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Icon for GrayIcon for Hunter49.6%
1490 points
Icon for KleppIcon for MaIcon for KuboIcon for MillerIcon for Chica ChicanaIcon for Talon50.4%
1512 points
Armageddon 2020
Ended: September 29th, 2020
winner: Camel, Corn Of The Breads, kubo, PyrasTerran, Radji and Badger

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Icon for Azure & Co51.2%
946 points
Icon for Misery48.8%
902 points
Love Child Tag Team Death Tournament, Final Round
Azure & Co vs. Misery

Death Match
Ended: April 28th, 2018
winner: Rhimwill and zee

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Icon for Johanna48.2%
632 points
Icon for Misery51.8%
679 points
Love Child Tag Team Death Tournament, Round 2
Johanna vs. Misery

Death Match
Ended: April 6th, 2018
winner: Shen and Stormcrow

16 Comments comment
Icon for Misery50.8%
843 points
Icon for Kyrielle49.2%
817 points
Love Child Tag Team Death Tournament, Round 1
Misery vs. Kyrielle

Death Match
Ended: March 14th, 2018
winner: Shen and Stormcrow

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Icon for Sovereign GreeceIcon for HunterIcon for Veronica NightingaleIcon for SatinIcon for Nutty the SquirrelIcon for GrayIcon for Dolly DandellionIcon for Father MckenzieIcon for XiaIcon for ArenaIcon for MortimerrIcon for ElleIcon for Miyajima MinoriIcon for Koosh and LapinIcon for Black SwanIcon for IzanamiIcon for MillerIcon for NyasuuIcon for Capslock & ShiftIcon for Meridia OriconIcon for LilyfeatherIcon for DischargeIcon for Jiko ShiIcon for BLACK|WHITEIcon for Hong Gil-DongIcon for GreyIcon for Merry SoftshoeIcon for Cassidy MadsonIcon for ShizanaIcon for Karrin KlashIcon for Kazue L. BurnsIcon for MaIcon for Sunder and MareeIcon for VirtuaIcon for ZoeyIcon for The Carnival MasterIcon for Dresden SawyerIcon for Crikey DileIcon for MarieIcon for Matilda WhiteIcon for Adwell MorrisIcon for TalonIcon for Hara and HueyIcon for Familiar and WallaceIcon for DetroitIcon for Grita The ReaperIcon for CadenzaIcon for AnvilIcon for Sumiko NakatomiIcon for WictorIcon for Niles Khairi Icon for Mammon
Sovereign Greece's Winter Holiday Blowout
Sparring Match
Ended: January 14th, 2018

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Icon for MillerIcon for Black SwanIcon for Merry SoftshoeIcon for Sovereign GreeceIcon for GrayIcon for LilyfeatherIcon for Karrin KlashIcon for CapgrasIcon for Mimi The MimeIcon for MolIcon for HunterIcon for Cassidy MadsonIcon for Dolly DandellionIcon for Louise Ambre-AlionaIcon for Baby BarbarianIcon for MortimerrIcon for ShizanaIcon for Koosh and LapinIcon for GIGARAIcon for Lil LilyIcon for Abigail LynnhavenIcon for Rorrin BaileyIcon for Jules SaphirIcon for May WuIcon for DischargeIcon for MaIcon for Holden SharkIcon for GreyIcon for Click LyricIcon for JacquesIcon for Vespa ValenciaIcon for XiaIcon for Nyasuu
EnterVOID Holiday Comic: Halloween Party 2016
Sparring Match
Ended: November 10th, 2016

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Icon for Hunter50.7%
689 points
671 points
I Just Want To Talk
Hunter vs.

Ended: August 31st, 2016
winner: Stormcrow

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Icon for MillerIcon for GIGARAIcon for ArenaIcon for Sanari binte AbbasIcon for BLACK|WHITEIcon for GrayIcon for LilyfeatherIcon for Sovereign GreeceIcon for MammonIcon for GumshoeIcon for TsumiIcon for Smee and LeeIcon for Kurt and PolterdotIcon for Louise Ambre-AlionaIcon for PudIcon for NyasuuIcon for MonomythicaIcon for Black SwanIcon for SatinIcon for CueIcon for ColoradoIcon for Meridia OriconIcon for Dr. FabulousIcon for HunterIcon for Gwen & RegiIcon for Samuel EliasIcon for Holden SharkIcon for HeratikIcon for MolIcon for Luca VenaiIcon for Karrin KlashIcon for Jane BlondeIcon for Gargonne and AEGISIcon for XiaIcon for Dolly DandellionIcon for GreyIcon for Abigail LynnhavenIcon for Wizzie BellesIcon for Nana Perdi
Icon for Dr. FabulousIcon for Jiko ShiIcon for May WuIcon for MillerIcon for NyasuuIcon for Angus BlackaderIcon for Kurt and PolterdotIcon for B'abyl'ranthrakIcon for KarsIcon for Nana PerdiIcon for Dr. FibrinIcon for MerkIcon for Margot SeraphinaIcon for HunterIcon for Nutty the SquirrelIcon for Lil LilyIcon for DaoIcon for David BirchIcon for Mimi The MimeIcon for GumshoeIcon for HeratikIcon for Lilyfeather
The Valentine's Party 2016
Sparring Match
Ended: February 20th, 2016

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Icon for Hunter50.4%
628 points
Icon for Heratik49.6%
618 points
Savage Night
Hunter vs. Heratik

Ended: February 7th, 2016
winner: Stormcrow

26 Comments comment
Icon for Hunter55.3%
518 points
Icon for Beo44.7%
419 points
Hunter vs. Beo
Ended: August 17th, 2015
winner: Stormcrow

15 Comments comment
Icon for Gray50.1%
670 points
Icon for Hunter49.9%
667 points
Gray vs. Hunter
Ended: March 23rd, 2015
winner: Shen

23 Comments comment
Icon for Hunter
Intro Story

Ended: February 15th, 2015

13 Comments comment

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