Nine Days | Characters

Nine Days | Characters

Nine Days by physic
 Gender: male
 Height: 5\'9\"/6\'5
 Created: August 24th, 2006
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a gif showing main ability:
Nines psychic/psionic ability is to change his physical form based on his mental state. he currently only has two forms. in each form his natural abilities and dispostion is slightly different, but he is essentially the same. His ability seems to make him immune to himself being altered by any other psychic/psonic force (they cant just blow up his body by looking at it or lightg him, though they could crush him with a rock or light fire around him)
Since working with the government he has obtained an artifact which appears to synhronize with his abilty to change form, and acts as his clothes and accesories. Furthermore in each of his two forms he has items that push the limits of science. in Form 1(shorter form) he has 2 swords which seem to be the dream material, resilient, hard, and sharpened to incebible cutting ability. In form 2 he has a bodysuit that goes up to his neck which redistributes any force over a certain psi/momentum/force through itself instad of through him. if he gets hit buy a truck the force will pass through the suit to the other side of him and pass into whatevers behind him be it air or a wall. due to the nature of the suit the most effective damage would probably be blunt damage not much past human strength, so, it would be best to fight him h2h, however he is a master at fighting in this feild accordingly.

Nine is a strong leader type, hes practical and decisive. Slightly cynical of many things, but he holds friendship to a high value.
Nine Days is one of three close childhood friends that were like brothers, they called themselves 93till. The trio, Nine Days, Chun Yee Akagi, and Jah Basil formed a close bond in their youth when they had few others to trust, and the world seemed it was against them. Nine Days was the oldest and the leader type of the group. Even though they went seperate way they remained very close. So close that when Nine heard that Jah was losing control, and was ordered to kill him he didnt even hesitate to call Chun Yee, and betray the government effectively guaranteeing his life would be lived as a fugitive. He goes to void city with Chun to try to figure out what happened to Jah and to see if he can save/help/ him.

he is a member of a psychic taskforce (the seven) sent to void to capture/kill/contain Jah Basil when he lost control. He was highly efficient and never lost a mission, even though his abilities are far from the most incredible.

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