort of had feelings for Nova ever since he saved her from JJ’s brother (see Nova in After Bukkake), but nothing serious. She just feels very safe around him, like he’d never hurt her.
Sammy’s powers are similar to the Green Lantern’s. It stems from her hands and can form completely solid objects. She can make large weapons, fake hands, ropes and whips, and even animal-like shapes. Her objects most always follow the same red and pink color scheme. Objects she creates can be disconnected and left, like if she wants to tie somebody up or make a big mallet she can carry around. Sammy can shoot her power off hadouken style if she wants to as well.

Tammy is the oldest of the pair at 15. It was her idea to become super heroes. She’s very outgoing and is the more social of the two. She’s quick to act, sometimes dropping whatever she’s doing to help somebody in need (especially things she can show off for). She can sometimes have a hot temper and can be fervently jealous. Tammy is very easily charmed, falling for both heroes and bad boys alike. It’s mostly just little girl crushing if she knows she doesn’t have a chance, like with Loofy. If she thinks she actually has a chance, by god she will try her hardest with them. She’s very compassionate towards furries after what happened to Amy the koala (See Suit battle). She is also very protective of Sammy.
Tammy’s power is what looks like fire, behaves like fire, can burn like fire, but is not fire. It can form recognizable shapes and can be semi-solid. She could form extensions of her hands and pick something up, for example. She cannot disconnect formed objects from her, however. Sure she can fire off blasts in heart shapes or something if she wanted, but it’s not like she can wrap somebody up in the energy and just leave them (she can set them on fire and leave them like that, though). The energy has many possible effects on things. It all really depends on what she wants to do with it. She can cause as little as a warm fuzzy feeling to the feeling of being cooked alive (She can make it just feel like that, or actually do it if she feels so inclined). She can completely numb somebody’s sense of feeling, give them a minor seizure, just knock them out, and everywhere in between. It conducts like electricity and can shut down all movement if the target is engulfed in flame (See Delanna battle). Really the fire does whatever she wants it to be it burn, numb, or shock. It isn’t lethal unless she wants it to be. Sammy is unaffected by the low energy attacks but if Tammy really really wanted to she could do damage. Fortunately she’s never done anything other than make her sleep.

Tammy doesn't have any opinion/knowledge of the debauchery that Sammy and Cue committed that fateful summer's day. Sammy doesn't like Cue anymore since she's evil and stuff.

They had good times together, and despite him being Tammy's nemesis Facio, they don't mind hanging out with him. They've got no idea about the rapists.

Tammy got really cut up after that, and for a while was stuck at home to play video games. She and Sammy didn't get much crime-fighting done after that. They also never bust drug-lords anymore. Ever.

Really there's no explanation for this one... watching him get flung out of a window was pretty cool though. Sammy hate's Chris Hansen Bot, though.

Tammy feels much more compassion towards Furries now after what happened. She's terrified of dark allies, and also never goes to the Furry District anymore for fear of seeing that horrible guy again. Sammy got over it since she's little, but feels the same discomforts as Tammy.

THE BUKKAKE INCIDENT (see Nova vs Betty Bukkake)
The girls are a bit wary of bringing home anybody that dresses like a porn star. Or wears short skirts. Or Indians. Hell, anybody with a potential for Nova to... have relations with >_>

Sammy took TITAN's advice to heart and has tried to be more responsible with herself, and to be stronger. Yes I know I won and therefore my side should be canon, but Charm's battle had a much better story.

Twerp never did get to marry Loofy, but she's pretty much forgotten him now. They never ended up calling their parents, and are still in space.

This battle takes place in a time paradox. It occurs before the Loofy Loomis battle. The girls really don't care much for J.J, but they LOVE Metro. Especially Tammy.

Tammy and Sammy are overjoyed to have new costumes, especially since the new ones are much more magical girl. Also, with Danielle in Girl Power!, they feel that their club is starting to have a chance of standing out. What with Danielle being quite well known in VOID and all.

THE NOPEDO INCIDENT (see Nova in After Bukkake)
This battle is accepted as the canon over the JJ battle since the JJ battle was a paradox anyway. Sammy is most definitely not sleeping in her room anymore, probably spending a few nights with Katka from sheer terror. Nova weirded her right the hell out but she is secretly grateful to him for y'know, saving her from rapings. Sammy has a new room next to Tammy's.

Paolo probably escaped Nova with some bruising or something and just left the house. Sammy was able to enjoy her presents for a few days until Paolo told his employer what happened. The devil repossessed everything and now she is sad.

Tammy has become seemingly evil, with plans to conquer Void. She has joined Badstar. Sammy doesn't know what to do with herself, having always followed Tammy.

Shayten's car blew up. Tammy wanted pizza or something but GVSR was a jerk and made her get a burger. She would've protested but it was really just one of those "whatever" days. The Sammy-in-disguise cameo was just a joke, and Sammy does not actually know where Tammy is or what she's been doing.

The incident in the rain is canon. The ending, however, never happens. Jong and Tammy never made out. Jong's side of the battle is also canon. It will replace my ending as in happening that night.

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