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July Review
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Oculus: Prologue to Armageddon 2022 / Miller and Naialah by Pyras & Don swept all 3 categories with their incredible comic! The scores were: Quality: 8.96    Entertainment:8.73    Creativity:8.85    Overall:8.85

In this case, we will also showcase the #2 comics in each category!

For Quality, Intro Story / Vidia by Pyras came in with a score of 8.83! This comic also had the second highest overall score of 8.35!

For Creativity, Pinocchio VS Prince Charming / Charming and Party by ArtofJoe came in with a score of 8.13!

For Entertainment, Atonement / Enoch Gallagher by PutridVodka came in with a score of 8.26!

Throttled by Reecer6
Out the gate you have some action but not one of life or death, rather it is one of an action packed sport in the classic game of hockey. As we follow this player who seem to not be performing up to the level they use to. Soon it is revealed that he has this meta damping collar on since he had done time with Void's prison system for a crime he had done with his powers in the past. This prompts the team coordinator to get in contact with the director of the bureau of Void City Prisons to complain about how the collar is effecting his star player. It skips to Anvil trying to enjoy her ice cream and a reporter jumps out of a tree to get a statement from her. constantly pressing Anvil decides to end the interview only after the reporter asks about why is Anvil eating ice cream if they are robotic, which leaves off on a nice joke.

For me, I'm a sucker for world building and this comic has it in droves. the character of Anvil actually only shows up in the last two pages of the comic but it still remains compelling and entertaining with its writing and panel placement.  It really complements the actions and movement of the comic which helps guide the eye to take in every panel. Another interesting part is that there are neat little details in the comics that you can go back and find in a second read through if you take a look in some of the backgrounds which is always neat to see (at least in my opinion). The colors are done quite well and one panel I like to highlight is the second panel on page 4, on this page the first panel is a calm long shot of the Director just sitting at their desk but in the second panel, the background changes into something you would see in an action anime. I feel that it fits really well and when done right it can be effective. This one is a joy for me from beginning to end and I hope to see more of Anvil in the near future!

This one is a fun read and to those reading, I would highly recommend giving this another read over. Lastly for Reecer6, You did great! Keep on creating buddy!
- PlatinumArtist

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