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GO FOR BROKE! / Flytee tries to get good
« on: Jan 02, 2021, 03:19 AM »

This year I want to work on improving some major downfalls in my art. I'll be posting practice studies as well as comic panels/ illustrations were I'm actively addressing issues or attempting something new.
This thread is more of a record for myself and a way to keep me accountable, but any tips or advice is welcome.

- Get comfortable drawing hands/ make them more expressive.
- Work on making action scenes and movement less stiff.
- Draw men more confidently.
- More dynamic angels that enhance the emotions in a scene.
- Less cramped panels that show off locations more.

More advanced goals- that would be nice to work on, but I'm not going to pressure myself too much.
- atmospheric/ dynamic lighting.
- Extreme perspective/ forshortening.

THE INCUBATOR / Flytee Incubator
« on: Mar 01, 2019, 10:19 AM »

I've got an idea for a character and I'd love some advice/ opinions on her.

Her backstory/design need some fine-tuning.

She is a demon from the planes of madness, whose magic is primarily based around nightmares.
Ritual magic- Rue is able to conjure and "design" nightmares through demonic rituals.

She carries a magical item (this will be either a bird cage or lantern style object in her final design) which allows her to capture and contain her creations.
She can unleash them on her chosen sleeping targets, with effective results.

These aren't normal nightmares, they are potent and powerful. They have the ability to trigger epiphanies, break minds and implant thoughts, fears and impulses. (....oh no its like inception)

Rue is also capable of basic demon magic, such as disguising her appearance, opening portals into hellish planes and conjuring up frightening visions. (these visions aren't as powerful as her ritual magic/ they tend to be brief)


When a demon comes of age they are able to leave their homes and travel. Rue left and never felt a need to return. She enjoyed Human culture more than her own, finding great pleasure in things most demons would scoff at. (Fine clothes, music, W I N E and the company of humans).
Rue arrived in the human plane during the late bronze age, For thousands and thousands of years, she travelled around Europe in a horse and cart with a small band of human companions/ lovers. She made a lot of gold moving through town to town offering her magical services to the people she met. Turns out nightmares that could sway a humans mind were in high demand.

As the world changed she adapted to the times.
However, her nomadic lifestyle has begun to take its tool. She has chosen to settle down and open up a shop where people can purchase her services. This shop will likely be hidden/ disguised as something else but I'm not sure what yet.


she is wise, warm and loving, a flirt and gossip. She's extremely vain at times.
Due to her work, she is perceptive and tends to analysis the people she meets trying to work out what makes them tick.
Being a very old immortal has made her jaded towards death and disasters. She's seen it all before.
However, she shows no apathy towards her loved ones, taking her friendships seriously and treasuring memories (shes probably a scrapbooker). 


Anyway, this is what I have so far! I hope you like this, hopefully she's suitable for void?

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